Life After Jezebel; a Meant Destiny

Life After Jezebel; a Meant Destiny

By: Diane Marie (author)eBook


When Jezebel, Larry’s wife of four years, high school sweet heart, and best childhood friend fell in love at first sight with another man, Larry’s heart was shattered. Larry’s life took on a whirlwind of emotion and Larry took on to his new-found role of being a bachelor. Moving from New Jersey to Miami for his football career, Larry begins to give up hope of ever meeting the right person. But as destiny would have it, Larry finally meets a girl suitable to his unrealistic standards. When a shocking part of her past in reviled, Larry sticks around and can’t help himself from becoming hopelessly attached. Life After Jezebel; a Meant Destiny will light the path on the aftermath of heartbreak, the journey to it’s recovery and the hopes, joys and fears that come from finding new love. Interested in how it all began? Read, Nestled with True Love

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