Life-Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCC

Life-Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCC

By: Alfred Strauss (editor), Dan Frangopol (editor), Konrad Bergmeister (editor)Hardback

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Life-Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems contains the lectures and papers presented at the Third International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE 2012) held in one of Vienna's most famous venues, the Hofburg Palace, October 3rd-6th, 2012. This volume consists of a book of extended abstracts (516 pp) and a DVD-ROM with 344 full papers (2515 pp) presented at IALCCE 2012, including the Fazlur R. Khan Lecture, 10 Keynote Lectures, and 333 Technical Papers from 52 countries. All major aspects of life-cycle civil engineering are addressed, including aging of structures, deterioration modeling, durable materials, earthquake and accidental loadings, sustainability, fatigue and damage, structure-environment interaction, design for durability, failure analysis and risk prevention, lifetime structural optimization, long-term performance analysis, performance-based design, service life prediction, time-variant reliability, uncertainty modeling, damage identification, field testing, health monitoring, inspection and evaluation, maintenance strategies, rehabilitation techniques, strengthening and repair, structural integrity, decisionmaking processes, human factors in life-cycle engineering, life-cycle cost models, project management, lifetime risk analysis and optimization, whole life costing, artificial intelligence methods, bridges and viaducts, high rise buildings, offshore structures, precast systems, runway and highway pavements, tunnels and underground structures. This volume provides both an up-to-date overview of the field of life-cycle and sustainability in civil engineering and significant contributions to the decisionmaking process for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society. The aim of the editors is to provide a valuable source of information for anyone interested in life-cycle and sustainability of civil infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and practitioners from all areas of engineering and industry.

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Preface Acknowledgements Symposium organization FAZLUR R. KHAN LECTURE Fazlur Khan's legacy: Towers of the future M. Sarkisian KEYNOTE LECTURES Lessons from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake: Emphasis on life-cycle structural performance M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol Minimizing the effects of uncertainty in life-cycle engineering A.H.-S. Ang Pervasive lifetime inadequacy of long-span box girder bridges and lessons for multi-decade creep prediction Z.P. Bazant, R.Wendner, M.H. Hubler & Q. Yu Life-cycle design for the world's longest tunnel project K. Bergmeister Computational methods for time-variant structural reliability analysis C. Bucher Durability related life-cycle assessment of concrete structures: Mechanisms, models, implementation H. Budelmann, A. Holst & A.Wachsmann Life-cycle performance goals for civil infrastructure intergenerational risk-informed decisions B.R. Ellingwood Structural damage accumulation and control for life-cycle optimum seismic performance of buildings L. Esteva, O.J. Diaz-Lopez, A. Vasquez & J.A. Leon Sustainable design of structures: The outcomes of the COST Action C25-WG3 R. Landolfo Sustainable asset preservation at the Austrian Federal Railways A. Mattha MINI-SYMPOSIA Vibration-based health monitoring, damage identification, and parameter estimation for civil engineering structures Organizers: C. Papadimitriou, G. Lombaert, G. De Roeck & E. Reynders Dynamic methods for health monitoring and structural identification of bridges F. Benedettini, A. Morassi & F. Vestroni Structural health monitoring of a centenary iron arch bridge F. Busatta, C. Gentile & A. Saisi Structural identification of a super-tall tower by GPS and accelerometer data fusion using a multi-rate Kalman filter E.N. Chatzi & C. Fuggini Maintenance and rehabilitation of 19th century masonry buildings - life-cycle aspects A. Kolbitsch Dynamic damage identification using linear and nonlinear testing methods on a two-span prestressed concrete bridge J. Mahowald, S. Maas, F. Scherbaum, D.Waldmann & A. Zuerbes Structural health monitoring from on-line monitored vibration measurements T.S. Maung, H.