Linden Grove

Linden Grove

By: Geoffrey Bird (author)eBook


Linden Grove, 1913. An affluent suburb, where residents are respectable and respected. But behind their doors exist a clutch of dark secrets that will bring their well-ordered world crashing down.

How can the Hanging Judge bend the law to save a man accused of a vicious murder?
Why would the eminent surgeon go looking for a particularly unsavoury body-snatcher?
What makes the beautiful daughter of the Bank Director visit a vile slum after dark?
And can the other residents conceal political corruption, embezzlement, industrial sabotage and the violation of priestly vows, yet still preserve family loyalties?

'Linden Grove' is a gripping tale of moral dilemmas and intrigues unfolding amidst the social upheaval of the early twentieth century.

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  • publisher: Geoffrey Bird

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