Latin Style Decorating Your Home with Color, Texture, and Passion

Latin Style Decorating Your Home with Color, Texture, and Passion

By: Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque (author)eBook
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In Latin Style I show you how to use space, texture, and color to explore the brilliant nuances of Latin American d?cor and enjoy some of the most exciting attributes of a truly chic lifestyle. ?Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque

Make every day a vivid celebration with Latin Style.

Latin Style captures the spirit of the Latin aesthetic, the power of its details and traditions, and its unwavering, timeless chic in a rich montage of photos, concepts, and practical ideas for those who want to bring a Latin flair to their own homes and lives.

Become inspired by the four distinct moods of Latin Style:

  • Cabana evokes the cool of the ocean with endless white beaches, turquoise water, and tropical fruits.
  • Hacienda is the old-world brick and stone elegance of ranches and country estates set in a rugged landscape.
  • Paradiso embodies the lush abundance of the rainforest, overflowing with life of every kind.
  • Pueblo reflects the sun-drenched colors of outdoor markets, folk art, colonial architecture, and quiet courtyards.

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