Jurgen Habermas (SAGE Masters in Modern Social Thought Series)

Jurgen Habermas (SAGE Masters in Modern Social Thought Series)

By: David Rasmussen (editor), James Swindal (editor)Hardback

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This is the first systematic assessment of the work of Jurgen Habermas - the key theorist of the later Frankfurt School, whose writing has had a major impact on social theory and sociology. These four volumes comprise the key secondary literature on Habermas. Edited by David Rasmussen and James Swindal, leading commentators on Habermas's work, this will be the standard reference work on one of the canonical theorists of the 20th century. VOLUME ONE: THE FOUNDATIONS OF HABERMAS'S PROJECT Habermas as a Critical Theorist \ Habermas, Hermeneutics and Critical Theory \ The Modernity/Postmodernity Debate VOLUME TWO:LAW AND POLITICS Law and Democratic Theory \ The Public Sphere \ Culture and Society VOLUME THREE: ETHICS Discourse Ethics \ Rethinking Discourse Ethics \ Autonomy and Authenticity VOLUME FOUR: COMMUNICATIVE RATIONALITY, FORMAL PRAGMATICS, SPEECH ACT THEORY AND TRUTH Communicative Rationality \ Formal Pragmatics and Speech Act Theory \ Nature, History and the Logic of Development \ Truth

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PART ONE: THE FOUNDATIONS OF HABERMAS'S PROJECT Habermas as a Critical Theorist The Critical Theory of J[um]urgen Habermas - Thomas McCarthy Empirico-Analytic and Critical Social Science - Albrecht Wellmer Paradigm-Core and Theory-Dynamics in Critical Social Theory - Hauke Bronkhorst People and Programs Social Theorist at the Institute at Last, Valued by Adorno But Seen by Horkheimer as too Left-Wing - Rolf Wiggershaus Habermas, Hermeneutics and Critical Theory Hermeneutics and Social Science - Hans-Georg Gadamer Ethics and Culture - Paul Ricoeur Habermas and Gadamer in Dialogue The Modernist Left - Ingrid Scheibler Habermas's Critique of Gadamer I Should Intellectual History Take a Linguistic Turn? - Martin Jay Reflections on the Habermas-Gadamer Debate Hermeneutics and the Critique of Ideology - Georgia Warnke Communicative Action Habermas on Communicative Action - Ernst Tugendhat Communicative Action and Philosophy - David Rasmussen The Critique of Functionalist Reason - Seyla Benhabib Formal Pragmatics and Social Criticism - James Bohman Social Labor and Communicative Action - Marie Fleming Communication and Reconciliation - Axel Honneth Habermas's Critique of Adorno The Modernity / Postmodernity Debate Introduction - Richard Bernstein Habermas and Modernity Deconstruction, Postmodernism and Philosophy - Christopher Norris Habermas on Derrida The Dilemmas of Modernity - David Rasmussen PART TWO: LAW AND POLITICS Law and Democratic Theory Reply to Habermas - John Rawls How Is Valid Law Possible? - David Rasmussen Critique of Habermas's Contribution to the Sociology of Law - Klaus Eder Democracy and the Rechstaat - Ken Baynes Habermas' Faktizit[um]at und Geltung Introduction - Mathieu Deflem Law in Habermas's Theory of Communicative Action Crisis Tendencies, Legitimation, and the State - David Held Dworkin, Habermas, and the CLS Movement on Moral Criticism in Law - David Ingram Between Radicalism and Resignation - William Scheuerman Democratic Theory in Habermas's Between Facts and Norms Habermas's Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy - William Rehg Jurisprudence and Validity? - David Rasmussen The Public Sphere The Globalization of the Public Sphere - James Boham On the Relation of Morality to Politics - Thomas McCarthy Models of Public Space - Seyla Benhabib Hannah Arendt, the Liberal Tradition and J[um]urgen Habermas From a Literary to a Political Public Sphere - Jean Cohen and Andrew Arato Culture and Society Habermas, Derrida, and the Function of Philosophy - Richard Rorty The Metaphor of the Covenant in Habermas - Sander Griffioen Feminism What's Critical about Critical Theory - Nancy Fraser The Case of Habermas and Gender The Cultural Foundations of Public Policy - Simone Chambers Feminism and Habermas's Discourse Ethics - Johanna Meehan The Politics of Vulnerability - Barbara Fultner On the Role of Idealism in Bulter and Habermas PART THREE: ETHICS Discourse Ethics The Communicative Paradigm in Moral Theory - Alessandro Ferrara Discourse and the Moral Point of View - William Rehg Habermas, Communicative Ethics and the Development of Moral Consciousness - Stephen White Communicative Ethics and Current Controversies in Practical Philosophy - Seyla Benhabib Discourse Ethics and Civil Society - Jean Cohen Habermas, Values and the Rational Internal Structure of Communication - Tony Couture Rethinking Discourse Ethics The Formal Thought of J[um]urgen Habermas from the Perspective of a Universal Material Ethics - Enrique Dussel Discourse Ethics and Liberation Ethics - Eduardo Mendieta Discourse Ethics and Ethical Realism - Felmon Davis A Realist Realignment of Discourse Ethics Practical Reasoning Impartial Application of Moral and Legal Norms - Klaus G[um]unther A Contribution to Discourse Ethics Universalisms - Alessandro Ferrara Proceduralist, Contextualist and Prudential Normatively Grounding Critical Theory - Karl-Otto Apel Intractable Conflicts and Moral Objectivity - William Rehg A Dialogical, Problem-Based Approach Communicative Competence and Normative Force - Jonathan Culler MacIntyre and Habermas on Practical Reasons - John Doody Autonomy and Authenticity The Ambiguity of Habermas's Notion of Generalizability - Alessandro Ferrara The Complexity of the Subject, Narrative Identity and the Modernity of the South - Carlos Thiebaut Habermas, Autonomy and the Identity of the Self - Maeve Cooke Conflict or Complement? The Role of the Will in Post-Conventional Personal Identity - James Swindal Habermas's Reading of Kierkegaard - Martin Matustik PART FOUR: COMMUNICATIVE RATIONALITY, FORMAL PRAGMATICS, SPEECH ACT THEORY AND TRUTH Communicative Rationality The Lifeworld Background of Reflective Acceptability - James Swindal The Problem of Foundationalism in Habermas's Discourse Ethics - Joseph Heath The Two Meanings of Communicative Rationality - Martin Seel Remarks on Habermas's Critique of the Plural Concept of Reason Language and Society - Charles Taylor Formal Pragmatics and Speech Act Theory Speech Acts and Validity Claims - Maeve Cooke The Unhappy Marriage of Hermeneutics and Functionalism - Hans Joas Formal Pragmatics and Social Criticism - James Bohman Is There Any Normative Claim Internal to Stating Facts? - Andreas Dorschel Nature, History and the Logic of Development On the Use and Abuse of Memory - Max Pensky Habermas, 'Anamnestic Solidarity' and the Historikerstreit Habermas's Developmental Logic - David Owen Universal or Eurocentric New Science, New Nature - Steven Vogel The Habermas-Marcuse Debate Revisited Collective Learning - Piet Styrdom Habermas's Concessions and Their Implication Truth What Is a Validity Claim? - Joseph Heath Rational Acceptability and Truth - Cristina Lafont Remarks on the Habermas/Rawls Debate A Critique of Habermas's Consensus Theory of Truth - Alessandro Ferrara Habermas's Transformation of Truth Semantics - James Swindal Habermas's Consensus Theory of Truth - Mary Hesse The Problems of a Consensus Theory of Truth - Nicholas Rescher

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