International Marketing: v. 1-6 (Sage Library  in Marketing)

International Marketing: v. 1-6 (Sage Library in Marketing)

By: Masaaki Kotabe (editor)Hardback

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Edited by a scholar at the forefront of the field, this collection of articles represents the state of the art in international marketing research, with particular emphasis on the conceptual framework and theory development in the field. The last two decades have seen significant changes for international marketing, with global political and economic liberalization trends creating tremendous business opportunities and challenges. Reviewing the core micro- and macro- topics to emerge during this key period, leading edge papers examine organizational and personal consumer behaviour, the implications for success of various entry modes, marketing strategy, global strategy and strategic alliances. Volume One: looks at consumer behaviour, organizational buying issues, country of origin, global marketing research and methodological issues. Volume Two: looks at internationalization of firms, specific modes of entry, exporting, licensing. Volume Three: looks at franchising, joint ventures, exit strategies, internet in global marketplace, marketing strategies for emerging markets.Volume Four: looks at competitive strategy, conceptual development, sources of competitive advantage and performance implications, regionalization of global strategy, strategic alliances, learning and trust, recipes for alliance success. Volume Five: looks at global sourcing, global sourcing in a service context, market segmentation and positioning, global standardization vs. local responsiveness, marketing mix. Volume Six: looks at global product strategy, product development, global new product diffusion, global branding, global advertising, global pricing, global distribution.

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About Author

Masaaki "Mike" Kotabe holds the Washburn Chair Professorship in International Business and Marketing, and is Director of Research at the Institute of Global Management Studies at the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University. He currently serves as the Editor of the Journal of International Management. Prior to joining Temple University in 1998, he was Ambassador Edward Clark Centennial Endowed Fellow and Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Kotabe served as the Vice President of the Academy of International Business in 1997-98. In 1998, he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of International Business for his significant contribution to international business research and education. He has written over 100 scholarly publications. His research work has appeared in such journals as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Marketing, Strategic Management, and Academy of Management Journal.


