Learn English Superfast - Mega Volume

Learn English Superfast - Mega Volume

By: Manik Joshi (author)eBook


One Of The Best English Learning Courses | CHAPTERS- 1. How To Start A Sentence, 2. Interrogative Sentences, 3. Imperative Sentences, 4. Negative Forms In English, 5. English Exclamations, 6. Causative Sentences, 7. Conditional Sentences, 8. Creating Long Sentences, 9. How To Use Numbers In Conversation, 10. Making Comparisons In English, 11. English Correlatives, 12. Active And Passive Voice, 13. Repetition Of Words, 14. Remarks In English Language, 15. Using Tenses In English, 16. Auxiliary Verbs- Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, 17. Auxiliary Verbs- Do, Does, Did, 18. Auxiliary Verbs- Have, Has, Had, 19. Auxiliary Verbs- Be And Have, 20. Modal Auxiliary Verbs, 21. Direct And Indirect Speech, 22. Get- Popular English Verb, 23. Ending Sentences With Prepositions, 24. Popular Sentences In English, 25. Common English Sentences, 26. Daily Use English Sentences, 27. Speak English Sentences Everyday, 28. English Idioms And Phrases, 29. Common English Phrases, 30. Daily English Important Notes

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