Milestones in Western Civilization: Vol II - Selected Readings, The Renaissance Through Waterloo

Milestones in Western Civilization: Vol II - Selected Readings, The Renaissance Through Waterloo

By: Joan Mickelson-Gaughan (author)Paperback

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This three-volume anthology contains excerpts and full-length articles from the primary source materials in European history. The first volume runs from Homer through the Middle Ages; the second from the Renaissance through the age of Napoleon; and the third from 1825 to the present. Documents have been selected on the basis of their inherent historical value, their ability to illuminate a particular period, and their readability. Volume I covers the formation of Greece; Greek philosophy and art; the Hellenistic Age; the early and late Roman Republic; early Christianity; the early Middle Ages; Charlemagne; medieval society; the development of medieval states; reform and revival within the Church; the schools and scholasticism and medieval culture. When appropriate, the entire text of such items as a charter from a medieval guild, the English bill of Rights, documents related to the French Revolution, the World Wars, and the Russian Revolution will be reprinted. Now in paperback, Volume II covers the fourteenth century, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the scientific revolution, the Enlightenment, the Age of Power, enlightened despotism, the French Revolution, and Napoleon.

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John Mickelson-Gaughan ( Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) served in the Peace Corps in Iran and has taught European history for twenty-eight years at Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor. She has contributed articles to the Victorian Encyclopedia and is serving on an NEH-funded project sponsored by Princeton University to study the community college introductory course in history.


Part 1 General Introduction Part 2 Preface to Volume II Chapter 3 I. Medieval Background Chapter 4 II. Fourteenth Century Part 5 Unam Sanctam, 1302 Part 6 Francesco Petrach, " Against the Papal Court" Part 7 From the Decrees of the Council of Constance Part 8 Henry Knighton, "The Impact of the Black Death" Part 9 Anonimalle Chronicles, "The Peasant's Revolt in England" Part 10 Jean Froissart from the Chronicles Chapter 11 III. Renaissance Part 12 Frnacesco Petrarch, "Laura, Heaven's Ideal" Part 13 Giovanni Boccaccio from The Decameron Part 14 Giovanni Pico della Mirandoal from On the Dignity of Man Part 15 Baldesar Castiglione from The Book of the Courtier Part 16 Niccolo Machiavelli from The Prince Part 17 Desiderius Erasmus from In Praise of Folly Part 18 Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, "The Means to Attain a Happy Life" Chapter 19 IV. Reformation Part 20 St. Teresa of Avila from Interior Castle Part 21 Martin Luther from The Ninety-five Theses, 1517 Part 22 Martin Luther To His Most Serene and Mighty Imperial Majesty and to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Part 23 Peasants' Revolt, 1525 Part 24 The Peace of Augsburg, 1555 Part 25 John Calvin from The Institutes of the Christian Religion Part 26 The Supremacy Act, 1534 Part 27 John Foxe, from Actes and Monuments of These Latter and Perillous Days Part 28 Ignatius Loyola from Spiritual Exercises Part 29 From Proceedings of the Council of Trent Part 30 From the Edict of Nantes Chapter 31 V. Scientific Revolution Part 32 Nicolaus Copernicus from On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres Part 33 Galileo Galilei from Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems Part 34 Francis Bacon from The New Organon Part 35 John Locke from Essay Concerning Human Understanding of Ideas in General and Their Origin Part 36 Rene Descartes from Discourse on Method Part 37 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz from Philosophical Writings Part 38 Blaise Pascal from Pensees Chapter 39 VI Enlightenment Part 40 Thomas Hobbes from Leviathan Part 41 John Locke from Second Treatise on Government Part 42 Charles Louis de Secondat Baron do Montesqueieu from Spirit of the Laws Part 43 Adam SMith from WEalth of Nations Part 44 Alexander Pope from "Essay on Man" Part 45 John Suckling, "Constancy" Part 46 Voltaire from Candide Chapter 47 VII. Age of Power Part 48 Louis XIV, Selected Readings Part 49 Peter the Great, 'Decrees on Western Dress and Shaving" Part 50 Marie Theresa from Memoirs Part 51 Petition of Right, 1628 Part 52 Sentenceof Charles I Part 53 The English Bill of Rights, 1688 Chapter 54 VIII. Enlightened Depotism Part 55 Frederick the Great, Selected REadings Part 56 Catherine the Great, from Her Diary Part 57 Decrees Establishing the Legislative Commission Part 58 Charter of Nobility, 1785 Part 59 Jean-Jacques Rousseau from Social Contract Chapter 60 XI. French Revolution Chapter 61 Emmanuel Joseph Seives from What is the Third Estate? Part 62 The Tennis Court Oath Part 63 The August 4 Decrees Part 64 Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen Part 65 From the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, 1791 Part 66 The Duke of Brunswick's Manifesto, July 25, 1792 Part 67 The Storming of the Tuileries Part 68 Decree for the Levee en Masse, August 23, 1793 Part 69 The Law of Suspects, September 17, 1793 Part 70 Maximilien Ropbespierre on the Cult of the Supreme Being, May 7, 1794 Chapter 71 X. Napoleon Part 72 Conventions between the French Governement and Pius VII Part 73 The Berlin Decrees Part 74 British Order in Council Part 75 Napoleon Reflects on the Russian Campaign Part 76 Alexander I's Manifesto on Napoleon's Retreat from Russia Part 77 Naopleon Returns from Elba Part 78 Napoleon Reflects on His Career Part 79 Holy Alliance, 1815

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