Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: Pt. 3 - 9th International Conference, Kes 2005, Melbourne, Australia, September 14-16

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: Pt. 3 - 9th International Conference, Kes 2005, Melbourne, Australia, September 14-16

By: Rajiv Khosla (editor), Robert J. Howlett (editor), L. C. Jain (editor)Paperback

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Dear delegates,friendsand membersofthe growingKES professionalcommunity,w- come to the proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and IntelligentInformationandEngineeringSystemshostedbyLa TrobeUniversityin M- bourne Australia. The KES conference series has been established for almost a decade, and it cont- ues each year to attract participants from all geographical areas of the world, including Europe, the Americas, Australasia and the Paci?c Rim. The KES conferences cover a wide range of intelligent systems topics. The broad focus of the conference series is the theory and applications of intelligent systems. From a pure research ?eld, intel- gent systems have advanced to the point where their abilities have been incorporated into many business and engineering application areas. KES 2005 provided a valuable mechanism for delegates to obtain an extensive view of the latest research into a range of intelligent-systems algorithms, tools and techniques. The conference also gave de- gates the chance to come into contact with those applying intelligent systems in diverse commercial areas. The combination of theory and practice represented a unique opp- tunity to gain an appreciation of the full spectrum of leading-edge intelligent-systems activity. The papers for KES 2005 were either submitted to invited sessions, chaired and organized by respected experts in their ?elds, or to a general session, managed by an extensive International Program Committee, or to the Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIHMSP) Workshop, managed by an International Workshop Technical Committee.

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Intelligent Agent Ontologies and Environments.- Agent-Based Approach for Dynamic Ontology Management.- A Novel Approach for Developing Autonomous and Collaborative Agents.- The Effect of Alteration in Service Environments with Distributed Intelligent Agents.- Managing Collaboration in a Multiagent System.- Learning Plans with Patterns of Actions in Bounded-Rational Agents.- Roles of Agents in Data-Intensive Web Sites.- Probabilistic Reasoning Techniques for the Tactical Military Domain.- Intelligent Multimedia Solutions and the Security in the Next Generation Mobile Networks.- A Network Service Access Control Framework Based on Network Blocking Algorithm.- 3-D Building Reconstruction Using IKONOS Multispectral Stereo Images.- Heuristic Algorithm for Estimating Travel Speed in Traffic Signalized Networks.- Home Network Observation System Using User's Activate Pattern and Multimedia Streaming.- Determination of Optimal Locations for the Variable Message Signs by the Genetic Algorithm.- Estimation of the Optimal Number of Cluster-Heads in Sensor Network.- Development of Integrated Transit-Fare Card System in the Seoul Metropolitan Area.- Efficient Migration Scheme Using Backward Recovery Algorithm for Mobile Agents in WLAN.- Intelligent E-Mail Analysis, News Extraction and Web Mining.- Using Similarity Measure to Enhance the Robustness of Web Access Prediction Model.- Intelligent Financial News Digest System.- An Incremental FP-Growth Web Content Mining and Its Application in Preference Identification.- Similarity Retrieval from Time-Series Tropical Cyclone Observations Using a Neural Weighting Generator for Forecasting Modeling.- Web Access Path Prediction Using Fuzzy Case Based Reasoning.- Multiple Classifier System with Feature Grouping for Intrusion Detection: Mutual Information Approach.- Design and Implement a Web News Retrieval System.- Semantic Integration and Ontologies.- An Ontology for Integrating Multimedia Databases.- Integrating Service Registries with OWL-S Ontologies.- Data Integration Hub for a Hybrid Paper Search.- Effective Information Sharing Using Concept Mapping.- Ontology Supported Semantic Simplification of Large Data Sets of Industrial Plant CAD Models for Design Review Visualization.