Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Guide: An Evidence-Based Reference

Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Guide: An Evidence-Based Reference

By: Natural Standard (author)Hardback

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Covering 400 herbs and supplements, Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Guide: An Evidence-Based Reference provides the high-quality, up-to-date, unbiased information you need to advise your patients. No other book can match its expertise and attention to evidence! Each monograph is concise and easy to read, and includes uses, dosage information, safety considerations, and interactions with drugs and other herbs and supplements. At-a-glance research summaries and an alphabetical organization allow for quick lookup in busy settings! Monographs for the 400 most commonly used and prescribed herbs and supplements - such as arnica, ginseng, lavender, glucosamine, and blue cohosh - provide the information you need for effective clinical decision-making. A unique, evidence-based A-F grading scale evaluates the efficacy of each herb and supplement. Unique! Rating scales show at a glance the quality of available evidence. Updates are peer-reviewed, and include new scientific evidence, dosage recommendations, and more. Dosing information includes dosages for adults and children, and methods for administering. Coverage of allergies, side effects/warnings, and pregnancy/breast-feeding promotes safety by indicating when specific herbs and supplements should not be used, or when caution is required. A review of evidence includes detailed explanations of clinical trials cited and conclusions drawn, especially as they relate to specific diseases and conditions. Evidence tables summarize clinical trial data and provide a quick reference for clinical decision-making. Unique! Cross-referencing by condition and scientific evidence grade provides a convenient decision support tool, making it easy to find the herbs and supplements that may be used for the treatment of particular conditions.


Introduction/How to Use This Book Herb and Supplement Monographs 5-htp Abuta Acacia Acai Acerola Acetyllcarnitine Acidophilus Ackee Aconite Adrenal extract African wild potato Agaric Agave Agrimony Alfalfa Algin Alizarin Alkanna Allspice Aloe Alphalipoic acid Alpinia Amaranth American hellebore American pawpaw Amylase inhibitors Andrographis Anise Angostura Anhydrous crystalline maltose Antineoplastons Apple cider vinegar Apricot Arabinogalactan Arabinoxylan Arginine Arnica Arrowroot Artichoke Asarum Asclepiastuberosa Ashwagandha Asparagus Astaxanthin Astragalus Avocado B6 Babassu Bacopa Baelfruit Baikal skullcap Bamboo Banaba Barberry Barley Bayleaf Bear's garlic Bee pollen Bella donna Bellis perennis Berberine Beta carotene Beta glucan Betaine anhydrous Betel nut Betony Bilberry Biotin Birch Bitter almond Bitter melon Bitter orange Blackberry Black cohosh Black currant Black haw Black hellebore Black horehound Black mulberry Black pepper Black seed Black tea Black walnut Bladder wrack Blessed thistle Bloodroot Blue cohosh Blue flag Boldo Boneset Borage seed oil Boron Boswellia Bovine colostrum Boxwood Bromelain Buchu Buckshorn plantain Bulbous buttercup Bupleurum Burdock Butterbur Cajeput oil Calamus Calcium Calendula California poppy Capers Caprylic acid Cardamom Carob Carrageenan Carrot Cascara Cat's claw Cedar Celery Chamomile Chaparral Chaste berry Chia Chickweed Chicory Chitosan Chlorophyll Choline Chondroitin Chromium Chrysanthemum Cinnamon Clay Cleavers Clove Codonopsis Coenzyme Q-10 Coleus Colloidal silver Comfrey Copper Coral Cordyceps Coriolus mushroom Cornflower Cornpoppy Corydalis Couchgrass Cowhage Cow parsnip Cowslip Cramp bark Cranberry Creatine Damiana Dandelion Danshen Date palm Datura Desert parsley Devil's claw Devil's club DHEA Dimethylsulfoxide Dogwood Dong quai Eastern hemlock Echinacea Elder Elecampane Emu oil English ivy Ephedra Essiac Eucalyptus Eyebright Fennel Fenugreek Feverfew Fig Fish oil Flaxseed Folate Fo-ti Gamma linolenic acid Gamma oryzanol Garcinia Garlic Germanium Ginger Ginkgo Ginseng Glucosamine Glyconutrients Goldenrod Goldenseal Gotukola Grapefruit Grapeseed Green-lipped mussel Green tea Ground ivy Guarana Guayule Guggul Gumweed Gymnema Hawthorn Heartsease Hibiscus Holy basil Honey Honeysuckle Hoodia Hops Horny goat weed Horse chestnut Horse radish Horsetail Hoxsey Hydrangea Hydrazinesulfate Hyssop Ignatia Iodine Iron Jackfruit Jasmine Jequerity Jewelweed Jiaogulan Jimson weed Jointed flatsedge Jojoba Juniper Katuka Kava Khat Khella Kinetin Kiwi Krebiozen Kudzu Labrador tea Ladies mantle Lady's slipper Lathyrus Lavender Lemonbalm Lemongrass Licorice Lime Lingonberry Liver extract Liverwort Lotus Lousewort Lovage Lutein Lycopene Maca Maitake Malic acid Mangosteen Marshmallow Mastic Meadowsweet Melatonin Mesoglycan Methylsulfonylmethane Milk thistle Mistletoe Modified citrus pectin Mugwort Muira puama Mullein Myrcia Neem Niacin Noni Nuxvomica Octacosanol Oleander Olive leaf Onion Opuntia streptacantha Oregano Pagoda tree Pantethine Parsnip Passionflower PC-SPES Pennyroyal Peony Peppermint Perilla Perillyl alcohol Peyote Phosphorus Podophyllum Pokeweed Policosanol Polypodiumleucotomos Pomegranate Populus Primrose Probiotics Propolis PSK Psyllium Pycnogenol Pygeum Quassia Quercetin Quinoa Raspberry Red clover Red yeast Rehmannia Reishi mushroom Reservatrol Rhodiola Rhubarb Riboflavin Rooibos Rosemary Rutin Safflower Sage Salvia divinorum Same Sandalwood Sanicle Sassafras Saw palmetto Sboulardi Scotch broom Seabuckthorn Selenium Shark cartilage Shea butter Shiitake Skunk cabbage Slippery elm Sorrel Soy Spirulina Spleen extract Squill Star anise Stevia Stinging nettle St. John's wort Strawberry Sweet almond Sweet annie Sweet basil Sweet woodruff Tamanu Tamarind Tangerine Taurine Tee tree oil Thiamin Thyme Thymus extract Tree tobacco Tribulus Tumeric Tylophora Usnea Uva ursi Valerian Vetiver Vitamin A Vitamin B 5 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin O Wasabi Watercress Water hemlock Wheat grass White horehound White oak White water lily Wild arrach Wild cherry Wild indigo Wild yam Willow bark Witch hazel Yarrow Yellow dock Yerba santa Yew Yohimbe Yucca Zinc Appendix A: Therapeutic Class Tables Appendix B: Scientific Evidence Grade Tables

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