Multiparty Negotiation

Multiparty Negotiation

By: Larry Crump (editor), Lawrence E. Susskind (editor)Hardback

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Winner of the International Association for Conflict Management Outstanding Book Award 2008-2009 Multiparty negotiation is a rapidly developing but complex field whose literature is scattered across a broad range of disciplines and sources. This four-volume collection consolidates this knowledge by bringing together classic works and cutting-edge papers from law, environmental studies, international relations, diplomacy and organization studies. It is a vital resource for researchers and students of politics, industrial relations, business, public administration and more. The articles have been selected and arranged according to the following themes: Volume One: Multiparty Negotiation: An Introduction to Theory and Practice Volume Two: Theory and Practice of Public Dispute Resolution Volume Three: Complex Legal Transactions Volume Four: Organizational and International Negotiation


VOLUME 1: MULTIPARTY NEGOTIATION: AN INTRODUCTION TO THEORY AND PRACTICE Overview to the Field: Two-party and multiparty negotiations Part 1: Overview - Lawrence E. Susskind and Larry Crump Towards a Paradigm of Multiparty Negotiation What is Consensus? - Larry Crump and A. Ian Glendon Part 2: Coalition Behaviour - Lawrence E. Susskind and Jeffrey L. Cruikshank and Lawrence E. Susskind Non-Cooperative Games A Method for Evaluating the Distribution of Power in a Committee System - John Nash A Theory of Coalitions in the Triad - L. S. Shapley and Martin Shubik General Introduction to the Theory of Games - Theodore Caplow Models of Coalition Behaviour: Game theoretic, social psychological, and political perspectives - Duncan R. Luce and Howard Raiffa Between Theoretical Elegance and Political Reality - Keith J. Murnighan Introduction: Exploring alliance formation - Michael Laver Sequencing to Build Coalitions: With whom should I talk first? - Stephen M. Walt Part 3: Process Management - James K. Sebenius Industrial Conflict and its Mediation The Mediation of Industrial Conflict: A note on the literature - Clark Kerr Mediated Negotiation in the Public Sector - Charles M. Rehmus Beyond Neutrality: The possibilities of activist mediation in public sector conflict - Lawrence Susskind and Connie Ozawa Theory and Practice of Dispute Resolution - John Forester and David Stilzel Strategic Issues in Structuring Multiparty Public Policy Negotiations - Lawrence Susskind and Jeffrey Cruikshank The Group and What Happens on the Way to Yes - Gerald W. Cormick Major Themes and Prescriptive Implications - Deborah G. Ancona, Raymond A. Friedman, and Deborah M. Kolb Confessions of a Public Dispute Mediator - Lawrence E. Susskind and Robert H. Mnookin Part 4: Obstacles to Reaching Agreement - Lawrence E. Susskind Mediating Public Disputes: A response to the skeptics Overcoming Obstacles to Successful Collaboration - Lawrence E. Susskind A Comparison of Consensus and Voting in Public Decision Making - Barbara Gray When Negotiations Fail: Causes of breakdown and tactics for breaking stalemates - Bernie Jones Implementing Consensus-Based Agreements - Bryan M. Downie What we have Learned about Teaching Multiparty Negotiation - William R. Potapchuk and Jarle Crocker VOLUME 2: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF PUBLIC DISPUTE RESOLUTION - Lawrence E. Susskind, Robert H. Mnookin, Lukasz Rozdeiczer, and Boyd Fuller Part 1: Introduction Introduction Part 2: Deliberative Democracy and Public Dispute Resolution Can Public Policy Dispute Resolution Meet the Challenges Set by Deliberative Democracy? The State of Democratic Theory - Lawrence Susskind Norms of Deliberation: An inductive study - Ian Shapiro Thinking about Empowered Participatory Governance - Jane Mansbridge Janette Hartz-Karp, Matthew Amengual, and John Gastil Dialogue as a Path to Public Judgment - Archon Fung and Erik Olin Wright Collaborative Policymaking: Governance through dialogue - Daniel Yankelovich Part 3: Theory and Practice of Public Dispute Resolution - Judith E. Innes and David E. Booher The Evolution of Public Policy Dispute Resolution Choosing Appropriate Consensus Building Techniques and Strategies - Lawrence Susskind and Sarah McKearnan The Mediation Process - Susan Carpenter Mediating Science-Intensive Policy Disputes - Christopher W. Moore When Values Collide? - Lawrence Susskind and Connie Ozawa Dealing with Deep Value Differences - Lawrence Susskind and Patrick Field Cases - John Forester Social Capital Formation, Public-Building and Public Mediation: The Chelsea Charter consensus process Santa Fe Summit - Susan L. Podziba Could the Florida Election Dispute Have Been Mediated? Yes: Mediation would have produced a more legitimate outcome - David Lampe and Marshall Kaplan Part 4: Institutionalizing Public Dispute Resolution - Lawrence Susskind Negotiated Rulemaking Negotiating Regulations: A cure for Malaise Assessing Consensus: The promise and performance of negotiated rulemaking - Philip Harter When ADR Becomes the Law: A review of federal practice - Cary Coglianese Resolution of Local Land Use and Facility Sitting Disputes - Lawrence Susskind, Eileen Babbitt, and Phyllis Segal Mediating Land Use Disputes: Pros and Cons A