-P. Chen & A. Alani Damage detection on the Champangshiehl bridge using blind source separation V.H. Nguyen, C. Rutten, J.-C. Golinval, J. Mahowald, S. Maas & D.Waldmann Fast Bayesian structural damage localization and quantification using high fidelity FE models and CMS techniques D.-C. Papadioti & C. Papadimitriou Output-only structural health monitoring by vibration measurements under changing weather conditions E. Reynders, G.Wursten & G. De Roeck Influence of the prediction error correlation model on Bayesian FE model updating results 86 E. Simoen, C. Papadimitriou, G. De Roeck & G. Lombaert Hybrid genetic algorithm to system identification and damage assessment of a high-rise building 87 G.S.Wang & F.K. Huang Non-stationary random vibration for a high-pier bridge under vehicular loads 88 X.F. Yin, Y. Liu, J.R. Zhang & C.S. Cai Monitoring of a riveted steel railway bridge 89 V. Zabel, A. Schmidt, I. Reichert & S. Holl Fast Bayesian ambient modal identification with separated modes incorporating multiple setups 90 F.L. Zhang & S.K. Au Monitoring and assessment of bridges using novel techniques Organizers: A. Strauss & D.M. Frangopol Structural health monitoring system using recurrence quantification analysis of ambient vibration H. Furuta, Y. Nomura, K. Nakatsu & K. Yoshida Some difficult monitoring problems and some interesting outcomes B. Harvey & H. Harvey Dynamic testing and structural identification of "New People's Bridge" in Verona K. Islami, A. Bisson, F. Casarin & C. Modena A year-long monitoring using in-service vibration data from a multi-span plate-Gerber bridge C.W. Kim, S. Kitauchi, K. Sugiura & M. Kawatani Optimised monitoring concepts for historical masonry arch bridges A. Krawtschuk, O. Zeman, A. Strauss, C. Scheidl, M. Chiari & D. Proske Bayesian forecasting of structural bending capacity of aging bridges based on dynamic linear model D.G. Lu & X.P. Fan Service life management of infrastructure systems - application of corrosion and moisture monitoring T.F. Mayer & Ch. Sodeikat Structural monitoring of a steel bridge with the longest arch span in Poland - selected issues H. Onysyk New approaches in evaluating vibration and physical monitoring techniques M. Osterreicher, A. Strauss, K. Bergmeister & L. Ibanez Maintenance life-cycle costs for bridges of Egnatia Motorway, Northern Greece, considering their seismic risk assessment P. Panetsos, A. Liolios, K. Liolios, N. Theodoulidis & P. Spyridis Prediction of fatigue damage accumulation in metallic structures by the estimation of strains from operational vibrations C. Papadimitriou, E.-M. Lourens, G. Lombaert, G. De Roeck & K. Liu Reliability-based inspection planning with application to orthotropic bridge deck structures subjected to fatigue R. Schneider, S. Thons & D. Straub Probabilistic fatigue crack growth modeling for reliability-based inspection planning R. Schneider, S. Thons & D. Straub Detection of traffic loads by structural and geodetic measurements C. von der Haar, S. Marx, M. Hansen & H. Neuner Maintenance and rehabilitation of aged bridges Organizers: M.A. Ahrens & P. Mark Precision-assessment of lifetime prognoses based on SN-approaches of RC-structures exposed to fatigue loads M.A. Ahrens Structural flexibility in relation to integrated service life design of buildings R. Blok & E. Koopman Modern bridge stock management in a regional metropolis - structural assessment, data management and cost control A. Blome, H. Neuss, P. Mark & U. Lambertz Strengthening of existing bridge decks by additional concrete layers - new research results and design rules J. Feix &A. Andreatta Inspection and maintenance of the orthotropic deck of Avonmouth Bridge B.I. Frey Asset management and life-cycle cost optimization for bridges on network, asset and element level M. Hoffmann &A. Kammersberger Analysis of influential factors and association rules for bridge deterioration using national bridge inventory data R.-Y. Huang & P.