Melody's Song

Melody's Song

By: Kathleen E. Friesen (author)eBook
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After the tragic death of her husband, timid Melody Jamison moves to the city of Saskatoon, hoping for a peaceful life, an escape from the nightmares that haunt her, and the safety and salvation of her son, Will.

However, Will is determined to prove he doesnt need anyone, and God isnt even a blip on his radar. Hes doing just fine, if you dont count the times hes had to crash at a friends or sleep in a downtown Vancouver alley. Hes not deliberately messing up; trouble just seems to follow him. But hes strong enough to deal with it. He can deal with anythingat least thats what he wants to believe.

Melody keeps praying, even though shes not sure God hears her. With her faith as fragile as yesterdays dream, she is shaken when dying friend Rose Martens predicts that God will use her to be a blessing to their neighborhood. As she gets to know her new neighbors, Melody finds herself on a faith journey through demonic attacks, domestic violence, and the revelation of a secret that could destroy everything shes gained.

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