Jeffrey and Jasmine Dealing with Not-So-Easy Dilemmas

Jeffrey and Jasmine Dealing with Not-So-Easy Dilemmas

By: Jean Lee (author)eBook
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With a bit of reluctance, Jeffrey listens to his little sister, Jasmine, trying predicament as she gives an account of what happened to her. Jasmine describes her heart rendering incident: losing her grandmother's pearl necklace which is her secret that she is hiding from her parents. Jeffrey identifies with the feeling of "messing up" gets caught up in his sister's anguish and despair. He blurts out "ouch" as an emotional release to his sister situation. At first the predicament seems as easy as 1-2-3. Jeffrey probes to find answers to resolve Jasmine's questions that could have been overlooked. Using deductive reasoning proves to be helpful, but it does not reveal enough clues for solving the problem. Can a cover up be an alternative to his sister's predicament? Who will take the blame if the cover up is exposed? Will Jeffrey take the blame for Jasmine?

Based on his past history of squandering his allowance, can Jeffrey get his parent's approval of starting his own business? Will his business aid him in making enough profit to purchase his desired treasure: that special watch?

Jeffrey and Jasmine have dilemmas. They form an alliance to solve their problems to avert getting into hot water with their parents. Discover how Jeffrey and Jasmine maneuver to handle the turning point that is unavoidable. Will the turning point lead to an unexpected surprise?

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