Never Go There There's a town full of your husband's secrets ...

Never Go There There's a town full of your husband's secrets ...

By: Rebecca Tinnelly (author)eBook


A thoroughly excellent debut. Dark and brutal in places with a shocker of an ending!!!' bestselling author Katerina Diamond

What if you found out that you'd been married to a stranger?

Nuala and James had the perfect relationship.
They were young and in love, and so Nuala never questioned why James forbade her from contacting his family... and why he told her never, ever to visit the place he was from.

But now James is dead and Nuala is alone, without the husband she worshipped.
Grieving and desperate, she decides to ignore his warning.

Nuala is about to find out that some secrets are better left buried.
And that uncovering the dark truth about the man she married will have terrible consequences...


Never Go There is a gripping psychological thriller with a shock-twist ending, perfect for fans of Cara Hunter's Close to Home, Laura Marshall's Friend Request, Fiona Barton's The Child and Lisa Jewell's Then She Was Gone.


What authors are saying about Never Go There:

'OMG. Dark and suspenseful with brilliant characters, this book sucked me in and wouldn't let go. I loved it.' Patricia Gibney, bestselling author of The Missing Ones

'Twisty, fast-paced, shocking. EXCELLENT.' Will Dean, author of Dark Pines

'Edge-of-the-seat reading.' Liz Lawler, author of Don't Wake Up

'Mesmerising' Sarah J. Naughton, Tattletale

'Kept me reading late into the night.' Elisabeth Carpenter, 99 Red Balloons

'This is a very clever debut.' Susi Holliday, The Deaths of December

'Absorbing from start to finish.' Amanda Robson, Obsession


What readers are saying about Never Go There:

'Twisty as hell and more addictive than a pot of pringles...a barnstormer of a story with some dark and emotive themes, highly engaging and really a most excellent read. Highly Recommended - one to watch in 2018' - Liz Loves Books

'This book, WOW...the twist is breath-taking!' Netgalley Reviewer

'Oh my gosh! What an extremely dark, addictive and gripping read with so many twists and turns your emotions will be all over the place!! 5****' Waterstones Bookseller

'An emotional roller-coaster of a book. Gripped me from the first page. A real couldn't-put-downer of a book. Had to finish in one night! 5*****' Netgalley

*'*A storyline that kept me turning page after page, lots of twists and turns and surprises. A really good read which keeps you hanging on for more' Netgalley

'This story is much more than a Crime/Mystery or even a Thriller. It is an emotional rollercoaster. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy their mysteries with that extra depth. 5****' Netgalley

'A superb psychological'll want to clear your diary to read this in one go!' Netgalley

'Wow! This book was a rollercoaster ride. Gripping and twisty all the way through. Perfect read for anyone looking for an edge of your seat read.' Netgalley

'A fantastically fast paced story that keeps you guessing and gives you twists and turns, ups and downs throughout.' Netgalley

'This is a brilliant read! The twists and turns ensured once I started reading this book nothing was getting done until I'd finished. If you love a psychological gripping read this is for you. 5****' Netgalley

'A twisty thriller that goes into new territory' Netgalley

'A one sitting read. Clear the calendar to read this one' Netgalley

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