- EISCO: Enterprise Information System Contextual Ontologies Project.- Mapping Fuzzy Concepts Between Fuzzy Ontologies.- Computer Vision, Image Processing and Retrieval.- Similarity Estimation of 3D Shapes Using Modal Strain Energy.- 3D-Based Synthesis and 3D Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Images.- 3-D Pose Tracking of the Car Occupant.- Face Recognition by Multiple Classifiers, a Divide-and-Conquer Approach.- Shape Comparison of the Hippocampus Using a Multiresolution Representation and ICP Normalization.- A Fast Image Retrieval Using the Unification Search Method of Binary Classification and Dimensionality Condensation of Feature Vectors.- Semantic Supervised Clustering to Land Classification in Geo-Images.- Communicative Intelligence II.- Towards an Intelligent Web Service for Ontology-Based Query-Answering Dialogues.- Using the Geographic Distance for Selecting the Nearest Agent in Intermediary-Based Access to Internet Resources.- Mining Internet Data Sets for Computational Grids.- Towards Integration of Web Services into Agents for Biological Information Resources.- Learning Within the BDI Framework: An Empirical Analysis.- How to Make Robot a Robust and Interactive Communicator.- Analysis of Conversation Quanta for Conversational Knowledge Circulation.- Approaches and Methods to Security Engineering V.- An Intelligent Approach of Packet Marking at Edge Router for IP Traceback.- A Covert Timing Channel-Free Optimistic Concurrency Control Scheme for Multilevel Secure Database Management Systems.- Secure Password Authentication for Keystroke Dynamics.- The Efficient Multipurpose Convertible Undeniable Signature Scheme.- A New Efficient Fingerprint-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme for Multimedia Systems.- A Study on the Correction of Gun Fire Error Using Neural Network.- Multimedia Retrieval II.- An Efficient Moving Object Extraction Algorithm for Video Surveillance.- An Experimental Comparison on Gabor Wavelet and Wavelet Frame Based Features for Image Retrieval.- Robust Video Retrieval Using Temporal MVMB Moments.- Precise Segmentation Rendering for Medical Images Based on Maximum Entropy Processing.- A Hardware Implementation for Fingerprint Retrieval.- Fast Video Retrieval via the Statistics of Motion Within the Regions-of-Interest.- Information Theoretic Metrics in Shot Boundary Detection.- Design of a Digital Forensics Image Mining System.- Multimedia Compression.- Side-Match Predictive Vector Quantization.- Improved Image Coding with Classified VQ and Side-Match VQ.- Fast Multiple Reference Frame Motion Estimation for H.264 Based on Qualified Frame Selection Scheme.- Block Standstill and Homogeneity Based Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for H.264 Video Coding.- Fast Rate-Distortion Optimization in H.264/AVC Video Coding.- Improving Image Quality for JPEG Compression.- Low-Power MPEG-4 Motion Estimator Design for Deep Sub-Micron Multimedia SoC.- Multimedia Signal Processing.- Real-Time 3D Artistic Rendering System.- Index LOCO-I: A Hybrid Method of Data Hiding and Image Compression.- Feature-Constrained Texturing System for 3D Models.- Dynamic Integrated Model for Distributed Multimedia System.- Joint Detection for a Bandwidth Efficient Modulation Method.- An Efficient and Divisible Payment Scheme for M-Commerce.- Speech Authentication by Semi-fragile Watermarking.- Emergence and Self-organisation in Complex Systems.- On Engineering Smart Systems.- Distributed Web Integration with Multiagent Data Mining.- Self-adjusting Programming Training Support System Using Genetic Algorithm.- Waste Incinerator Emission Prediction Using Probabilistically Optimal Ensemble of Multi-agents.- Cooperative Control Based on Reaction-Diffusion Equation for Surveillance System.- Comparison of the Effectiveness of Decimation and Automatically Defined Functions.- Absolute Capacities for Higher Order Associative Memory of Sequential Patterns.- Soft Computing Techniques and Their Applications III.- Finding Hidden Hierarchy in Reinforcement Learning.- On-Line Reinforcement Learning Using Cascade Constructive Neural Networks.- Node Exchange for Improvement of SOM Learning.- Using Rough Set to Reduce SVM Classifier Complexity and Its Use in SARS Data Set.- A SVM Regression Based Approach to Filling in Missing Values.- Recognizing and Simulating Sketched Logic Circuits.