Manly Art Dispatches From Ringside

Manly Art Dispatches From Ringside

By: George Kimball (author)eBook


From the legendary Irish Times columnist and award-winning veteran American sports journalist George Kimball, author of the bestselling Four Kings, comes this compilation of boxing-related commentary, criticism, reportage and analysis, representing the best of his work over the last decade. This is a hard-hitting look at the current state of boxing, drawing on columns and articles from a wide variety of sources including the Irish Times, and Kimball pulls no punches as he dissects the triumphs, defeats and mistakes of the major figures in boxing from yesterday and today including Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya and dozens more.

Sadly, George Kimball passed away in July 2011. This hugely entertaining and informative collection is a fitting tribute to his long association with the sport of boxing and displays just why Kimball is so warmly regarded. This is boxing writing at its best from a master of the craft.

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  • publication date: 27/10/2011
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