Just Enough C/C ++ Programming

Just Enough C/C ++ Programming

By: Guy W. Lecky-Thompson (author)Paperback

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C/C++ programming is often thought of as inaccessible, but these languages form the basis for many other programming languages and paradigms, and as such are vital, necessary skills for any IT professional to learn. Just Enough C/C++ Programming provides an intelligent layperson's guide to programming. The book does not assume you are dimwitted, like so many other beginning programming texts do, but it doesn't assume you are an engineer either. It simply gives you enough C/C++ language knowledge to be able to complete practical, industry-related, programming projects without becoming sidetracked. In short, it teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful programmer, without overloading you on the details. The book begins by explaining the tools you'll need, providing a concise introduction to the world of programming, and explaining the basic structure of a C program. Algorithm design for common programming problems, use of compilers and pre-processors, and the standard ANSI C libraries are all covered in enough detail so that you can pick up and apply the knowledge immediately. Next, the book covers the most relevant differences between C and C++, including C++ Standard Libraries, templates, and STL. The companion web site includes usable sample code for download and key pointers on how the code can be adapted for real-world use. Perfect for any aspiring software developer, Just Enough C/C++ Programming offers both a comfortable read, and practical, applicable, ready-to-use knowledge.

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About Author

Guy W. Lecky-Thompson is an experienced author in the field of video game design and software development, whose articles have been published in various places, including Gamasutra and the seminal Game Programming Gems. He is also the author of Infinite Game Universe: Mathematical Techniques;Infinite Game Universe, Volume 2: Level Design Terrain, and Sound; and Video Game Design Revealed.


1 Introduction Conventions Before You Begin : Getting the Right Tools Editor Compiler & Linker 2 Programming Recap What is Programming? Procedural Programming Program Flow Data Storage Compiling & Linking Executable File Format External Files (Header Files) 3 C Program Structure The Entry Point Declaring Variables Containing Code Blocks Variable Scoping Comments Defining Functions Simple Skeleton Application Building the Application If the Application Fails to Build Recap 4 Data Types & Variables Basic Types Sizes & Ranges Complex Data Types Casting Arrays Enumerated Types Data Types & Variables Recap 5 Decision Making The C if Statement The else Keyword Using else if Nesting The switch Statement Recap 6 Console I/O Formatted Output Using printf Using sprintf Formatted Input Using scanf Using sscanf Non-formatted I/O Recap 7 Standard Libraries Standard I/O : stdio.h String Handling : string.h Math Functions : math.h Memory Handling : malloc.h The Standard Library : stdlib.h The Time Library : time.h 8 Loops The for Loop The while Loop More do and while Using break and continue Nesting Loops Scoping revisited Recap 9 Command Line Processing The argv and argc Variables Processing the Command Line Conditional Execution Recap 10 User Defined Functions Declaring Functions Prototyping Function Parameter Lists Pass by Value Pass by Reference Recursion Recap 11 File I/O Formatted I/O Revisited Using fprintf Using fscanf Using fprintf & fscanf together Binary Input and Output Using fread and fwrite Recap 12 Complex Data Types The struct Keyword Accessing Data File Processing with Complex Data Types Recap 13 Pointers Strings Revisited Pointers and References Dereferencing Pointers and Memory Example : A Linked List of Command Line Arguments Recap 14 Pre-Processor Directives The Pre-Processor Concept The #include Directive The #define Directive Avoiding Multiple Includes C Style Macros Recap *[ 15 From C to C++ Object Oriented Design Object Oriented Programming Prototyping Revisited Classes Inheritance Polymorphism Example : A Linked List of Command Line Arguments (revisited) Recap 16 C++ in Practice Defining Classes Constructors Destructors Operators Example : Linked List Self-Management Overloading Recap ] 17 Where Next? 18 Web References

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