Negotiation Credo for Controversial Siting Disputes - Lawrence Susskind, Mieke van der Wansem, Armando Ciccarelli Siting Noxious Facilities: A test of the facility siting credo - Lawrence Susskind Mediation - Howard Kunreuther, Kevin Fitzgerald & Thomas D. Aarts Part 5: Conclusions - John Nolan and Patricia Salkin Arguing, Bargaining and Getting Agreement VOLUME 3: COMPLEX LEGAL TRANSACTIONS - Lawrence Susskind Part 1: Introduction Introduction Part 2: Settling Complex Legal Disputes Organizations and Multiple Parties Toward a Functional Approach for Managing Complex Litigation - Robert Mnookin, Scott Peppet, and Andrew Tulumello When Litigation is Not the Only Way: Consensus building and mediation as public iInterest lawyering - Francis McGovern The Case for Settlement Counsel - Carrie Menkel-Meadow Part 3: Mass Torts and Class Action - William F. Coyne Jr. A Glass Half Full, a Glass Half Empty: The use of alternative dispute resolution in mass personal injury litigation Response to Deborah Hensler: A glass half full, a glass half empty: The use of alternative dispute resolution in mass personal injury litigation - Deborah Hensler Sweetheart and Blackmail Settlements in Class Actions: Reality and remedy - Kenneth Feinberg Texas Reporting From the Front Line - One Mediator's Experience with Mass Torts - Bruce Hay and David Rosenberg Part 4: Special Masters - Kenneth Feinberg Special Masters in Complex Cases: Extending the judiciary or reshaping adjudication Court-Appointed Masters as Mediators - Wayne Brazil Of End Games and Openings in Mass Tort Cases: Lessons from a special master - Lawrence Susskind Part 5: Cases - David Rosenberg Court-Appointed Special Masters in Complex Environmental Litigation: City of quincy v. metropolitan district commission Voluntary Interdistrict School Desegregation in St. Louis: The special master's tale - Timothy Little Asbestos: The private management of a public problem - D. Bruce la Pierre Meet the Chairman - Harry Wellington VOLUME 4: ORGANIZATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATION - Carrik Mollenkamp, Adam Levy, Joseph Menn, and Jeffrey Rothfeder Part 1: Introduction Introduction: Organizational and international negotiation: Analysis of the literature Part 2: Negotiation within Organizations Introduction and Theoretical Framework Macro Determinants of the Future of the Study of Negotiations in Organizations - Richard E. Walton and Robert B. McKersie The Concept of 'Coalition' in Organization Theory and Research - Thomas A. Kochan and Max H. Bazerman 57 Varieties: Has the ombudsman concept become diluted? - William B. Stevenson, Jone L. Pearce, and Lyman W. Porter The Manager is Always in the Middle - Carolyn Stieber The More the Merrier? Social Psychological Aspects of Multiparty Negotiations in Organizations - David A. Lax and James K. Sebenius Multiparty Negotiation in its Social Context - Roderick M. Krame Managing Conflict Effectively: Alternative dispute resolution and dispute system design - Jeffrey T. Polzer, Elizabeth A. Mannix, and Margaret A. Neale Part 3: Negotiation between Organizations - Cathy A. Costantino and Christina Sickles Merchant Developing a Theory of Collaboration Negotiating Inside Out: What are the best ways to relate internal ngotiations with external ones? - Barbara Gray Negotiation Between Organizations: A branching chain model - Roger Fisher When Should We Use Agents?: Direct vs. representative negotiation - Dean G. Pruitt International Joint Ventures: Economic and organizational perspectives - Jeffrey Z. Rubin and Frank E. A. Sander The Institutionalization and Evolutionary Dynamics of Inter-organizational Alliances and Networks - Kallyan Chatterjee and Barbara Gray Multiparty Negotiation and the Management of Complexity - Richard N. Osborn and John Hagedoorn Part 4: Diplomacy and Multilateral Conferences - Larry Crump What is Negotiation As it Looks to the Hard-Working Bureaucrat - Fred Charles Ikle Introduction: Conflict and Communication - Roger Fisher Intermediaries: Additional thoughts on third parties - John W. Burton International Mediation: Conflict resolution and power politics - Oran R. Young Introduction: Analyzing successful transfer effects in interactive conflict resolution - I. William Zartman and Saadia Touval Parallel Informal Negotiation: A new kind of international dialogue - Ronald J. Fisher Multistakeholder Dialogue at the Global Scale - Lawrence E. Susskind, Abram Chayes, and Janet Martinez Negotiation Linkage Dynamics: Consecutive and concurrent linkages - Lawrence E. Susskind, Boyd W. Fuller, Michele Ferenz, and David Fairman The Art of Preparing a Multilateral Conference - Larry Crump Multiparty Conferences - Klaus L. Aurisch Groups in Conference Diplomacy - Knut Midgaard and Arild Underdal Two's Company and More's a Crowd: The complexities of multilateral negotiation - Johan Kaufmann Understanding Multilateral Negotiations: Lessons and conclusions - I. William Zartman, William Zartman Negotiation in an Insecure World - Fen Osler Hampson Prt 5: Cases - Bertram I. Spector A Budge Negotiation Unity and Disunity in a Multiparty Major League Baseball Negotiation - David A. Lax and James K. Sebenius Taking the Heat in Kyoto: The 1997 Climate Change Conference - Larry Crump

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