- Automatic MLP Weight Regularization on Mineralization Prediction Tasks.- Information Engineering and Ubiquitous Computing.- Integrated Process Modeling for Dynamic B2B Collaboration.- Assessment Methodology on Maturity Level of ISMS.- CSFs for HCI in Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- Practical Design Recovery Techniques for Embedded Operating System on Complying with RTCA/DO-178B and ISO/IEC15408.- Information Privacy Engineering in ubiComp.- Design and Implementation of Home Media Server for Personalized Broadcasting Service in Ubiquitous Environment.- A Distributed Approach to Musical Composition.- Location and Context-Based Systems.- Efficient Mobility Management Using Dynamic Location Register in IMT-2000 Networks.- SWSD: A P2P-Based System for Service Discovery from a Mobile Terminal.- An Efficient Eye Location Using Context-Aware Binarization Method.- Design and Implementation of Context-Awareness Processor for Multiple Instructions in Mobile Internet Environment.- Integrated Management of Multi-level Road Network and Transportation Networks.- Music Plagiarism Detection Using Melody Databases.- News Video Retrieval Using Automatic Indexing of Korean Closed-Caption.- Classification and Skimming of Articles for an Effective News Browsing.- e-Based Systems in Education, Commerce and Health.- Intelligent Tutoring System with 300-Certification Program Based on WIPI.- ECA Rule Based Timely Collaboration Among Businesses in B2B e-Commerce.- The Searching Methods of Mobile Agents in Telemedicine System Environments.- Knowledge-Based RDF Specification for Ubiquitous Healthcare Services.- A Time Judgement System Based on an Association Mechanism.- Response-Driven Web-Based Assessment System.- Intelligence-Based Educational Package on Fluid Mechanics.- Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.- Generalized Composite Motif Discovery.- Protein Motif Discovery with Linear Genetic Programming.- Bayesian Validation of Fuzzy Clustering for Analysis of Yeast Cell Cycle Data.- Rule Generation Using NN and GA for SARS-CoV Cleavage Site Prediction.- A Hybrid Approach to Combine HMM and SVM Methods for the Prediction of the Transmembrane Spanning Region.- Agents in Bio-inspired Computations.- Complex Adaptive Systems.- Altruistic Punishment, Social Structure and the Enforcement of Social Norms.- WISDOM-II: A Network Centric Model for Warfare.- Adaptation on the Commons.- The Emergence of Order in Random Walk Resource Discovery Protocols.- Supporting Adaptive Learning with High Level Timed Petri Nets.- Exploring the Effective Search Context for the User in an Interactive and Adaptive Way.- Communicative Intelligent III.- Generating CG Movies Based on a Cognitive Model of Shot Transition.- Analyzing Concerns of People Using Weblog Articles and Natural Phenomena.- Sustainable Memory System Using Global and Conical Spaces.- Entrainment of Rate of Utterances in Speech Dialogs Between Users and an Auto Response System.- Locomotion Control Technique for Immersive Conversation Environment.- Presentation of Human Action Information via Avatar: From the Viewpoint of Avatar-Based Communication.- Analysis and Synthesis of Help-Desk Responses.- Speech Processing and Robotics.- A Talking Robot and Its Singing Skill Acquisition.- Development of a New Vocal Cords Based on Human Biological Structures for Talking Robot.- An Adaptive Model for Phonetic String Search.- Ontology Modeling and Storage System for Robot Context Understanding.- Intelligent Two-Way Speech Communication System Between the Technological Device and the Operator.- Activity-Object Bayesian Networks for Detecting Occluded Objects in Uncertain Indoor Environment.- Design of a Simultaneous Mobile Robot Localization and Spatial Context Recognition System.- Data Mining and Soft Computing Applications I.- Mining Temporal Data: A Coal-Fired Boiler Case Study.- Mining Classification Rules Using Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms.- On Pruning and Tuning Rules for Associative Classifiers.- Using Artificial Neural Network Ensembles to Extract Data Content from Noisy Data.- Identification of a Motor with Multiple Nonlinearities by Improved Genetic Algorithm.- Program Simplification in Genetic Programming for Object Classification.- An Ontology-Supported Database Refurbishing Technique and Its Application in Mining GSM Trouble Shooting Rules.