-F. Chen Examples of different strategies of bridge preservation: Part 1 T. Kloker & D. Lehnen Examples of different strategies of bridge preservation: Part 2 D. Lehnen &T. Kloker Research on computational method on the flexural bearing capacity of a box girder strengthened with carbon fiber sheets X. Liu,W.Wang, Y. Chen & Y.Wei Technical cycle of modern bridge maintenance - an overview P. Mark, M.A. Ahrens & Ch. Fust The application of sacrificial cathodic protection as a corrosion control measure for the protection of reinforced concrete bridges M. Moore, F. Jesmin, S. Tao &A. Beedles Nondestructive evaluation of stress state of steel bars reinforcing concrete structures E. Schneider, S.-K. Balijepalli, Ch. Boller, P. Bindseil & W. Kurz Bridge management and effective tools to ensure sustainable construction schedules T. Tzaveas Prediction models for ageing/deterioration Organizer: M. Petschacher Selective maintenance planning based on a Markovian approach N. Basso, E. Garavaglia & L. Sgambi Analytical prediction model for concrete cover cracking due to reinforcement corrosion E. Bohner & H.S. Muller Numerical analysis of degradation processes in reinforced concrete during life-cycle F. Cramer, U. Kowalsky & D. Dinkler Optimal next inspection time for bridges based on corrosion deterioration D. De Leon, C. Gonzalez-Perez, V. Bisadi, P. Gardoni, M. Head & S. Hurlebaus Modelling of the saturation behaviour of hardened cement paste during freezing and thawing action Z. Djuric, M. Haist, H.S. Muller & E.H. Hardy Seismic intensity parameters as damage potential descriptors for life-cycle analysis of buildings A. Elenas, Ast. Liolios, L. Vasiliadis, M. Favvata & Ang. Liolios Bridge maintenance education system based on E-learning T. Koyama, K. Ishibashi, K. Nakatsu & H. Furuta Structural, economic and environmental performance of fibre reinforced wood profiles vs. solutions made of steel and concrete C. Manthey, E. Guenther, A. Heiduschke & P. Haller A stochastic prediction model of degrading process for tunnel management systems O. Maruyama, A. Sutoh, H. Tanaka &T. Satoh Remaining life prediction of an aged bridge based on field inspections A. Miyamoto Gamma processes for the degradation analysis of engineering structures A. Strauss, H. Abebe Demissie & K. Bergmeister Bridge condition assessment based on long-term strain and vehicle monitoring L.M. Sun & S.W. Sun A consideration on the deterioration of tunnel lining based on actual inspection data A. Sutoh, O. Maruyama, T. Sato & H. Nishi Reliability of deterioration prediction with Markov model for mooring facilities H. Yokota, K. Furuya, K. Hashimoto & S. Hanada SPECIAL SESSIONS Performance based evaluation of corrosion in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures Organizer: U. Schneck Corrosion-induced cracking evolution and reliability prediction of aging RC structures H.-P. Chen & N. Xiao Durability of cooling tower constructions and methods of their repair and reinforcement M. Kaminski & M. Maszczak Probabilistic assessment for structural performance of port RC structure E. Kato, Y. Kawabata, M. Iwanami & H. Yokota The impact of resistivity on potential mapping S. Kessler & C. Gehlen Non-destructive corrosion surveys: Methods and opportunities U. Schneck Approaches for non-destructive corrosion surveys of bridge decks from the soffit and under traffic: A case study U. Schneck Life-cycle design of concrete structures under consideration of advancing reinforcement corrosion C. Siegert & M. Empelmann Prediction of remaining service life of cracking concrete box girder bridges Y. Xiang, J. Xu, L. Liu & X. Li Life-cycle and reliability assessment of anchorage systems in concrete, masonry and steel construction Organizers: R. Mihala & J. Hofmann Aspects of long-term behaviour of power-actuated fastenings made to steel and concrete H. Beck Time-to-failure behavior of epoxy based bonded anchor systems R. Blochwitz, J. Hofmann, R.A. Cook &T.M. Davis Sustained load performance of adhesive anchor systems in concrete T.M. Davis, R.A. Cook, R. Blochwitz & J. Hofmann Service life design for bonded anchors - a rheological approach T. Kraenkel, D. Lowke & C. Gehlen Gluing to masonry for efficient and sustainable anchoring C. Kurz & J. Hofmann Implementation of the basic requirement "sustainability" on construction works according to the construction products regulation in the field of anchor technology G. Lange Durability of temporary anchors in rock A. Rieder, D. Marini, G. Estrafallaces & A. Strauss