Lado English Series, Level 5 (Lado English Series 3rd Revised edition)

Lado English Series, Level 5 (Lado English Series 3rd Revised edition)

By: Robert Lado (author)Paperback

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The Lado English series, by Robert Lado, is a complete six-level, four-skills course in English. Each level is carefully graded and consists of a Student Book, Workbook, Teacher's Edition, and Audio Program. The series takes a balanced approach to English teaching and learning, offering a wide variety of techniques and activities--including conversations and discussions, study frames and contextualized grammar exercises, listening and interaction activities, readings and role play--to help students learn English.

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Unit 1 Deciding between Work and Entertainment Structures STUDY 1 The expression because of STUDY 2 To infinitive phrase of purpose STUDY 3 Very/too STUDY 4 Enough READ Procrastination PHRASAL VERBS 1 Call up, get over, go over, put off, turn off, turn on PHRASAL VERBS 2 Separable phrasal verbs PHRASAL VERBS 3 Nonseparable phrasal verbs VOCABULARY EXPANSION The prefixes mis- and re- PRONOUNCE: [ay] Functions Extending an informal invitation Refusing an invitation Persuading Someone Giving a reason Countering an argument Unit 2 Lost and Found Structures STUDY 1 And ... too connecting two affirmative statements STUDY 2 And ... either connecting two negative statements STUDY 3 But connecting an affirmative and a negative statements READ Interpreting Your Dreams PHRASAL VERBS Count on, give back, and give in (to) VOCABULARY EXPANSION 1 The prefixes pre-/post- and bi-/semi- VOCABULARY EXPANSION 2 The prefixes in-/im-/il-/ir- PRONOUNCE: [5] Functions Giving advice Expressing happiness Making a supposition Expressing thankfulness Expressing indifference Unit 3 Solving a Crime Structures STUDY 1 It in the subject position for a delayed to infinitive STUDY 2 It in the subject position for a delayed to infinitive introduced by a for phrase STUDY 3 The -ing form of the verb as a subject STUDY 4 Qualifiers as noun substitutes READ How to Make Friends PHRASAL VERBS Break into, get away, get away with, and make up VOCABULARY EXPANSION The prefixes un-, dis-, and en- PRONOUNCE: [y] Functions Asking for information Suggesting Reporting Unit 4 An Emergency Decision Structures STUDY 1 The infinitive as the object of a verb STUDY 2 The use of the to infinitive after certain verbs READ Marathon Woman PHRASAL VERBS Call out, look out (for), and take off VOCABULARY EXPANSION The prefixes inter-, intra-, extra-, trans-, and tele- PRONOUNCE: [5], [y] Functions Asking for assistance Cautioning Expressing a conflict Expressing possibility Unit 5 Refusing an Invitation Structures STUDY 1 Adjectives with the to infinitive STUDY 2 The -ing form of the verb as object STUDY 3 The to infinitive or the -ing form of the verb as objects READ Entertainment at No Cost PHRASAL VERBS Come up with, turn down, and turn up VOCABULARY EXPANSION The prefixes over-/under-, up-/down-, and in-/out- PRONOUNCE: [~] Functions Inviting Suggesting an alternative Refusing an invitation Ending a conversation Unit 6 Friday the Thirteenth Structures STUDY 1 The past perfect tense STUDY 2 Tense sequence in the past READ How to Improve Your Study Habits PHRASAL VERBS Break up, point out, and walk out on VOCABULARY EXPANSION The suffixes -ful and -ship PRONOUNCE: Initial consonant cluster with s- Functions Declining an invitation Countering an argument Asking about an opinion Conceding a point Expressing an opinion Unit 7 Volunteer Work Structures STUDY 1 Series of adjectives as modifiers of a noun STUDY 2 Series of nouns as modifiers of a noun STUDY 3 Adverbs as modifiers of nouns READ The Tortoise and the Hare PHRASAL VERBS Make fun of, get back at, and take (something) out on VOCABULARY EXPANSION The suffixes -ness and -ment PRONOUNCE: Final consonant clusters and third person singular verbs ending in [-s] and [-z] Functions Persuading Justifying an action Giving advice Unit 8 Choosing a Career Structures STUDY 1 The passive construction STUDY 2 Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed READ Justice PHRASAL VERBS Keep back, keep up with, and speak up VOCABULARY EXPANSION Nouns with the suffix -ion PRONOUNCE: The final consonant clusters with regular past and past participle forms ending in [-t] and [-d] Functions Asking about future plans Defending oneself Criticizing Unit 9 Honesty or Loyalty Structures STUDY 1 The order of ordinal and cardinal numbers STUDY 2 The order of numbers and other adjectives STUDY 3 Sentences with an if condition STUDY 4 Sentences with an if condition in the present tense and a main clause in the future tense STUDY 5 Contrary-to-fact conditional sentences in the present tense READ Lost PHRASAL VERBS Keep out, look up to, and take back VOCABULARY EXPANSION The suffixes -less and -ly PRONOUNCE: Consonants followed by syllabic consonants Functions Debating an issue Giving a warning Countering an argument Expressing anger Unit 10 Getting Admitted to a University Structures STUDY 1 Sentences with time clauses STUDY 2 The use of the verbs make and do READ Hearts and Hands PHRASAL VERBS Look over, fill out, and figure out VOCABULARY EXPANSION The suffixes -er/-or and -able/-ible PRONOUNCE: Unstressed vowels [Y] and [i] and spelling Functions Asking for assistance Countering an argument Asking for and giving an opinion Agreeing Irregular Verbs Key to Pronunciation Vocabulary

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