Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL Test, the Paper Test: with Answer Key

Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL Test, the Paper Test: with Answer Key

By: Deborah Phillips (author)Mixed Media

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This comprehensive course provides intermediate students (TOEFL test scores 380-480) with the skills, strategies, practice, and confidence they need to improve their scores on all sections of the paper TOEFL test, including the Test of Written English (TWE(R)). The Introductory Paper Test book features: *Language skills sections that cover the intermediate-level language skills regularly tested on the paper TOEFL test., as well as the Test of Written English *Practice exercises for each of the language skills that maximize understanding and retention of those skills *Test-taking strategies for each section of the paper test that provide clearly defined steps to improve test performance *Diagnostic pre-tests and post-tests that allow students to identify strengths and weaknesses and assess improvement in each section *Two complete introductory-level practice tests that familiarize students with the actual test format using questions that test only intermediate-level language skills *One complete TOEFL-level practice test that allows students to see how the skills in this text are incorporated into an official-level TOEFL test and to determine their approximate TOEFL scores *Progress charts that allow students to keep track of their improvementThe Introductory Paper Test CD-ROM features: *Over 1,000 questions that cover each section of the test *Skills practice exercises for each of the language skills presented in the text *Introductory-level practice tests that simulate the format and timing of the actual paper TOEFL test *Pop-up explanations for all practice and test items *Record-keeping to monitor student progress

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SECTION ONE: LISTENING COMPREHENSION DIAGNOSTIC PRE-TEST LISTENING COMPREHENSION The Listening Part A Questions SKILL 1: Restatements EXERCISE 1 TOEFL EXERCISE 1 SKILL 2: Negatives EXERCISE 2 TOEFL EXERCISE 2 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-2) SKILL 3: Suggestions EXERCISE 3 TOEFL EXERCISE 3 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-3) SKILL 4: Passives EXERCISE 4 TOEFL EXERCISE 4 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-4) SKILL 5: Who and where EXERCISE 5 TOEFL EXERCISE 5 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-5) SKILL 6: Agreement EXERCISE 6 TOEFL EXERCISE 6 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-6) The Listening Part B Questions SKILL 7: The question EXERCISE 7 SKILL 8: The topic EXERCISE 8 SKILL 9: The order of the answers EXERCISE 9 TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 7-9) The Listening Part C Questions SKILL 10: The questions EXERCISE 10 SKILL 11: The topic EXERCISE 11 SKILL 12: The order of the answers EXERCISE 12 TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 10-12) SECTION TWO: STRUCTURE AND WRITTEN EXPRESSION DIAGNOSTIC PRE-TEST STRUCTURE AND WRITTEN EXPRESSION The Structure Questions SKILL 1: Subjects and verbs EXERCISE 1 SKILL 2: Objects of prepositions EXERCISE 2 EXERCISE (Skills 1-2) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 1-2) SKILL 3: Present participles EXERCISE 3 SKILL 4: Past participles EXERCISE 4 EXERCISE (S kills 3-4) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 3-4) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-4) SKILL 5: Coordinate connectors EXERCISE 5 SKILL 6: Adverb clause connectors EXERCISE 6 EXERCISE (S kills 5-6) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 5-6) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-6) SKILL 7: Noun clause connectors EXERCISE 7 SKILL 8: Noun clause connector/subjects EXERCISE 8 EXERCISE (S kills 7-8) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 7-8) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-8) SKILL 9: Adjective clause connectors EXERCISE 9 SKILL 10: Adjective clause connector/subjects EXERCISE 10 EXERCISE (S kills 9-10) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 9-10) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-10) The Written Expression Questions SKILL 11: Agreement after prepositional phrases EXERCISE 11 SKILL 12: Agreement after expressions of quantity EXERCISE 12 SKILL 13: Agreement after certain words EXERCISE 13 EXERCISE (S kills 11-13) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 11-13 ) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-13) SKILL 14: Parallel structure with coordinate conjunctions EXERCISE 14 SKILL 15: Parallel structure with paired conjuntions EXERCISE 15 EXERCISE (S kills 14-15) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 14-15) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-15) SKILL 16: Past participles after have EXERCISE 16 SKILL 17: Present participles or past participles after be EXERCISE 17 SKILL 18: Base form verbs after modals EXERCISE 18 EXERCISE (S kills 16-18) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 16-18) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-18) SKILL 19: Singular and plural nouns EXERCISE 19 SKILL 20: Countable and uncountable nouns EXERCISE 20 EXERCISE (S kills 19-20) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 19-20) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-20) SKILL 21: Subject and object pronouns EXERCISE 21 SKILL 22: Possessives EXERCISE 22 SKILL 23: Pronoun Reference EXERCISE 23 EXERCISE (S kills 21-23) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 21-23) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-23) SKILL 24: Adjectives and adverbs EXERCISE 24 SKILL 25: Adjectives after linking verbs EXERCISE 25 EXERCISE (S kills 24-25) TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 24-25) TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-25) TOEFL POST-TEST SECTION THREE: READING COMPREHENSION DIAGNOSTIC PRE-TEST READING COMPREHENSION The ReadingComprehension Questions SKILL 1: Main idea questions TOEFL EXERCISE 1 SKILL 2: Stated detail questions TOEFL EXERCISE 2 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-2) SKILL 3: Unstated detail question TOEFL EXERCISE 3 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-3) SKILL 4: Implied detail questions TOEFL EXERCISE 4 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-4) SKILL 5: Vocabulary in context questions TOEFL EXERCISE 5 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-5) SKILL 6: "Where" questions TOEFL EXERCISE 6 TOEFL REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 1-6) TOEFL POST-TEST TEST OF WRITTEN ENGLISH (TWE) The Writing Score Sample Essays Before Writing SKILL 1: The writing topic SKILL 2: The supporting ideas While Writing SKILL 3: The introductory paragraph SKILL 4: The supporting paragraphs SKILL 5: The concluding paragraph After Writing SKILL 6: Edit sentence structure 6A: Simple sentence structure 6B: Compound sentence structure 6C: Complex sentence structure SKILL 7: Edit written expression 7A: Agreement and parallel structure 7B: Verbs and nouns 7C: Pronouns and adjectives Practice Tests COMPLETE TESTS COMPLETE TEST ONE-INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COMPLETE TEST TWO-INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COMPLETE TEST THREE-TOEFL LEVEL APPENDIXES APPENDIX A: Similar sounds APPENDIX B: Prepositions APPENDIX C: Word endings APPENDIX D: Irregular verb forms APPENDIX E: Word parts SCORES AND CHARTS Progress Chart Scoring Complete Test Three Diagnostic Charts ANSWER SHEETS RECORDING SCRIPT

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