Durability proof of steel metal screws in accordance with European technical approvals M. Siemers Serviceability and ultimate limit states for anchorages in concrete - effects of assembly tolerances P. Spyridis, A. Unterweger, S. Lachinger & K. Bergmeister The functionality of fasteners with small embedment depth in carbonated concrete M. Stipetic & J. Hofmann Life-cycle engineering tools for risk-based decision under uncertainty Organizers: C.F. Cremona & A.D. Orcesi Vulnerability analysis of a park of small dams to natural hazards through a GIS K. Bouzelha, H. Hammoum, F. Saradouni, M. Fernane & S. Lounnas A probabilistic approach for life-cycle environmental analysis of motorway bridges H. Gervasio & L. Simoes da Silva Life-cycle design of concrete bridges T. Kovacs & L.E. Laczak Relative performance concepts: A new approach in life-cycle management of concrete structures L. Lohaus & J. Gerlach A stochastic aging model for life-cycle assessment M. Petschacher Stochastic models for degrading infrastructure systems M. Sanchez-Silva, J. Riascos-Ochoa & G.-A. Klutke A comparative life-cycle cost analysis of steel-concrete composite bridges N.B. Ta, A.D. Orcesi & C.F. Cremona DIOGEN: Environmental impact database for life-cycle assessment of civil engineering structures Y. Tardivel & C. Tessier Model for negotiation of refinancing gain from public-private partnership L. Zhu & D.K.H. Chua Industrial risk reduction system Organizer: H.Wenzel Reliability of decisions based on lifetime functions and monitoring data A. Del Grosso & F. Lanata Evaluation of structural behaviour of a fire damaged highway bridge in Lagos-Nigeria with BRIMOS(R) structural health monitoring P. Furtner, R. Veit-Egerer, J. Buchmann & M. Buschlinger Monitoring and evaluation of an arch bridge over the Traun River - Austria affected by the blasting of the adjacent highway bridge R. Veit-Egerer, M.Widmann & H.Wenzel Management concept for highway infrastructure based on life-cycle analysis providing heavy maintenance instructions and cross asset harmonisation R. Veit-Egerer, P. Furtner, K. Gragger &W. Neumann Ultrasonic monitoring of high temperature pipes in power plants using wave guides B.Weihnacht, T. Klesse, U. Lieske & B. Frankenstein Contribution to US long-term bridge performance program with regard to life-cycle investigations - reference bridge New Jersey H.Wenzel, M.Widmann, A.E. Aktan & F. Moon International investigation on the earthquake damaged Chi Lu Cable Stayed Bridge after repair and several years of operation H.Wenzel, R. Veit-Egerer, T.-K. Lin & Z.-K. Lee Seepage analysis of a gate dam with a layered deep deposit foundation M.X.Wu, L.Z. Yang & X.H. Hu Actions and interventions upon existing structures Organizers: R. Caspeele, S. Matthews & G. Mancini Decision making tool for seismic retrofit of existing structures based on marginal costs and actualized costs of the retrofitting operations 185 D. Asprone, F. Jalayer, A. Prota & R. Russo Rehabilitation design methodology for public hospital using seismic monitoring throughout structural life-cycle 186 G.M. Atanasiu &V. Murarasu Evaluation of Bayesian updated partial factors for material properties in existing concrete structures 187 R. Caspeele & L. Taerwe Verification of older prestressed concrete road bridges according to the German structural assessment provisions 188 D. Dunkelberg, K. Zilch, M. Hennecke & M. Heinze Target reliability levels for the assessment of existing structures - case study M. Sykora & M. Holicky Verification of existing reinforced concrete structures using the design value method M. Sykora & M. Holicky Load-carrying capacity and refurbishment of a historic RC Vierendeel bridge P. Van Bogaert Simulation technique for service life assessment of facade refurbishment E. Vesikari, R.M. Ferreira Girder shear resistance assessment - applications of SIA 269/2 D. Zwicky Probabilistic durability assessment of concrete structures Organizers: B. Teply & D. Novak Life-cycle assessment of RC structures in Czech regional conditions P. Hajek, C. Fiala & M. Kynclova Time-dependent reliability analysis of reinforced concrete beam under different failure modes Y. Liu, Y.J. Bao, C.X. Li & X. Zhang Probabilistic deterioration models of reinforced concrete structures under complex environments J. Peng, H.Wang, C. Li & X. Liu