New Parade, Level 5: 5 (2nd Revised edition)

New Parade, Level 5: 5 (2nd Revised edition)

By: Mario Herrera (author), Theresa Zanatta (author)Paperback

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New Parade is a seven-level, communicative language program, that features Total Physical Response (TPR), rhymes, songs, chants, pair work, cooperative learning, and hands-on projects. Each level of New Parade contains the following components: A Student Book, Workbook, Teacher's Edition, Audio Program, Picture Cards, Posters, and Video and Video Guide.

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Mario Herrera holds a bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). He has taught English at all levels for 25 years, focusing his research and methodology development on young learners. In addition to this research and his student advising for postgraduate dissertations, he has been involved in teacher training for 13 years. As a speaker, he is high international demand and has given workshops throughout Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Japan, Korea, as well as United States. Theresa Zanatta is an author, teacher, teacher trainer and education consultant. She has been writing, teaching and training teachers and trainers for more than fifteen years. She is based in Barcelona but has worked in more than 20 countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Canada and the United States. During this time she has also held the positions of Director, North American Institute in Badalona, Spain and Director, Adult English Program of the North American Institute in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to this, she regularly teaches at the University of Barcelona, in their post graduate program for elementary teachers as part of the national education Reforma and has given several courses, lectures and presentations on methodology for TESOL, IATEFL, the British Council, various Ministries of Education and several universities, including, the Ministries of Education, in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the Universitat Central de Barcelona (Masters Program in TEFL), the American University of Beirut, Lebanon and the Homs (Al-Bath) University in Syria. Ms. Zanatta also publishes, directs and edits 10magazine, a free monthly, magazine distributed to over 10,000 families in Barcelona, Spain. The magazine serves as a resource guide linking the home, the school and the community for parents, teachers and all those involved in the care and education of young children and teenagers. Ms. Zanatta has a B.Science from the University of Toronto, St. Michael's College, a teaching Certificate in TEFL from the Royal Society of Arts, London England and completed a Masters in TEEFL in curriculum design and development at the Universitat de Barcelona. Ms. Zanatta is co-author of the the primary EFL series PARADE (1996) published by Scott Foresman,English PARADE (1997), the English PARADE Alphabet Book (1999) published by Longman,New Parade (2000) and New English Parade (2001) published by Pearson Education and author/collaborator of the University of Barcelona's UB Media Internet Course (1998).


1 My Family's Story. Theme: Family Events. Communication Objectives: To Describe One's Family; To Discuss Important Family Events; To Understand a Family Tree; To Discuss Names for Family Relationships; To Talk About Physical Characteristics and Occupations. Language Objectives: To Use Comparative and Superlative Adjectives; To Use Adjectives that Describe People; To Use Possessive Nouns; To Understand Past Tense Verb Forms. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Figure Out Riddles; To Use Graphic Organizers; To Visualize; To Draw Conclusions. Content Connections: Art; Literature/Language Arts; Math. 2. My Time. Theme: Daily Schedules. Communication Objectives: To Talk About Chores and Schedules; To Give Reasons; To State Likes and Dislikes; To Write a Schedule. Language Objectives: To Use the Simple Present Tense; To Use Going to to Indicate the Future; To Read Large Numbers; To Use Spend + Gerund. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Use Graphic Organizers; To Classify; To Evaluate; To Create and Figure Out Riddles. Content Connections: Literature/Language Arts; Math; Music. 3. In the U.S.A. Theme: Geography. Communication Objectives: To Learn About Places in the U.S.; To Talk About Places and Transportation; To Use Compass Direction; To Discuss Travel Plans; To Locate Places on a Map. Language Objectives: To Use Comparatives and Superlatives with Most and -est; To Use Going to to Indicate the Future; To Use Possessive Pronouns. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Make Up and Answer Riddles; To Evaluate and Compare; To Make Lists of Superlatives for Study; To Use Prior Knowledge; To Use the Library. Content Connections: Art; Math; Music; Social Studies. 4. Shopping. Theme: Shopping for Clothes. Language Objectives: To Talk About and Describe Clothing; To Ask for and Give Directions; To Discuss Clothing and Prices; To Discuss Preferences; To Understand Print Ads. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Use Comparatives and Superlatives with More and Most. Content Connections: Art; Consumer Awareness; Math; Social Studies. 5. What a Trip! Theme: Vacations. Communication Objectives: To Talk About Vacations; To Say What One Did and What One Was Doing; To Talk and Write About the Weather; To Tell Narrative Stories. Language Objectives: To Use the Past and the Past Progressive Tenses; To Use Comparatives with Worse and Worst; To Use Superlatives. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Use a Calendar; To Make Charts; To Keep a Diary; To Analyze Data, To Use Prior Knowledge. Content Connections: Art; Literature/Language Arts; Music; Science. 6. Communication. Theme: Ways of Communicating. Communication Objectives: To Learn Ways to Communicate; To Learn Names of Different Languages; To Learn the Parts of a Magazine/Newspaper; To Conduct an Interview; To Produce a Newspaper or Magazine. Language Objectives: To Use the Future Tense with Will/Won't; To Write and Ask wh- Questions. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Classify; To Understand Main Ideas; To Follow a Sequence of Events. Content Connections: Art; Literature/Language Arts; Math; Music; Social Studies. 7. Just Imagine! Theme: Inventions. Communication Objectives: To Talk About Inventions; To Speculate About What Things Might Be; To Describe What Things Are made of; To Use Creative Thinking; To Read About Inventors and Inventions. Language Objectives: To Use Might and May; To Use Infinitives of Purpose; To Use Made of. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Solve Puzzles; To Think Creatively; To Brainstorm; To Compare Objects. Content Connections: Music; Science; Social Studies. 8. A Small World. Theme: Discoveries and Inventions Around the World. Communication Objectives: To Discuss Contributions From Different People and Counti4es; To Talk About Where and Why Products Were Made; To Read Informational Articles; To Learn Names of Countries and Related Adjectives. Language Objectives: To Use Past Tense; To Use Passive Constructions; To Use Speculative Language; To Use Adjectives of Origin. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Make Inferences; To Use Music and Rhyme; To Solve a Puzzle; To Answer True/False Questions. Content Connections: Art; Music; Social Studies. 9. It's TV Time. Theme: TV Shows. Communication Objectives: To Discuss Personal Preferences About TV Shows; To Take Part in an Interview; To Prepare and Put on TV Shows; To Use Words Related to TV. Language Objectives: To Use Would Rather to Generate Information Questions; To Use Present, Past, and Future Tense; To Use the Language for Making Suggestions; Let's. Learning Strategies/Thinking Skills: To Compare Preferences; To Use Songs and Chants to Practice Vocabulary; To Listen for Information. Content Connections: Art; Literature/Language Arts; Math; Music; Social Studies. Boris and Betty's "Good-bye" . Cutout Page.

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