Little Ashley Pickle Goes to the Farm

Little Ashley Pickle Goes to the Farm

By: Cynthia DeLuca (author), Susan Shorter (illustrator)eBook
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Little Ashley Pickle is a very mischievous little girl! She loves to tickle everything she sees. In this adventure, Little Ashley Pickle; her mother; her father; her brother Ben; her grandma; her grandpa; her goldfish, Nick and Gertie; her dog, Sam; and her cat, Ethel, are going to visit Aunt Donna and Uncle Alberts farm. The fun starts as Little Ashley Pickle tickles her goldfish, and somehow, one lands on Grandmas nose! When they arrive at the farm, the giggling continues as meatballs fly around the room. The animals on the farm are not ready for Little Ashley Pickle! She tickles everyone, and the giggling sounds like a chorus singing! Little Ashley Pickle tickled everything and every animal, except Big Red! Find out who Big Red is and what happened when Little Ashley Pickle tried to tickle him!

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