Masterful Color: Vibrant Colored Pencil Paintings Layer by Layer

Masterful Color: Vibrant Colored Pencil Paintings Layer by Layer

By: Arlene Steinberg (author)eBook
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Masterful Color will redefine the way you think about colored pencils. By employing classic techniques such as tonal under painting, chiaroscuro and color layering, you will achieve a depth and intensity of color that rivals the celebrated paintings of the Old Masters. ? 15 step-by-step demonstrations teach a classic approach to color, value and composition ? features a gorgeous range of subject matter, from luscious fruits and flowers to shimmering porcelain, crystal, silver, glass and more ? all the lessons come together in a grand, start-to-finish painting demonstration, from initial concept to final touches

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  • publication date: 01/01/2012
  • ID: 9781440320606
  • book language: en
  • publisher: F+W Media
  • publisher imprint: North Light Books

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