Volume One Overview SECTION ONE: ORGANIZATIONAL AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR PART ONE: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Cross-Cultural Examination of the Fishbein Behavioral Intent - Chol Lee and Robert T Green Marketing Universals - Niraj Dawar and Philip Parker Consumers Use of Brand Name, Price, Physical Appearance and Retailer Reputation as Signals of Product Quality Optimum Stimulation Level and Exploratory Consumer Behavior in an Emerging Consumer Market - Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp and Steven M Burgess A Study of the Service Encounter in Eight Countries - Bruce D Keillor, G Thomas Hult and Destan Kandemir PART TWO: ORGANIZATIONAL BUYING ISSUES Do's and Don'ts of Cross-Cultural Negotiations - Paul A Herbig and Hugh E Kramer The Dynamics of International Business Negotiations - Arvind V Phatak and Mohammed M Habib Explorations of National Culture and Word-of-Mouth Referral Behavior in the Purchase of Industrial Services in the United States and Japan - R Bruce Money, Mary C Gilly and John L Graham PART THREE: COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Country Image - C Min Han Halo or Summary Construct? The Moderating Effects of Country of Assembly, Country of Parts and Country of Design on Hybrid Product Evaluations - Paul Chao Perception of Foreignness - Gary S Insch and Stewart R Miller Benefit or Liability? Exploring the Practical Effects of Country of Origin, Animosity and Price-Quality Issues - Lyn S Amine, Mike C H Chao and Mark J Arnold Two Case Studies of Taiwan and Acer in China PART FOUR: GLOBAL MARKETING RESEARCH AND METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES Issues in Collecting Primary Data - Susan P Douglas and C Samuel Craig Using Secondary Data in International Research - Masaaki 'Mike' Kotabe Opportunities and Risks The Effect of National Culture on the Choice of Entry Mode - Bruce Kogut and Harbir Singh Cultural Distance Revisited - Oded Shenkar Towards a More Rigorous Conceptualization and Measurement of Cultural Differences Volume Two SECTION TWO: MARKET ENTRY AND EXIT DECISIONS PART ONE:INTERNATIONALIZATION OF FIRMS An Attempted Integration of the Literature on the Export Behavior of Firms - Warren J Bilkey Internal Determinants of Export Marketing Behavior - S Tamer Cavusgil and John R Nevin An Empirical Investigation International Expansion Strategy of Japanese Firms - Sea Jin Chang Capability Building through Sequential Entry The Psychic Distance Paradox - Shawna O'Grady and Henry W Lane PART TWO: SPECIFIC MODES OF ENTRY Mode of International Entry - Peter S Davis, Ashay B Desai and John D Francis An Isomorphism Perspective Determinants of Entry in an Emerging Economy - Yadong Luo A Multilevel Approach Choice between Non-Equity Entry Modes - M Krishna Erramilli, Sanjeev Agarwal and Chekitan S Dev An Organizational Capability Perspective Transaction Cost-Enhanced Entry Mode Choices and Firm Performance - Keith D Brouthers, Lance Eliot Brouthers and Steve Werner The Influence of Industry Structure on the Entry Mode Choice of Overseas Entrants in Manufacturing Industries - B Elango and Rakesh B Sambharya A: Exporting The Export Development Process - Leonidas C Leonidou and Constantine S Katsikeas An Integrative Review of Empirical Models State Government Promotion of Manufacturing Exports - Masaaki Kotabe and Michael R Czinkota A Gap Analysis Marketing Strategy Determinants of Export Performance - Leonidas C Leonidou, Constantine S Katsikea and Saeed Samiee A Meta-Analysis The Role of Systematic International Market Selection on Small Firms' Export Performance - Lance E Brouthers and George Nakos B: Licensing Inward Technology Licensing as an Alternative to Internal R & D in New Product Development - Kwaku Atuahene-Gima A Conceptual Framework Emerging Roles of Technology Licensing in Development of Global Product Strategy - Masaaki Kotabe, Arvind Sahay and Preet S Aulakh A Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions Extending Internalization Theory - Shih-Fen S Chen A New Perspective on International Technology Transfer and Its Generalization Volume Three SECTION TWO: MARKET ENTRY AND EXIT DECISIONS (continued) PART TWO: SPECIFIC MODES OF ENTRY (continued) C: Franchising The Effect of Strategic Motives on the Choice of Entry Modes - Yong Suhk Pak An Empirical Test of International Franchisers Relationship Development in International Retail Franchising - Anne Marie Doherty and Nicholas Alexander Executive Insights - Ilan Alon and Moshe Banai Franchising Opportunities and Threats in Russia D: Joint Ventures Joint Ventures - Bruce Kogut Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives The Development of Local Marketing Knowledge within Joint Ventures - Daniel Van Den Bulcke and Haiyan Zhang An Analysis of the Performance of Belgian Multinationals in China Factors Influencing International Joint Venture Performance - Matthew J Robson, Leonidas C Leonidou and Constantine S Katsikeas Theoretical Perspectives, Assessment and Future Directions PART THREE: EXIT STRATEGIES Closure and Divestiture by Foreign Entrants - Jose Mata and Pedro Portugal The Impact of Entry and Post-Entry Strategies Do Exits Proxy a Liability of Foreignness? The Case of Japanese Exits from the US - Jean-Fran[ci]cois Hennart, Thomas Roehl and Ming Zeng Divestment and International Business Strategy - Gabriel R G Benito Shutting up Shop - Paul Jackson, Kamel Mellahi and Leigh Sparks Understanding the International Exit Process in Retailing Volume Four SECTION FOUR: GLOBAL STRATEGY PART ONE: COMPETITIVE STRATEGY A: Conceptual Development Competition in Global Industries - Michael E Porter A Conceptual Framework The Triad World View - Kenichi Ohmae Global Strategy... in a World of Nations? - George S Yip Mapping the Characteristics of a Business - C K Prahalad and Yves L Doz B: Sources of Competitive Advantage and Performance Implications Global Strategy Implementation at the Business Unit Level - Kendall Roth, David M Schweiger and Allen J Morrison Operational Capabilities and Administrative Mechanisms Exploiting Globalization Potential - Johny K Johansson and George S Yip US and Japanese Strategies The Performance Implications of a Global Integration Strategy in Global Industries - Alfredo J Mauri and Rakesh B Sambharya An Empirical Investigation Using Inter-Area Product Flows C: Regionalization of Global Strategy To Kill Two Birds with One Stone - Masaaki Kotabe Revisiting the Integration-Responsiveness Framework Regional Strategy and the Demise of Globalization - Alan M Rugman Geographic Scope of Operations by Multinational Companies - B Elango An Exploratory Study of Regional and Global Strategies PART TWO: STRATEGIC ALLIANCES A: Learning and Trust Competition for Competence and Inter-Partner Learning within International Strategic Alliances - Gary Hamel Setting the Stage for Trust and Strategic Integration in Japanese-US Co-Operative Alliances - Jean L Johnson et al An Empirical Investigation of the Process of Knowledge Transfer in International Strategic Alliances - Bernard L Simonin B: Recipes for Alliance Success Strategic Alliances - Keith Brouthers, Lance Eliot Brouthers and Timothy J Wilkinson Choose Your Partners Success Is Not Enough - Akmal S Hyder and Lars Torsten Eriksson The Spectacular Rise and Fall of a Strategic Alliance between Two Multinationals The Role of Strategic Alliances in High Technology New Product Development - Masaaki Kotabe and K Scott Swan Evaluating the Performance of Strategic Alliances in China - Yadong Luo Strategic Alliances in Emerging Latin America - Masaaki Kotabe et al A View from Brazilian, Chilean and Mexican Companies Volume Five SECTION THREE: GLOBAL STRATEGY (continued) PART THREE: GLOBAL SOURCING Strategic and Financial Performance Implications of Global Sourcing Strategy - Janet Y Murray, Masaaki Kotabe and Albert R Wildt A Contingency Analysis Managing the International Strategic Sourcing Process as a Market-Driven Organizational Learning System - G Tomas M Hult Global Sourcing Strategy and Sustainable Competitive Advantage - Masaaki Kotabe and Janet Y Murray A: Global Sourcing in a Service Context Sourcing Strategies of US Service Companies - Janet Y Murray and Masaaki Kotabe A Modified Transaction-Cost Analysis Outsourcing Service Activities - Masaaki Kotabe and Janet Y Murray Opportunities for Both Service Buying and Supplying Firms SECTION FOUR: DEVELOPING MARKETING STRATEGY PART ONE: MARKET SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING Global Segmentation and Positioning - Masaaki Kotabe and Kristiaan Helsen Global Consumer Segmentation versus Local Market Orientation - Ugur Yavas, Bronislaw J Verhage and Robert T Green Empirical Findings Grouping Euroconsumers - Sudhir H Kale A Culture-Based Clustering Approach International Market Segmentation - Jan-Benedict E Steenkamp and Frenkel Ter Hofstede Issues and Perspectives PART TWO: MARKETING STANDARDIZATION VS ADAPTATION The Myth of Globalization - Susan P Douglas and Yoran Wind The Influence of Global Marketing Standardization on Performance - Saeed Samiee and Kenall Roth The GMS - Shaoming Zou and S Tamer Cavusgil A Broad Conceptualization of Global Marketing Strategy and Its Effect on Firm Performance Balancing Standardization and Adaptation for Product Performance in