Lean Marketing

Lean Marketing

By: Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA (author)eBook


The word Lean marketing has been one of the buzzwords of business for a few years now, but beneath the buzzword lays a strong, successful and above all common sense strategy.

The Lean Marketing process is actually nothing new. The business tactics it employs are all well known and widely used. Despite this most businesses do not follow them in any particular order or manner. What makes Lean Marketing special is that it organizes its techniques in to a coherent, easy to follow strategy. These steps can be followed step by step to not only launch a successful business, but stop you from launching an unsuccessful business.

The key aspects of lean marketing are:

• Market Targeting

• Validation

• Minimum Viable Product

• Goals

• Improvement

• Scale-ability

This sounds like common sense, but how can you apply it to marketing? Find out more in this book.

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