Lectures on Modules and Rings (Graduate Texts in Mathematics v. 189)

Lectures on Modules and Rings (Graduate Texts in Mathematics v. 189)

By: T. Y. Lam (author)Paperback

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This new book can be read independently from the first volume and may be used for lecturing, seminar- and self-study, or for general reference. It focuses more on specific topics in order to introduce readers to a wealth of basic and useful ideas without the hindrance of heavy machinery or undue abstractions. User-friendly with its abundance of examples illustrating the theory at virtually every step, this volume contains a large number of carefully chosen exercises to provide newcomers with practice, while offering a rich additional source of information to experts. A direct approach is used in order to present the material in an efficient and economic way, thereby introducing readers to a considerable amount of interesting ring theory without being dragged through endless preparatory material.

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1 Free Modules, Projective, and Injective Modules.- 1. Free Modules.- 1A. Invariant Basis Number (IBN).- 1B. Stable Finiteness.- 1C. The Rank Condition.- 1D. The Strong Rank Condition.- 1E. Synopsis.- Exercises for 1.- 2. Projective Modules.- 2A. Basic Definitions and Examples.- 2B. Dual Basis Lemma and Invertible Modules.- 2C. Invertible Fractional Ideals.- 2D. The Picard Group of a Commutative Ring.- 2E. Hereditary and Semihereditary Rings.- 2F. Chase Small Examples.- 2G. Hereditary Artinian Rings.- 2H. Trace Ideals.- Exercises for 2.- 3. Injective Modules.- 3A. Baer's Test for Injectivity.- 3B. Self-Injective Rings.- 3C. Injectivity versus Divisibility.- 3D. Essential Extensions and Injective Hulls.- 3E. Injectives over Right Noetherian Rings.- 3F. Indecomposable Injectives and Uniform Modules.- 3G. Injectives over Some Artinian Rings.- 3H. Simple Injectives.- 31. Matlis' Theory.- 3J. Some Computations of Injective Hulls.- 3K. Applications to Chain Conditions.- Exercises for 3.- 2 Flat Modules and Homological Dimensions.- 4. Flat and Faithfully Flat Modules.- 4A. Basic Properties and Flatness Tests.- 4B. Flatness, Torsion-Freeness, and von Neumann Regularity.- 4C. More Flatness Tests.- 4D. Finitely Presented (f.p.) Modules.- 4E. Finitely Generated Flat Modules.- 4F. Direct Products of Flat Modules.- 4G. Coherent Modules and Coherent Rings.- 4H. Semihereditary Rings Revisited.- 41. Faithfully Flat Modules.- 4J. Pure Exact Sequences.- Exercises for 4.- 5. Homological Dimensions.- 5A. Schanuel's Lemma and Projective Dimensions.- 5B. Change of Rings.- 5C. Injective Dimensions.- 5D. Weak Dimensions of Rings.- 5E. Global Dimensions of Semiprimary Rings.- 5F. Global Dimensions of Local Rings.- 5G. Global Dimensions of Commutative Noetherian Rings.- Exercises for 5.- 3 More Theory of Modules.- 6. Uniform Dimensions, Complements, and CS Modules.- 6A. Basic Definitions and Properties.- 6B. Complements and Closed Submodules.- 6C. Exact Sequences and Essential Closures.- 6D. CS Modules: Two Applications.- 6E. Finiteness Conditions on Rings.- 6F. Change of Rings.- 6G. Quasi-Injective Modules.- Exercises for 6.- 7. Singular Submodules and Nonsingular Rings.- 7A. Basic Definitions and Examples.- 7B. Nilpotency of the Right Singular Ideal.- 7C. Goldie Closures and the Reduced Rank.- 7D. Baer Rings and Rickart Rings.- 7E. Applications to Hereditary and Semihereditary Rings.- Exercises for 7.- 8. Dense Submodules and Rational Hulls.- 8A. Basic Definitions and Examples.- 8B. Rational Hull of a Module.- 8C. Right Kasch Rings.- Exercises for 8.- 4 Rings of Quotients.- 9. Noncommutative Localization.- 9A. "The Good'.- 9B. "The Bad'.- 9C. "The Ugly".- 9D. An Embedding Theorem of A. Robinson.- Exercises for 9.- 10. Classical Rings of Quotients.- 10A. Ore Localizations.- 10B. Right Ore Rings and Domains.- 10C. Polynomial Rings and Power Series Rings.- 10D. Extensions and Contractions.- Exercises for 10.- 11. Right Goldie Rings and Goldie's Theorems.- 11A. Examples of Right Orders.- 11B. Right Orders in Semisimple Rings.- 11C. Some Applications of Goldie's Theorems.- 11D. Semiprime Rings.- 11E. Nil Multiplicatively Closed Sets.- Exercises for 11.- 12. Artinian Rings of Quotients.- 12A. Goldie's ?-Rank.- 12B. Right Orders in Right Artinian Rings.- 12C. The Commutative Case.- 12D. Noetherian Rings Need Not Be Ore.- Exercises for 12.- 5 More Rings of Quotients.- 13. Maximal Rings of Quotients.- 13A. Endomorphism Ring of a Quasi-Injective Module.- 13B. Construction of Qrmax(R).- 13C. Another Description of Qrmax(R).- 13D. Theorems of Johnson and Gabriel.- Exercises for 13.- 14. Martindale Rings of Quotients.- 14A. Semiprime Rings Revisited.- 14B. The Rings Qr(R) and Qs(R).- 14C. The Extended Centroid.- 14D. Characterizations of and Qr(R) and Qs(R).- 14E. X-Inner Automorphisms.- 14F. A Matrix Ring Example.- Exercises for 14.- 6 Frobenius and Quasi-Frobenius Rings.- 15. Quasi-Frobenius Rings.- 15A. Basic Definitions of QF Rings.- 15B. Projectives and Injectives.- 15C. Duality Properties.- 15D. Commutative QF Rings, and Examples.- Exercises for 15.- 16. Frobenius Rings and Symmetric Algebras.- 16A. The Nakayama Permutation.- 16B. Definition of a Frobenius Ring.- 16C. Frobenius Algebras and QF Algebras.- 16D. Dimension Characterizations of Frobenius Algebras.- 16E. The Nakayama Automorphism.- 16F. Symmetric Algebras.- 16G. Why Frobenius?.- Exercises for 16.- 7 Matrix Rings, Categories of Modules, and Morita Theory.- 17. Matrix Rings.- 17A. Characterizations and Examples.- 17B. First Instance of Module Category Equivalences.- 17C. Uniqueness of the Coefficient Ring.- Exercises for 17.- 18. Morita Theory of Category Equivalences.- 18A. Categorical Properties.- 18B. Generators and Progenerators.- 18C. The Morita Context.- 18D. Morita I, II, III.- 18E. Consequences of the Morita Theorems.- 18F. The Category ? [M].- Exercises for 18.- 19. Morita Duality Theory.- 19A. Finite Cogeneration and Cogenerators.- 19B. Cogenerator Rings.- 19C. Classical Examples of Dualities.- 19D. Morita Dualities: Morita I.- 19E. Consequences of Morita I.- 19F. Linear Compactness and Reflexivity.- 19G. Morita Dualities: Morita II.- Exercises for 19.- References.- Name Index.

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