The role of modeling in the probabilistic durability assessment of concrete structures B. Teply, M. Chroma, P. Rovnanik & D. Novak Time-dependent reliability analysis of RC bridge under incomplete information L.Wang, Y. Ma & Z. Zuo Probabilistic analysis on shear resistance degradation of reinforced concrete beams induced by corrosion J. Zhang,W. Ding & L. Hu Probabilistic lifetime assessment of concrete structures under combined environmental attack Organizers: R. Caspeele, N.D. Belie, C. Gehlen & S. Kessler Influence of sulphates on chloride diffusion and the effect of this on service life prediction of concrete in a submerged marine environment M. Maes, R. Caspeele, P. Van den Heede & N. De Belie Effect of internal freeze-thaw deterioration on chloride migration in concrete C. Milachowski, S. Kessler, R. Chille & C. Gehlen Chloride diffusion tests as experimental basis for full probabilistic service life prediction and life-cycle assessment of concrete with fly ash in a submerged marine environment P. Van den Heede, M. Maes, R. Caspeele & N. De Belie Probabilistic lifetime assessment of concrete structures in consideration of combined deterioration mechanisms and singular risks M. Vogel & H.S. Muller Life time prediction for concrete repair measures A.Wachsmann & H. Budelmann Influence of combined mechanical and environmental loads on service life of reinforced concrete structures F.H.Wittmann, F. Jiang, X.Wan, P. Zhang &T. Zhao Life-cycle cost optimization in cross asset management (ERA-NET road projects) Organizers: A.J. O'Connor & S. Deix Bayesian identification of uncertainties in chloride ingress modeling into reinforced concrete structures E. Bastidas-Arteaga, F. Schoefs, S. Bonnet & A.J. O'Connor From road asset management to cross asset optimization procedures S. Deix, K. Alten & A.Weninger-Vycudil Development of procedures for cross-asset management for road infrastructure A.J. O'Connor, S. Deix & V. Pakrashi A holistic life-cycle approach for traffic infrastructure J. Sauer, S. Xalter, O. Fischer & S. Freudenstein Cross asset management procedures in practice A.Weninger-Vycudil, S. Deix, K. Gragger & J. Litzka Cost effective maintenance to supply end user value: Visionary or utopian J.Wessels, K. Alten, M.R. Turk & S.S. Palic Life-cycle cost analyses Organizers: H.G. Jodl, P. Veit, J. Glatzl & T. Simandl Life-cycle cost analysis considerations for accelerated bridge construction U. Attanayake, A.W. Mohammed, Y. Hu, O. Abudayyeh & H.M. Aktan Life-cycle financial modelling of long term infrastructure projects "PPP-BOT Projects" under uncertainty and risk M. Attarzadeh, D.K.H. Chua, L. Zhu & M. Beer Life-cycle cost management for newly constructed infrastructure J.D. Bakker, J. Helmer & J. Schavemaker Monitoring of an LCC-oriented maintenance of rail routes G. Eibinger & U. Puz Challenges for RAMS/LCC analysis of railway rails A. Lamik & G. Girsch Life-cycle costs of tunnels J. Schwarz, S. Engelhardt & M. Keuser Utilization times of railway bridges T. Simandl Stochastic cost estimation for large infrastructure projects: A computational framework A.E. Tamparopoulos, D. Alfreider & K. Bergmeister The calculation of life-cycle costs for road tunnels under the influence of uncertainties P. Vogt & M. Thewes Management of existing building stocks Organizer: C. Bahr Seismic insurance market for the Italian building stock D. Asprone, F. Jalayer, G. Manfredi, S. Simonelli & A. Acconcia The challenge of existing building stocks C. Bahr, J. Bossmann & K. Lennerts MultiMap: A tool for strategic analysis of building portfolios S. Bjorberg, A.K. Larssen & Ch.A. Listerud Cost-benefits and environmental impact of seismic retrofit for low-rise reinforced concrete buildings C.