John Nichols's the Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth: Volume 3 - 1579 to 1595

John Nichols's the Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth: Volume 3 - 1579 to 1595

By: Faith Eales (editor), Elizabeth Goldring (editor), Jayne Elisabeth Archer (editor), Elizabeth Clarke (editor)Hardback

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John Nichols's The Progresses of Queen Elizabeth (1788-1823) has long been an indispensable reference tool for scholars working on Elizabethan court and culture - despite the serious limitations of an antiquarian edition now two centuries old. This old-spelling edition of the early modern materials contained in Nichols's Progresses is edited to high and consistent standards, and based on a critical re-examination of printed and manuscript sources. It is structured by a narrative of the two sets of annual progresses undertaken by Queen Elizabeth I: the 'summer progresses,' when Elizabeth travelled throughout southern England and the Midlands, visiting cities as far afield as Bristol, Coventry, Norwich, and Southampton; and the 'winter progresses,' when Elizabeth moved between her residences in and around London, including Richmond, Hampton Court, and Whitehall. New editions of the major progress entertainments - Kenilworth, Woodstock, Elvetham, Cowdray, Ditchley, and Harefield - are set alongside accounts of civic receptions, tilts and Accession Day entertainments, and non-dramatic texts, many of which have not been published since Nichols, including verses delivered by Eton scholars before the Queen (1563); John Lesley's Oratio (1574); Gabriel Harvey's Gratulationum Valdinensium (1578); and the Oxford and Cambridge verses on the death of Queen Elizabeth (1603). The editions are supported by translations of all non-English material, full scholarly annotation, illustrations, and maps. This will make John Nichols's The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth: A New Edition of the Early Modern Sources the most comprehensive collection of early modern texts pertaining to the court and culture of Queen Elizabeth. Volume III covers the years from 1579 to 1595.

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About Author

Dr. Jayne Elisabeth Archer is lecturer in Medieval and Renaissance Literature in the Department of English Literature, Aberystwyth University. She is an Associate Fellow of the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, University of Warwick, where she spent four years as AHRC postdoctoral Research Fellow on the John Nichols Project. She is co-editor of The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), and has published articles on Elizabethan and Jacobean masques, early modern women's receipt books, and alchemy in early modern literature. She is currently working on a book-length study of the relationship between housewifery and natural philosophy in early modern literature. Dr. Elizabeth Clarke is Professor of English at the University of Warwick. She is author of Theory and Theology in George Herbert's Poetry (Oxford University Press, 1997) and has just finished a study in versions of the Song of Songs in seventeenth-century England. She was director of the Perdita Project for early modern women's manuscripts and is currently directing a British Academy-funded project on the life-writing of Elizabeth Isham (1608-1654). Dr. Elizabeth Goldring was a Research Fellow in the University of Warwick's Centre for the Study of the Renaissance and is now an Associate Fellow of both the Centre and Warwick's History of Art Department. She is co-editor of two essay collections - The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I (Oxford University Press, 2007) and Court Festivals of the European Renaissance: Art, Politics and Performance (Ashgate, 2002) - and associate general editor of Europa Triumphans: Court and Civic Festivals in Early Modern Europe (Ashgate, 2004). Other recent publications include articles in The British Art Journal, The Burlington Magazine, and ELR: English Literary Renaissance. She was Consultant to English Heritage for the exhibition 'Queen and Castle: Robert Dudley's Kenilworth', which opened in 2006.