- Multimedia Security and Stegnography.- Develop Secure Database System with Security Extended ER Model.- An Inference Detection Algorithm Based on Related Tuples Mining.- A Preliminary Design for a Privacy-Friendly Free P2P Media File Distribution System.- Analysis of Parity Assignment Steganography in Palette Images.- A New Steganography Scheme in the Domain of Side-Match Vector Quantization.- Method of Hiding Information in Agglutinative Language Documents Using Adjustment to New Line Positions.- Hiding Biometric Data for Secure Transmission.- Stegnography.- VQ Image Steganographic Method with High Embedding Capacity Using Multi-way Search Approach.- Securing Mobile Agents Control Flow Using Opaque Predicates.- A Verifiable Fingerprint Vault Scheme.- The Research on Information Hiding Based on Command Sequence of FTP Protocol.- Data Hiding in a Hologram by Modified Digital Halftoning Techniques.- A Secure Steganographic Scheme in Binary Image.- A Reversible Information Hiding Scheme Based on Vector Quantization.- Zero-Based Code Modulation Technique for Digital Video Fingerprinting.- Soft Computing Approach to Industrial Engineering II.- Studies on Method for Measuring Human Feelings.- Data Mining Method from Text Database.- The Air Pollution Constraints Considered Best Generation Mix Using Fuzzy Linear Programming.- Ranking Functions, Perceptrons, and Associated Probabilities.- Directed Mutation Operators - An Overview.- A General Fuzzy Min Max Neural Network with Compensatory Neuron Architecture.- An Analysis on Accuracy of Cancelable Biometrics Based on BioHashing.- Condition Monitoring Capability Developed Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Between a Small Company and a University.- Medical Text Mining and Natural Language Processing.- Extraction of Lexico-Syntactic Information and Acquisition of Causality Schemas for Text Annotation.- An Approach to Automatic Text Production in Electronic Medical Record Systems.- gProt: Annotating Protein Interactions Using Google and Gene Ontology.- Physiological Modeling and Simulation for Aerobic Circulation with Beat-by-Beat Hemodynamics.- Collaborative and Immersive Medical Education in a Virtual Workbench Environment.- Knowledge Based Intelligent Systems for Health Care.- Extraction of Risk Factors by Multi-agent Voting Model Using Automatically Defined Groups.- Representing Association Classification Rules Mined from Health Data.- Leximancer Concept Mapping of Patient Case Studies.- Barrier to Transition from Paper-Based to Computer-Based Patient Record: Analysis of Paper-Based Patient Records.- Preprocessing for Extracting Information from Medical Record to Add XML Tags.- A Scheduling Method of Data Transmission in the Internet Communication by Recurrent Neural Network.- Health Support Intelligent System for Diabetic Patient by Mobile Phone.- Proposal of Food Intake Measuring System in Medical Use and Its Discussion of Practical Capability.- Intelligent Learning Environment.- Simple Web Mail System That Makes the Best Use of the Senior Citizens Social Experience.- Evaluating Navigation History Comparison.- A Visualization System for Organizing and Sharing Research Information.- The Learning System of Shinshu University Graduate School of Science and Technology on the Internet.- Automatic Generation of Answers Using Solution Network for Mathematical Exercises.- Assisting Construction of Meta-cognitive Competence by Scaffolding Discovery of Plans in Problem-Solving.- Knowledge Level Design Support for SCORM2004-Conformed Learning Contents - Ontological Consideration on Platforms for Intelligent Educational Systems.- Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications.- Analyzing Domain Expertise by Considering Variants of Knowledge in Multiple Time Scales.- A New Algorithm to Discover Page-Action Rules on Web.- Efficient Remining of Generalized Association Rules Under Multiple Minimum Support Refinement.- Mining Association Rules from Distorted Data for Privacy Preservation.- Mining Linguistic Mobility Patterns for Wireless Networks.- Individualized Product Design by Evolutionary Algorithms.- Fuzzy Similarity Measure and Fractional Image Query for Large Scale Protein 2D Gel Electrophoresis.- Building the Fuzzy Control System Based on the Pilot Knowledge.

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