Islam and Human Rights (Human Rights Law Series 3)

Islam and Human Rights (Human Rights Law Series 3)

By: Abdullah Saeed (editor)Hardback

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In this topical collection, Professor Abdullah Saeed brings together seminal articles encompassing key issues in the debates surrounding Islam and human rights. Topics covered in this comprehensive two-volume set include approaches to international human rights, freedom of expression, the right to equality under Islamic law and Islamic human rights schemes. The editor has also included a number of case studies which, along with an original introduction, greatly enhance the depth of the collection. This authoritative and timely book will be of great interest to both academics and practitioners and will serve as an excellent reference tool for anyone with an interest in Islam and human rights.

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Edited by Abdullah Saeed, Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne & Advisor to SRP program, Nanyang Technological University, Australia


Contents: Volume 1: Key Issues in the Debates Acknowledgements Introduction Abdullah Saeed PART I DEFENSIVE AND EMBRACIVE APPROACHES TO INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS 1. Ann Elizabeth Mayer (2007), `The Islam and Human Rights Nexus: Shifting Dimensions' 2. Mashood A. Baderin (2007), `Islam and the Realization of Human Rights in the Muslim World: A Reflection on Two Essential Approaches and Two Divergent Perspectives' 3. Recep Senturk (2005), `Sociology of Rights: "I Am Therefore I Have Rights": Human Rights in Islam between Universalistic and Communalistic Perspectives' 4. Mohammad H. Fadel (2007), `Public Reason as a Strategy for Principled Reconciliation: The Case of Islamic Law and International Human Rights Law' PART II CRITIQUES OF HUMAN RIGHTS FROM A MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE 5. Mohamed Berween (2003), `International Bill of Human Rights: An Islamic Critique' 6. Robert Carle (2005), `Revealing and Concealing: Islamist Discourse on Human Rights' PART III THE DEBATE ON HUMAN RIGHTS VS. HUMAN OBLIGATIONS OR DUTIES 7. Jason Morgan-Foster (2001), `Third Generation Rights: What Islamic Law Can Teach the International Human Rights Movement' PART IV HUMAN RIGHTS AND SECULARISM 8. Karima Bennoune (2007), `Secularism and Human Rights: A Contextual Analysis of Headscarves, Religious Expression, and Women's Equality Under International Law' PART V CHALLENGES TO UNIVERSALISM, UNIVERSALITY AND CULTURAL RELATIVISM 9. Catherine E. Polisi (2004), `Universal Rights and Cultural Relativism: Hinduism and Islam Deconstructed' 10. Eva Brems (2004), `Reconciling Universality and Diversity in International Human Rights: A Theoretical and Methodological Framework and Its Application in the Context of Islam' 11. Heiner Bielefeldt (2000), `"Western" Versus "Islamic" Human Rights Conceptions?: A Critique of Cultural Essentialism in the Discussion on Human Rights' 12. Abdullahi A. An-Na'im (1997), `The Contingent Universality of Human Rights: The Case of Freedom of Expression in African and Islamic Contexts' PART VI ISLAMIC HUMAN RIGHTS SCHEMES 13. Abul A'la Mawdudi (1977), `Islamic Political Framework', `Human Rights, the West and Islam', `Basic Human Rights', `Rights of Citizens in an Islamic State', and `Rights of Enemies at War' 14. Tabet Koraytem (2001), `Arab Islamic Developments on Human Rights' 15. Ebrahim Moosa (2000-01), `The Dilemma of Islamic Rights Schemes' 16. The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (1990), The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam 17. Islamic Council (1981), Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights PART VII CASE STUDIES -HUMAN RIGHTS DISCOURSES IN PARTS OF THE MUSLIM WORLD 18. Donna E. Artz (1990), `The Application of International Human Rights Law in Islamic States' A Yemen 19. Abdullahi A. An-Na'im (2001), `Human Rights in the Arab World: A Regional Perspective' B Saudi Arabia 20. Anon (2008), `Saudi Courts - Women's Rights - General Court of Qatif Sentences Gang-Rape Victim to Prison and Lashings for Violating "Illegal Mingling" Law' C Turkey 21. Jenny B. White (2001), `The Islamist Movement in Turkey and Human Rights' 22. Yesim Arat (2001), `Women's Rights as Human Rights: The Turkish Case' 23. Talip Kucukcan (2003), `State, Islam, and Religious Liberty in Modern Turkey: Reconfiguration of Religion in the Public Sphere' D Iran 24. Shahra Razavi (2006), `Islamic Politics, Human Rights and Women's Claims for Equality in Iran' 25. Ziba Mir-Hosseini (2007), `How the Door of Ijtihad Was Opened and Closed: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Family Law Reforms in Iran and Morocco' 26. Ann Elizabeth Mayer (1996), `Islamic Rights or Human Rights: An Iranian Dilemma' E Indonesia 27. Hasnil Basri Siregar (2008-9), `Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Islamic Shari'ah Criminal Law in Aceh, Indonesia' 28. Lily Zakiyah Munir (2005), `Domestic Violence in Indonesia' 29. Nadirsyah Hosen (2007), `Human Rights Provisions in the Second Amendment to the Indonesian Constitutions from Shari`ah Perspective' F Malaysia 30. Nurjaanah Abdullah and Chew Li Hua (2007), `Legislating Faith in Malaysia' 31. Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil (2007), `Law of Apostasy and Freedom of Religion in Malaysia' Volume 2: `Contentious Rights and Case Studies' Acknowledgements Introduction An introduction to both volumes by the editor appears in Volume I PART I WOMEN'S RIGHTS A General Approaches 1. Niaz A. Shah (2006), `Women's Human Rights in the Koran: An Interpretative Approach' 2. Rebecca Barlow and Shahram Akbarzadeh (2006), `Women's Rights in the Muslim World: Reform or Reconstruction?' 3. Jennifer Kristen Lee (2009), `Legal Reform to Advance the Rights of Women in Afghanistan Within the Framework of Islam' B Domestic and Other Violence 4. Manuela Marin (2003), `Disciplining Wives: A Historical Reading of Qur'an 4:34' C Marriage/Divorce 5. Alex B. Leeman (2009), `Interfaith Marriage in Islam: An Examination of the Legal Theory Behind the Traditional and Reformist Positions' 6. Javaid Rehman (2007), `The Sharia, Islamic Family Laws and International Human Rights Law: Examining the Theory and Practice of Polygamy and Talaq' 7. Yakare-Oule Jansen (2007), `Muslim Brides and the Ghost of the Shari'a: Have the Recent Law Reforms in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco Improved Women's Position in Marriage and Divorce, and Can Religious Moderates Bring Reform and Make It Stick?' D Women and Hudud Offences 8. Katherine M. Weaver (2007), `Women's Rights and Shari'a Law: A Workable Reality? An Examination of Possible International Human Rights Approaches Through the Continuing Reform of the Pakistan Hudood Ordinance' 9. Abdel Salam Sidahmed (2001), `Problems in Contemporary Applications of Islamic Criminal Sanctions: The Penalty for Adultery in Relation to Women' E Veiling 10. Ziba Mir-Hosseini (2007), `The Politics and Hermeneutics of Hijab in Iran: From Confinement to Choice' PART II THE RIGHT TO HEALTH 11. Anthony Tirado Chase and Abdul Karim Alaug (2004), `Health, Human Rights, and Islam: A Focus on Yemen' PART III SEXUAL/REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS 12. Codou Bop (2005), `Islam and Women's Sexual Health and Rights in Senegal' 13. Carla Makhlouf Obermeyer (1995), `A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Reproductive Rights' PART IV FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION 14. Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil (2007), `Restrictions in Freedom of Religion in Malaysia: A Conceptual Analysis with Special Reference to the Law of Apostasy' 15. Niaz A. Shah (2005), `Freedom of Religion: Koranic and Human Rights Perspectives' PART V CHILDREN'S RIGHTS 16. Shabnam Ishaque (2008), `Islamic Principles on Adoption: Examining the Impact of Illegitimacy and Inheritance Related Concerns in Context of a Child's Right to an Identity' 17. Kamran Hashemi (2007), `Religious Legal Traditions, Muslim States and the Convention on the Rights of the Child: An Essay on the Relevant UN Documentation' 18. Masoud Rajabi-Ardeshiri (2009), `The Rights of the Child in the Islamic Context: The Challenges of the Local and the Global' PART VI THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE 19. Mashood A. Baderin (2006), `A Comparative Analysis of the Right to a Fair Trial and Due Process under International Human Rights Law and Saudi Arabian Domestic Law' 20. Osita Nnamani Ogbu (2005), `Punishments in Islamic Criminal Law as Antithetical to Human Dignity: The Nigerian Experience' PART VII THE RIGHT TO LIFE 21. Elizabeth Peiffer (2008), `The Death Penalty in Traditional Islamic Law and as Interpreted in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria' PART VIII THE RIGHT TO EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW 22. Zainah Anwar and Jana S. Rumminger (2007), `Justice and Equality in Muslim Family Laws: Challenges, Possibilities, and Strategies for Reform' 23. Jorgen S. Nielsen (2003), `Contemporary Discussions on Religious Minorities in Muslim Countries' PART IX THE PROHIBITION ON TORTURE, CRUEL AND INHUMAN TREATMENT 24. Anon (2004), `Saving Amina Lawal: Human Rights Symbolism and the Dangers of Colonialism' 25. Reza Aslan (2003-4), `The Problem of Stoning in the Islamic Penal Code: An Argument for Reform'

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