New Year's gifts given to the Queen, 1579 ; Edmund Spenser, 'Hobbinolls dittie in praise of Eliza, Queene of the Shepheards' ; The arrival and entertainment of Count Casimir, 22 January - 14 February 1579 ; Letter from the Earl of Leicester to William Davison, 12 February 1579 ; The court at Shrovetide, 1579 ; The Queen's progress into Essex and Suffolk, summer 1579 ; Orders for the Queen's reception at Colchester, 1 - 2 September 1579 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year 1580 ; The Queen's summer progress, 1580 ; Letter from Lord Talbot to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 23 June 1580 ; The growth of the population in London ; Proclamation against new buildings in the City of London, 7 July 1580 ; Letter from the Queen to the Bishop, Dean, and Chapter of Chester, 29 September 1580 ; Extract from a wages account, 1580 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year 1581 ; Letter from Queen Elizabeth to the Bishop of Chester, 13 January 1581 ; The Queen at Whitehall, 20 - 22 January 1581 ; The tournament of Callophisus, 22 January 1581 ; The Queen visits the Golden Hind, 4 April 1581 ; The Queen visits Islington, 1581 ; Sir Henry Sidney's visit to Shrewsbury School, February - May 1581 ; The Four Foster Children of Desire (The Fortress of Perfect Beauty), May 1581 ; Letter from Queen Elizabeth to Sir Edward Stafford, August 1581 ; The Queen visits the Earl of Nottingham at Chelsea, 1581 ; Thomas Cartwright appointed Master of the Hospital at Warwick, 1581 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year, 1582 ; Jewels given to the Queen at other times than at New Year, 1582 ; The Barriers for Monsieur, 1 January 1582 ; The Ioyful and royal entertainment of the ryght high and mightie Prince, Frauncis the Frenche Kings only brother ... Into his noble Citie of Antwerpe, February 1582 ; Letter from Francis Talbot to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 13 February 1582 ; The King of Denmark invested with the Garter, 28 June - 27 September 1582 ; The death of William Wentworth, November 1582 ; Regulations recommended for the apparel of London apprentices, 1582 ; Regulations for preventing the spread of the plague in London, December 1582 - January 1583 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year 1583 ; The visit of Sir Henry and Lady Mary Sidney to Shrewsbury, 11 March 1583 ; Baron ?aski's visit to the University of Oxford, 10 - 13 June 1583 ; The wedding of Robert Southwell and Elizabeth Howard ; A proclamation against retainers, 19 April 1583 ; Thomas Blanke presented before the Queen, 6 May 1583 ; Letter from the Queen to Lord Burghley, 8 May 1583 ; Queen Elizabeth at Theobalds, 27 - 30 May 1583 ; Feasts at the Grocer's and Haberdasher's Halls in London, July 1583 ; Shooting match in London, 17 September 1583 ; The Queen at Loseley Hall, 28 August 1583 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year 1584 ; The visit of the Earl of Leicester, the Earl of Essex, and Lord North to Shrewsbury, 25 - 26 May 1584 ; The Earl of Leicester's reception at Leicester, 18 - 19 June 1584 ; Letter from the Queen to the Sherriff of Lancashire, 16 August 1584 ; Letter from the Earl of Leicester to the Burgesses of Andover, 12 October 1584 ; The Queen in London, 12 - 24 November 1584 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year 1585 ; Plate given to the Queen at Nonsuch and received into the Office, 28 November 1585 ; Plate given to the Queen at New Year 1585 ; Plate new made by the said Alderman Martin, and received into the office for the use of the Scottishe Queene ; Sonnet by Ronsard ; The King of France's investiture with the Garter, 20 January - 12 March 1585 ; The order of going to Parliament, 29 March 1585 ; Royal proclamation regarding the children of the choir of St Paul's Cathedral, 27 April 1585 ; Letter from the Lords of the Council to Ferdinando Stanley Lord Strange, William Chaderton ; Lord Bishop of Chester, and all the other justices of Lancashire and Cheshire, 20 June 1585 ; Entertainment of the deputies of the states of the Low Countries, June 1585 ; Relations between Lord Burghley and the Earl of Leicester, 1585 ; George Peele, The Device of the Pageant borne before the Woolstone Dixi Lord Maior of the Citie of London, 29 October 1585 ; Jewels given to the Queen at New Year 1586 ; William Webbe, 'Spenser's 'Hobbinolls Dittie' into a 'Homely Sapphic" ; Letter from Queen Elizabeth to the Bishop of Chester, 23 January 1586 ; Letter from Thomas Dudley to the Earl of Leicester, 11 February 1586 ; The feast of St George observed at Utrecht, 23 April 1586 ; The Danish ambassador's entertainment at Greenwich, 8 - 30 May 1586 ; Edward Hake, An oration conteyning an expostulation, 10 August 