International Markets - Mohan Subramaniam and Keoy Hewett Testing the Influence of Headquarters-Subsidiary Contact and Co-Operation PART THREE: MARKETING MIX Examining Generic Competitive Strategy Types in US and European Markets - Susan P Douglas and Dong Kee Rhee The Perceived Veracity of PIMS Strategy Principles in Japan - Masaaki Kotabe et al An Empirical Inquiry Instituting the Marketing Concept in a Multinational Setting - Cheryl Nakata and K Sivakumar The Role of National Culture Volume Six SECTION FOUR: DEVELOPING MARKETING STRATEGY (continued) PART FOUR: GLOBAL PRODUCT STRATEGY A: New Product Development Corporate Product Policy and Innovative Behavior of European and Japanese Multinationals - Masaaki Kotabe An Empirical Investigation Controllable Factors of New Product Success - Roger J Calantone, Jeffrey B Schmidt and X Michael Song A Cross-National Comparison Exploring Robust Design Capabilities, Their Role in Creating Global Products and Their Relationship to Firm Performance - K Scott Swan, Masaaki Kotabe and Brent B Allred B: Global New Product Diffusion Waterfall and Sprinkler New-Product Strategies in Competitive Global Markets - Shlomo Kalish, Vijay Mahajan and Eitan Muller Cross-National Diffusion Research - V Kumar, Jaishankar Ganesh and Raj Echambadi What Do We Know and How Certain Are We? Assessing the Lead Market Potential of Countries for Innovation Projects - Marian Beise and Thomas Cleff C: Global Branding The Lure of Global Branding - David A Aaker and Erich Joachimsthaler Integrating Branding Strategy across Markets - Susan P Douglas, C Samuel Craig and Edwin J Nijssen Building International Brand Architecture Managing Co-Branding Strategies - Russell Abratt and Patience Motlana Global Brands into Local Markets PART FIVE: GLOBAL ADVERTISING Brand Positioning through Advertising in Asia, North America and Europe - Dana L Alden, Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp and Rajeev Batra The Role of Global Consumer Culture On the Cross-National Generalizability and Equivalence of Advertising Response Scales Developed in the USA - Michael T Ewing, Albert Caruana and George M Zinkhan Examining the Intricacies of Promotion Standardization - David A Griffith, Aruna Chandra and John K Ryans Jr Factors Influencing Advertising Message and Packaging PART SIX: GLOBAL PRICING Exchange Rate Pass-Through and International Pricing Strategy - Terry Clark, Masaaki Kotabe and Dan Rajaratnam A Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions Factors Influencing the Degree of International Pricing Strategy Standardization of Multinational Corporations - Marios Theodosiou and Constantine S Katsikeas The Relationship between Export Assistance and Performance Improvement in Portuguese Export Ventures - Luis Filipe Lages and David B Montgomery An Empirical Test of the Mediating Role of Pricing Strategy Adaptation PART SEVEN: GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION Trust and Performance in Cross-Border Marketing Partnerships - Preet S Aulakh, Masaaki Kotabe and Arvind Sahay A Behavioral Approach Strategically Employing Natural Channels in an Emerging Market - David a Griffith, Aruna Chandra and Tim Fealey Interorganizational Task and Emotional Conflict with International Channels of Distribution - Gregory M Rose and Aviv Shoham SECTION FIVE: EMERGING ISSUES PART ONE: INTERNET IN GLOBAL MARKETING The Internet and International Marketing - John A Quelch and Lisa R Klein Exporting and the Internet - Saeed Samiee A Conceptual Perspective Analyzing the Cultural Content of Websites - Nitish Singh, Hongxin Zhao and Xiaoriu Hu A Cross-National Comparison PART TWO: ETHICS IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE A Cross-National Investigation of Industrial Salespeople's Ethical Perceptions - Alan J Dubinsky et al The Need for Moral Champions in Global Marketing - Lyn S Amine Character and Virtue Ethics in International Marketing - Patrick E Murphy An Agenda for Managers, Researchers and Educators Measuring Consumers' Ethical Position in Austria, Britain, Brunei, Hong Kong and USA - Charles C Cui et al PART THREE: MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR EMERGING MARKETS Competing with Giants - Niraj Dawar and Tony Frost Survival Strategies for Local Companies in Emerging Markets Export Strategies and Performance of Firms from Emerging Economies - Preet S Aulakh, Masaaki Kotabe and Hildy Teegen Evidence from Brazil, Chile and Mexico Perspectives on Multinational Enterprises in Emerging Economies - Klaus E Meyer Strategies That Fit Emerging Markets - Tarun Khanna, Krishna G Palepu and Jayant Sinha

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