One Last Chore for Grandpa

One Last Chore for Grandpa

By: Martin L. Shoemaker (author)eBook


A 17,000 word novella (approximately 100 pages in paper).

Patrice Hudson was a man of two worlds. The Haiti of his youth was a mysterious land where the village bokor used Vodoun to enslave zombies to his service, but his grandfather the houngan thwarted the bokor's schemes. In the New York of his adulthood, though, he knows these stories are all childish superstitions that he has outgrown.

But a letter from his mother shatters his confidence. The bokor has declared war on his familiy, and has stolen his grandfather's body from his grave. Now Patrice must decide which world he will follow and what he believes as he performs... One Last Chore for Grandpa.

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