J.S. Mill: A Beginner's Guide Ebook Epub

J.S. Mill: A Beginner's Guide Ebook Epub

By: Michel Petheram (author)eBook


This useful guide introduces you to the great liberal philosopher. He was very much a liberal thinker and many of the issues that concerned him are still vital today. Chief among his works is the long essay ""On Liberty"", published in 1859, which remains a vivid statement of the rights of the individual in relation to the society in which he or she lives. Many contemporary debates, such as censorship of films and books, gay rights, and legalization of soft drugs use arguments that device from this important work. It is a basic text in courses in political theory and, unusually for such texts, it is an inspiring work to read. Other works covered are ""Utilitarianism"" and ""The Subjection of Women"".

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  • ID: 9781444158205
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  • publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • publisher imprint: Teach Yourself

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