Legendary Locals of Pelham

Legendary Locals of Pelham

By: Diane Chubb (author)eBook


From its start as a farming community, Pelham has been a place for dreamers and visionaries. It has been home to NASA astronaut Richard Linnehan and current NASCAR host Meghan Lamontagne, who made her television debut winning America’s Funniest Home Videos. Pelham has many other residents who may not have reached for the stars but instead focused on making a great community. Harry Atwood ran Atwood’s Store, which housed the post office until 1965. Aunt Molly served as librarian at the Pelham Public Library for more than 55 years. The Harris family’s Pelham Inn has always welcomed visitors from all over the region. Originally a parade group, the Starlighters Drum & Bugle Corps was soon participating in world open competitions. Twins John and Charles Steck buzzed above the town from their plane but also performed search and rescue missions. Longtime resident Eleanor Burton remembers all her students, served on every committee, and still actively volunteers. These legendary locals are people who, in their own comical or poignant way, have shared their vision to create our community.

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