Italian Conversation DeMYSTiFied

Italian Conversation DeMYSTiFied

By: Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni (author)eBook
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Chat like a native Italian speaker

Want to hold conversations in Italian but you can't get past Come stai? Non e un problema! With Italian Conversation Demystified you'll develop your skills so quickly you'll sound like you were born in Bologna or made your living in Milan.

Beginning with common Italian phrases you already know, this book covers key topics such as going out on the town, talking on the phone, asking for directions, and making future plans. Step by step, you'll build your Italian conversation skills and--in no time--you will learn how to talk about the past and future, express opinions, ask for advice, make small talk, and such more. To help you on your way, the accompanying audio CDs feature two-and-half hours of conversations performed by native speakers and interactive practice exercises and quizzes.

This fast and easy guide features:

  • In-depth dialogues presented both in the book and on the audio
  • Audio practice exercises that get you speaking immediately
  • Step-by-step guidance through the fundamentals of communicating in Italian
  • Coverage of essential conversational skills such as asking a question or making comparisons
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter that reinforce new communication skills

So when you are ready to graduate from simple questions to having full discussions with Italian speakers, Italian Conversation Demystified is your shortcut to mastering this popular language.

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