Major Currents in Information Systems (Sage Library in Business and Management)

Major Currents in Information Systems (Sage Library in Business and Management)

By: Alan Lee (editor), Leslie P. Willcocks (editor)Hardback

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Information systems is, in terms of a reference discipline, over 30 years old and is represented by an immense volume of refereed journals and other publications that have developed to chart the rapid development of information and communications technologies. The purpose of this major reference collection is to represent sufficiently the information systems field in terms of its range, the quality of the evidence that has been produced, the methods adopted for research and the practices it has pointed to. Each volume has been compiled by leading international academics with advice from an exceptional editorial board. An introduction to the set was written by the series editors, acclaimed subject specialists Leslie Willcocks and Allen S Lee. Volume One: Information Systems Infrastructure Volume Two: Information Systems Development Volume Three: Design Science Theories and Research Practices Volume Four: Management of Information Systems Volume Five: Social and Organizational Information Systems Research Volume Six: Information Systems, Globalization and Developing Countries


VOLUME 1: INFORMATION SYSTEMS INFRASTRUCTURE Introduction Foundations - Debra Howcroft and Frank Land The Legacy of LEO: Lessons from an English tea and cake company's pioneering efforts in information systems Some Approaches to the Theory of Information Systems - R.O. Mason A Program for Research in Management Information Systems - B. Langefors From Management Information to Information Management - R.O. Mason and I.I. Mitroff Defining the Boundaries of Computing across Complex Organizations - M.J. Earl and A. Hopwood Research Approaches - R. Kling The Experience of Systems Design: A hermeneutic of organizational action Studying Information Technology in Organizations: Research approaches and assumptions - R.J. Boland and W.F. Day Interpretive Case Studies in IS Research: Nature and method - W.J. Orlikowski and J.J. Baroudi A Set of Principles for Conducting and Evaluating Interpretive: Field Studies in Information Systems - G. Walsham A Confessional Account of an Ethnography about Knowledge Work - H.K. Klein and M.D. Myers Combining IS Research Methods: Towards a pluralist methodology - U. Schultze Evaluating Research: Roles of the IT Artifact, Generalization, History and Critique - J. Mingers Research Commentary - Desperately Seeking the 'IT' in IT Research: A call to theorizing Generalizing Generalizability in Information Systems Research - W.J. Orlikowski and S. Iacono The Legacy of LEO: Lessons learned from an English tea and cake company's pioneering efforts - A.S. Lee and R.L. Baskerville Doing Critical Research in Information Systems: A case of theory and practice not informing each other - R.O. Mason VOLUME 2: INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT - K. McGrath Introduction Conceptual Bases - David Avison and Richard Baskerville Four Paradigms of Information Systems Development Methodology - R. Hirschheim and H.K. Klein The Fetish Technique: Methodology as a social defense Formalized Systems Development Methodologies: A critical perspective - D.G. Wastell The Fiction of Methodological Development: A field study of information systems development - B. Fitzgerald Amethodical Systems Development: The deferred meaning of systems development methods - J. Nandhakumar and D.E. Avison Ontology and Structure - D. Truex, E. Baskerville and J. Travis An Ontological Analysis of the Relationship Construct in Conceptual Modeling Capturing the Complexity in Advanced Technology Use: Adaptive structuration theory - Y. Wand, V.C. Storey and R. Weber Users - G. DeSanctis and M.S. Poole Reconceptualizing Users as Social Actors in Information Systems Research A Social Process Model of User-Analyst Relationships - R. Lamb and R. Kling Outcomes - M. Newman and D. Robey Information Technology Implementation Research: A technological diffusion approach Information Systems Success: The quest for the dependent variable - R.B. Cooper and R.W. Zmud Intergration - W.H. DeLone and E.R. McLean The Adoption and Design Methodologies of Component-based Enterprise Systems Inside a Software Design Team: Knowledge acquisition, sharing, and integration - M. Fan, J. Stallaert, and A.B. Whinston The Brave New World of Development in the Internetwork Computing Architecture (InterNCA): or how distributed computing platforms will change systems development - D.B. Walz, J.J. Elam, and B. Curtis VOLUME 3: DESIGN SCIENCE THEORIES AND RESEARCH PRACTICES - K. Lyytinen, G. Rose & R. Welke Introduction Design Science Theory and Practice - Professor Alan Hevner Design Science in Information Systems Research Systems Development in Information Systems Research - A. Hevner, S. March, J. Park and S. Ram A Design Theory for Systems that Support Emergent Knowledge Processes - J. Nunamaker, M. Chen, and T. Purdin Information Systems ans Systems Modeling - L. Markus, A. Majchrzak and L. Gasser Semantic Conflict Resolution Ontology A Framework for Analysis of Data Quality Research - S. Ram and J. Park Database Systems Design - R. Wang, V. Storey and C. Firth Database Allocation in a Distributed Environment: Incorporating a concurrency control mechanism and queueing costs Knowledge and Information Intergration - S. Ram and S. Narasimhan Context Interchange: New features and formalisms for the intelligent integration of information On Heterogeneous Database Retrieval: A cognitively-guided approach - C. Goh, S. Bressan, S. Madnick, and M. Siegel Data Warehousing and Mining - R. Krishnan, X. Li, D. Steier and J. Zhao What Makes Patterns Interesting in Knowledge Discovery Systems Network and Telecommunications Systems - A. Silberschatz and A. Tuzhilin SIP-based Enterprise Converged Network for Voice/Video over IP: Implementation and evaluation of components DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS - S. Chatterjee, T. Abhichandani, B. Tulu, and H. Li Metagraphs: A tool for modeling decision support systems Workflow Systems - A. Basu and R. Blanning Dynamic Routing and Operational Controls in Workflow Management Systems ELECTRONIC COMMERCE SYSTEMS - A. Kumar and J. Zhao Analysis and Design of Business-to-Consumer Online Auctions VOLUME 4: MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS - R. Bapna, P. Goes and A. Gupta Introduction IS Governance - Mary Lacity Framing the Frameworks: A review of IT governance research Don't Just Lead: Govern: How top performing firms govern IT - A. Brown and G. Grant IS Leadership - P. Weill The Evolving Role of the CIO Creating IS Business Value - J. Ross and D. Feeny IT-Dependent Strategic Initiatives and Sustained Competitive Advantage: A Review and synthesis of the literature Techno-change Management: Using IT to drive organizational change - G. Piccoli and B. Ives MEASURING IS BUSINESS VALUE - L. Markus Measuring Organizational IS Effectiveness: An overview and update of senior management perspectives Development of Measures to Assess the Extent to which an Information Technology Application Provides Competitive Advantage - P. Seddon, V. Graeser and L. Willcocks IS ADOPTION AND USE - V. Sethi and W. King A Review of the Predictors, Linkages, and Biases in IT Innovation Adoption Research Institutional Factors in IT Innovation - A. Jeyaraj, J. Rottman and M. Lacity IS SOURCING - J. King, V. Gurbaxani, K. Kraemer, F.W. McFarlan, K. Raman and C. Yap The Core Capabilities Framework for Achieving High Performing Back Offices Transforming A Back-Office Function: Lessons from BAE systems' experience with an enterprise partnership - L. Willcocks and D. Feeny PROJECT MANAGEMENT - M. Lacity, D. Feeny and L. Willcocks Why Software Projects Escalate: The importance of project management constructs Towards the Development of a Social Capital Approach to Evaluating Change Management Interventions - M. Keil, A. Rai, J. Mann and G. Zhang VOLUME V - SOCIAL AND ORGANISATIONAL IS RESEARCH - T. Hatzakis, M. Lycett, R. Macredie and V. Martin Introduction ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE, STRUCTURE, DESIGN, TRANSFORMATION - Jonathan Liebenau and Nathalie Mitev Accounting for the Contradictory Organizational Consequences of Information Technology: Theoretical directions and methodological implications Information Technology and Internal Firm Organization: An exploratory analysis - D. Robey and M.C. Boudreau Investigating the Interplay between Structure and Information and Communication Technologies in the Real Estate Industry - L.M. Hitt and E. Brynjolfsson Business Process Reengineering in Theory and Practice: Business Paradise Regained? - K. Crowston, S. Sawyer and R. Wigand Transforming Work through Information Technology: A comparative case study of geographic information systems in county government - K. Grint and L. Willcocks The Role of IT in the Transformation of Work: A comparison of post-industrial - D. Robey and S. Sahay Narratives of Change: Discourse, technology and organization - S.J. Winter and S.L. Taylor ORGANISATION - CULTURE, POWER, ETHICS AND GENDER - B. Doolin A Review of Culture in IS Research: Toward a theory of IT culture conflict More on Myth, Magic and Metaphor: Cultural insights into the management of information technology in organisations - D. Leidner and T.A. Kayworth Politics and Pain in Managing Information Technology: A case study from insurance On the Im)possibility of Ethics in a Mediated World - D. Knights and F. Murray Empowerment or Enslavement? A case of process-based organizational change in Hong Kong - L. Introna A Decade of Neglect: Reflecting on gender and IS new technology - R. Davison and M.G. Martinsons Gendered Patterns in Computing Work in the Late 1990s - A. Adam, D.A. Howcroft and Richardson VOLUME VI - INFORMATION SYSTEMS, GLOBALIZATION AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES - N. Panteli, J. Stack and H. Ramsey Introduction THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE ON ICT INNOVATION UNDER THE CONDITION OF GLOBALIZATION - Chrisanthi Avgerou Embedded knowledge and offshore software development Toward Contextualized Theories of Trust: The role of trust in global virtual teams - B. Nicholson and S. Sahay Institutionalization does not Occur by Decree: Institutional obstacles in implementing a land administration system in a developing country - R. Shaw and D.S. Staples The Link Between ICT and Economic Growth in the Discourse of Development - S.L. Jarvenpaa and T.L. Silva ICT IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES - C. Avgerou An Information Company in Mexico: Extending the resource-based view of the firm to a developing country context Managing IT for Business Innovation: Issus of culture, learning, and leadership in a Jamaican insurance company - S.L. and D.E. Leidner Information Systems and Developing Countries: Failure, success and local improvisations - M. Barrett and G. Walsham Governance Lessons from the Experience of Telecentres in Kerala - R. Heekd CONSIDERING CULTURE IN ICT INNOVATION - S. Madon Designing and Implementing Culturally-Sensitive IT Applications: The interaction of culture values and privacy issues in the Middle East Implementing GIS Technology in India: Some issues of time and space - N. Zakaria, J.M. Stanton and S.T.M. Sarkar-Barney Cross-cultural Software Production and Use: A structurational analysis - S. Sahay Taking Culture Seriously: ICTs, cultures and development - G. Walsham TRENDS AND EMERGING ISSUES - C. Westrup and W. Liu Global e-Readiness - for what? Readiness for e-Banking Environment and Policy Factors Shaping Global e-Commerce Diffusion: A cross-country comparison - V. Maugis, N. Choucri, S.E. Madnick, M.D. Siegel, S.E. Gillett, F. Haghseta, H. Zhu and M. Best ICANN and Internet Governance: Leveraging technical coordination to realize global public policy - J. Gibbs, K. L. Kraemer and J. Dedrick

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