Introductory Quantum Mechanics for Semiconductor Nanotechnology

Introductory Quantum Mechanics for Semiconductor Nanotechnology

By: Dae Mann Kim (author)Hardback

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The result of the nano education project run by the Korean Nano Technology Initiative, this has been recommended for use as official textbook by the Korean Nanotechnology Research Society. The author is highly experienced in teaching both physics and engineering in academia and industry, and naturally adopts an interdisciplinary approach here. He is short on formulations but long on applications, allowing students to understand the essential workings of quantum mechanics without spending too much time covering the wide realms of physics. He takes care to provide sufficient technical background and motivation for students to pursue further studies of advanced quantum mechanics and stresses the importance of translating quantum insights into useful and tangible innovations and inventions. As such, this is the only work to cover semiconductor nanotechnology from the perspective of introductory quantum mechanics, with applications including mainstream semiconductor technologies as well as (nano)devices, ranging from photodetectors, laser diodes, and solar cells to transistors and Schottky contacts. Problems are also provided to test the reader's understanding and supplementary material available includes working presentation files, solutions and instructors manuals.

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About Author

Dae Mann Kim is Professor of Computational Sciences, Korea Institute for Advanced Study. A physicist by training (PhD in physics, Yale University) but an engineer by profession, Kim started his teaching career at Rice University before moving to Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology and later to POSTECH (S. Korea). He has over 25 years experience teaching quantum mechanics to senior students from engineering, materials science and physics departments. In the last three 3 years he has been teaching quantum mechanics for nanotechnology to entering graduate students at the Advanced Institute for Nano Technology, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea. Collaborating extensively with industrial labs over the years, Kim offered short courses to working engineers at Samsung and LG while on sabbatical there. Professor Kim has served as the chair of the curriculum committee of the Korean Nano Technology Research Society, which is entrusted with writing textbooks on quantum mechanics, and nanoscience and technology. Kim has over 100 publications on the quantum theory of lasers, quantum electronics and micro and nano electronics. He is a Fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and has also served as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Video Technology.


BRIEF REVIEW OF CLASSICAL THEORIES Harmonic Oscillator Boltzmann Transport Equation Maxwell's Equations MILESTONE DISCOVERIES AND OLD QUANTUM THEORY Blackbody Radiation and Quantum of Energy Specific Heat of Solids Photoelectric Effects Compton Scattering Duality of Matter Bohr?s H-Atom Theory SCHRODINGER EQUATION AND OPERATOR ALGEBRA Schrodinger Equation Momentum Eigenfunction and Fourier Series Hermitian Operator and Bra Ket Notations Orthgonality and Completeness of Eigenfunctions Basic Postulates of Quantum Mechanics Commutation Relations Conjugate Variables and Uncertainty Relation Operator Equation of Motion and Ehrenfest Theorem PARTICLE IN POTENTIAL WELL Infinite Square Well Potential Particle in 3-D Box Density of States: 1-D, 2-D and 3-D Particle in Quantum Well Particle in Delta Function Potential Well Quantum Well and Wire SCATTERING OF A PARTICLE AT 1-D POTENTIALS Scattering at Step Potential Scattering at Quantum Well TUNNELING AND ITS APPLICATIONS Tunneling across Square Potential Barrier Fowler-Nordheim and Direct Tunneling Resonant Tunneling The Applications of Tunneling PERIODIC POTENTIALS AND ENERGY BANDS 1-D Crystal and Kronig-Penny Model E-k Dispersion and Energy Bands Energy Bands and Resonant Tunneling THE HARMONIC OSCILLATOR Energy Eigenequation The Properties of Energy Eigenfunction The Operator Treatment THE ANGULAR MOMENTUM Angualr Momentum Operators Eigenfunctions and Spherical Harmonics THE HYDROGEN ATOM: THE SCHRODINGER TREATMENT Two-Body Central Force Problem The Hydrogen Atom The Atomic Orbital Virial Theorm and Doppler Shift SYSTEM OF IDENTICAL PARTICLES AND MANY-ELECTRON ATOMS Two Electron System Two Spin 1/2 System The Helium Atom The Periodic Table and the Structure of Atoms MOLECULES AND CHEMICAL BONDS The Ionized Hydrogen Molecule The Hydrogen Molecule Ionic Bond and Van der Waals Attraction THE PERTURBATION THEORY Time Independent Perturbation in Non-Degenerate Systems Time Dependent Perturbation Theory ATOM - FIELD INTERACTION Field Quantization Atom - Field Interaction Driven, Damped Two Level Atom INTERACTION BETWEEN EM WAVES AND OPTICAL MEDIA Attenuation and Dispersion of Waves Density Matrix and Ensemble Averaging Laser Devices QUANTUM STATISTICS General Background and Three Kinds of Particles Statistics for Distinguishable particles Statistics for Fermions and Fermi Distribution Function Statistics for Boson and Bose Einstein Distribution SEMICONDUCTOR STATISTICS Carrier Densities in Intrinsic Semiconductors Carrier Densities in Extrinsic Semiconductors Fermi Level in Extrinsic Semiconductors CHARGE TRANSPORT IN SEMICONDUCTORS Drift and Diffusion Currents Transport Coefficients Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Recombination and Generation Currents P-N JUNCTION DIODE The Junction Interface in Equilibrium The Junction Interface Under Bias The Diode I-V Applications of P-N Junction Diodes THE BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTOR: DEVICE PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY Bipolar Junction Transistor: Overview The Physics of Transistor Action Ebers Moll Equations Base Transit Time and Charge Control Model METAL OXIDE SILICON FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTORS (MOSFET) I: OVERVIEW OF DEVICE BEHAVIOR AND APPLICATIONS MOSFET: Overview Charge Control and Metal-Oxide-Silicon System NMOS I-V Applications of MOSFET METAL OXIDE SILICON FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTORS (MOSFET) II: DEVICE SCALING AND SCHOTTKY CONTACT Device Scaling: Physical issues and Limitations Metal - Semiconductor Contacts The I-V Behavior in Metal - Semiconductor Contacts

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