1586 ; Letter from King James VI of Scotland to his secretary, 9 September 1586 ; Letter from the Earl of Cumberland to Lord Burghley, 23 September 1586 ; The death (1586) and funeral procession (1587) of Sir Philip Sidney ; The examination of Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots, at Fotheringhay, 1586 ; Proclamation against Mary Queen of Scots, 1586 ; Execution and Funeral of Mary Queen of Scots, 1587 ; Short extract from the Memoirs of Robert Carey, 1586 ; The will of Anne, Duchess of Somerset, 14 July 1586-21 April 1587 ; Letter from King James VI of Scotland to Queen Elizabeth, 26 January 1587 ; Prolusion of 'Prince Arthur, with his Knights of the Round Table', exhibited in 1588 before the Queen ; The Spanish Armada, 1588 ; Letter from Sir George Bond, Lord Mayor, to the Privy Council, 1588 ; Letter from the Earl of Cumberland to Sir Francis Walsingham, 29 October 1588 ; New Year's gift roll, 1 January 1589 ; Poems from George Puttenham's The Arte of English Poesie (1589) ; Letter from the Lord Mayor of London to the Company of Stationers, 28 January 1589 ; The Queen at Richmond, Chelsea, and Westminster, 30 January 1589 ; Death of Lady Burghley, 4 April 1589 ; Letter from the Earl of Derby to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 21 May 1589 ; Letter from Lord Talbot to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 22 May 1589 ; Death of Sir Francis Walsingham, 6 April, 1590 ; Death of Sir William Drury, 18 January 1590 ; Letter from John Stanhope to Lord Talbot, 22 December 1589 ; Gifts given to the Queen at New Year, 1590 ; Death of Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, 21 February 1590 ; The Queen's summer progress, 1590 ; Sir Henry Lee's retirement tilt, 17 November 1590 ; Letter from Thomas Kery to Lord Talbot, 23 October 1590 ; Letter from John Stanhope to Lord Talbot, November 1590 ; Letter from Richard Brackinbury to Lord Talbot, 20 November 1590 ; The Queen's movements, February - May 1591 ; Queen Elizabeth at Theobalds, 10 - 20 May 1591 ; Letter from Lord Hunsdon to Sir William More, 10 July 1591 ; Sir Henry Unton's embassy to France, July 1591 - June 1592 ; Letter from Sir William More to Lord Hunsdon, 1590 ; The Queen's entertainment at Cowdray, 14 - 20 August 1591 ; The Queen's progress, 20 August - 20 September 1591 ; The Queen's entertainment at Elvetham, 20 - 23 September 1591 ; The Queen's progress, September 1591 ; The death of Sir Christopher Hatton, 20 November 1591 ; Gift received by Queen Elizabeth, 1592 ; The Queen's progress, September 1592 ; Letter from Sir Thomas Heneage to Sir John Puckering, 12 September 1592 ; Letter from Edward Jones, 12 September 1592 ; Queen Elizabeth at Bissam, Sudeley, and Ricote, August - September 1592 ; Queen Elizabeth's second visit to the University of Oxford, 22 - 28 September 1592 ; The Queen at Twickenham Park, 1592 ; Sir Henry Lee's entertainments for the Queen at Ditchley and Woodstock, 20 - 21 September 1592 ; Received into the office, and paied for in the warraunte for New-Yeare's Guiftes ; The Proceeding to the Parliament of Queene Elizabeth from her Majesty's Royall Palace of Whitehall to Westminster,1593 ; Received oute of her Majesty's Privy Chamber, from the hands of Michael Stanhope, the 27th daye of April, anno 35o pred; and given her in Progress before ; Letter from Mr Standen to Mr Bacon, 21 November 1593 ; Letter from Mr Standen to Mr Bacon, 23 November 1593 ; The Recorder of London's speech to the Queen following the election of Cuthbert Buckle as Lord Mayor of London, 1593 ; Extracts from the Memoirs of Robert Carey, 1593 ; Received into the office from Mr William Killigrew, 12 August 1594 ; Thomas Churchyard, A Pleasant conceite penned in verse, 1 January 1594 ; Sir Robert Cecil, The Hermit's Oration, Theobalds, 13 - 23 June 1594 ; Extracts from the Memoirs of Robert Carey, 1593 - 94 ; Extracts from Sir John Harington's papers, called his Breefe Notes and Remembrauncer ; Remembrance for furniture at Kew, and for her Majesty's Entertainment, 14 August 1594 ; William Fowler, A True Reportarie of the Baptisme of the Prince of Scotland, 30 August 1594 ; Letter from the Earl of Cumberland to Lord Thomas Howard, 1 September 1594 ; John Spencer, Lord Mayor of London, presented to the Justices, 29 October 1594 ; Letter from the Queen to Peregrine Bertie, Lord Willoughby, 7 October 1594 ; Christmas and New Year at Gray's Inn, 1594-95: Gesta Grayorum ; A discharge of the state and degree of Serjeant at the Law to Thomas Fleming, 5 November 1595 ; Device exhibited by the Earl of Essex before Queen Elizabeth, on the anniversary of her accession to the throne, 17 November 1595 ; The Queen at Kew, 11 December 1595

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