-K. Chiu The Bridge-Management-System (BMS) in Germany as a basis for life-cycle considerations R. Holst LCC as a decision tool for strategic development of the public building portfolio: A Norwegian study 238 T. Meistad, M.S. Valen, H. Brattas & H. Gissinger Decision aiding & multi criteria optimization for existing buildings holistic retrofit 239 M. Rivallain, P.E. Leger, O. Baverel & B. Peuportier Structural health monitoring of civil infrastructures in a life-cycle analysis Organizers: C.F. Cremona &A.D. Orcesi High precision structural health monitoring system using wireless sensor networks A. Araujo, F. Tirado, J. Garcia & J. Blesa In-service inspection of reinforced concrete cooling towers - EDF's feedback A. Courtois, Y. Genest, F. Afonso, E. Diday & A.D. Orcesi Automated geomatic system for monitoring historical buildings during tunneling in Roma, Italy M. Crespi, F. Giannone, M. Marsella &A. Sonnessa A vibration-based framework for structural health monitoring of railway bridges W. Guo, A.D. Orcesi, C.F. Cremona, J.P. Santos, S. Yang & L. Dieleman Force monitoring with contact free elasto-magnetic sensors on single strands for multi strand anchorages A. Marzluft & W. Brand A SHM framework comprising real time data validation J.P. Santos & P. Silveira Analysis of rehabilitation needs and maintenance strategies Organizers: M. Hastak & Y. Yoon Management system for infrastructures at waterways J. Bodefeld & K. Kloe Life-cycle considerations in bridge deck rehabilitation strategy B. Czarnecki,W. Johnston & G.Wilkins Strategies and methods to increase the life-cycle of RC buildings in seismic prone areas S.E. Dritsos, E.C. Apostolidi & N.P. Karela Optimal allocation of resources in MR&R planning for heterogeneous bridge networks Z. Essahli & S. Madanat Life-cycle cost and life-cycle carbon dioxide analyses of the new/renewable energy systems and the energy-saving measures in the elementary school facilities in South Korea T. Hong, H. Kim, Ch. Koo & T. Kwak Overall environmental impact for structural polymers: A material selection process R.A. Khorasgani, T. Poli & A. Rezaallah Life-cycle assessment of historical structures towards sustainable architectural heritage in Kosovo V. Nushi & S. Nixha Fibrecement recycling as raw material for Portland clinker production J. Schoon, L. Van der Heyden, I. Van Driessche & N. De Belie Reducing CO2-emission by using CEM V eco-cements K. Voit, K. Bergmeister & I. Janotka Multiyear infrastructure rehabilitation strategy within the context of MR&R Y. Yoon & M. Hastak Structural retrofitting for maintenance and rehabilitation Organizer: A. Unterweger Strengthening and repair of damaged structural elements of revitalized apartment, public service and industrial buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th century in Poland P. Berkowski & G. Dmochowski The functional-structural rehabilitation of a building belonging to the archaeological industrial heritage B. Faggiano & L. Fiorino Construction rating attempt under life-cycle design D. Grecea, M. Georgescu & M. Szitar Tension stiffening of RC members subject to biaxial tensile stresses W. Ibrahim, J. Hegger & A. Sherif Behaviour of interfaces in repaired/strengthened RC elements subjected to cyclic actions: Experiments and modelling V. Palieraki, E. Vintzileou & C. Zeris Damage due to traffic before and after rehabilitation of a reinforced concrete bridge M. Pircher, J.Wagner, B. Lechner & A. Kammersberger Rehabilitation of existing structures by optimal placement of viscous dampers A.Gh. Pricopie & D. Cretu Experimental and numerical investigation of model tests strengthened by overlays Y. Theiner, M. Aschaber & G. Hofstetter Post installed fastenings at retrofitting systems in Japan A. Unterweger, Y. Nakano & K. Bergmeister Strengthening of historical stone masonry buildings: Experimental testing and modeling of a 2-storey plain masonry building E. Vintzileou, H. Mouzakis, C.-E. Adami & L. Karapitta Fatigue of concrete - experiments, models, applications Organizers: S. Seitl, Z. Kersner, R. Pukl & D. Pryl Experimental investigation of transitional size effect and crack length effect in concrete fracture C.G. Hoover, Z.P. Bazant, R.Wendner, J. Vorel, M.H. Hubler, K. Kim, M. Gattu, K. Kirane, J.-L. Le & Q. Yu Experimental study on fatigue durability of RC road bridge decks subjected to chloride induced deterioration I. Iwaki Numerical modeling of crack growth in quasibrittle structures under compressive fatigue J.-L. Le & J. Elias Modelling high-cycle fatigue of concrete specimens in three point bending D. Pryl, R. Pukl & J. Cervenka Damage evolution in concrete under high compressive cyclic loadings A. Rogge & M. Thiele Fatigue crack growth in cement based composites: Experimental aspects S. Seitl, Z. Knesl, H. Simonova & Z. Kersner Fatigue and cumulative damage of concrete grain silos G. Vlaicu & T. Pascu Study on wind-induced fatigue of transmission tower-line in hilly terrain wind field Z.Wang, Z. Li, Ch. Zhang & P. Deng Increasing durability of concrete structures Organizer: J.L. Vitek Design of concrete structures for durability J. Bilcik & I. Holly Durability design of structural cover concrete based on bleeding rate Y. Kato & K. Hayakawa Improvement of performance of concrete precast elements using FRC A. Kohoutkova Increasing concrete resistance to deicing chemicals by using metakaolin P. Maca, D. Jandekova, R. Sovjak & P. Konvalinka Impact of cracks on the durability and on the service-life of fiber reinforced ultra high performance concrete - evaluation, modeling and structural measures M. Schmidt & A. Rafie Influential variabilities in reliability of reinforced concrete pipes J.L. Silva & M.K. El Debs Life-cycle considerations for reinforced concrete structures in case of fire with respect to spalling F. Tabeling, P. Schaumann, F. Cramer, D. Dinkler, C. Albrecht & D. Hosser High performance concrete for the Troja Bridge in Prague J.L. Vitek & R. Coufal Numerical modelling of long-term behaviour of concrete structures using B3 model Organizers: L. Vrablik & V. Kristek Influence of repeated variable load on long-term behavior of concrete elements T. Arangjelovski, G. Markovski & P. Mark Modeling of concrete creep based on microprestress-solidification theory P. Havlasek & M. Jirasek Updating B3 model for long-term basic creep V. Smilauer, M. Leps & M. Gregorova Application of B3 prediction model to analyze prestress loss in prestressed concrete members L. Vrablik, V. Kristek & B. Teply Model B3.1 for multi-decade concrete creep and shrinkage: Calibration by combined laboratory and bridge data R.Wendner, Z.P. Bazant & M.H. Hubler Application of special non-destructive testing methods to different kind of structures Organizer: M. Reiterer Low-cost sensor for integrated durability monitoring and life-cycle assessment of reinforced concrete structures A. Holst & H. Budelmann Development of a virtual reality-based support system for bridge inspectors S. Sawamura & A. Miyamoto Modern acoustic NDT methods for the off- and online detection of damages in composite aeronautic structures M. Scheerer, A. Peldszus, M. Stadtschnitzer & R.Wagner Experimental modeling of fatigue processes to detect the real degree of deterioration S. Urban, A. Strauss, M. Reiterer & R.Wagner Damage process monitoring on the hot spot of a real steel component by means of ultrasonic guided waves M. Vospernig, M. Reiterer & R. Heuer Concrete fatigue monitoring on large scale structures using acoustic emission and an ultrasonic actuation and sensing system R.Wagner, M. Reiterer, A. Strauss & S. Urban Seismic system identification for life-time-prediction (SEISMID) Organizers: H.Wenzel & P. Furtner Assessment of the global dynamic behavior of a historic residential brick-masonry building in Vienna G. Achs & C. Adam Seismic capacity of old masonry buildings in Vienna: Laboratory testing on bricks, mortar, and small-scale brick masonry T. Furtmuller, C. Adam & C. Niederegger Seismic capacity of old masonry buildings in Vienna: Numerical modeling of load-bearing brick masonry walls T. Furtmuller & C. Adam The assessment of soil-structure-interaction by measurements F. Kopf, A. Beko, D. Schafer, M. Pietsch & L. Rossbacher Measurement principles for masonry buildings F. Kopf, D. Schafer, M. Pietsch & L. Rossbacher Remote sensing and GIS contribution to earthquake disaster preparedness in the Vienna area B. Theilen-Willige, H.Wenzel & P. Furtner Evaluation of the safety index of old masonry buildings in Vienna: Non-linear analysis based on seismic capacity T. Zimmermann & A. Strauss Life-cycle assessment for sustainability evaluation of buildings Organizers: R. Smutny, C. Neururer & M. Treberspurg Life-cycle assessment of steel constructions M. Feldmann, D. Pyschny, B. Doring & M. Kuhnhenne Ecological and economic impact of various materials and constructions for buildings over the whole life-cycle A. Hafner & S.Winter Wooden products - positive material in life-cycle analysis A. Hafner, S.Winter & A. Takano MINERGIE-ECO(R) 2011 - definition of thresholds in an LCA-based building label D. Kellenberger Sensitivity of life-cycle analysis results to the required service life of buildings H. 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