Paper Gun Crossing the Line Is Easy, Getting Back Is the Hard Part

Paper Gun Crossing the Line Is Easy, Getting Back Is the Hard Part

By: Robert Redbone (author)eBook
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After suddenly finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, a young couple strives to put their lives back together in an uncertain world.

Johnny Boxer is about to cross the line. He is broke, a hundred miles from home, and living on the edge of right and wrong. With a paper gun stu?ed into the waistband of his pants, he walks into a small-town Dairy Queen and changes the course of his life forever.

With forty-six dollars crammed in his pockets, Johnny races to his car, where his new wife, Heather, nervously waits. Unfortunately, Johnny does not feel the relief he had anticipated. Now it seems he has more worries than ever before. With the police and the media hot in pursuit, the two young criminals have no choice but to face their reality. But when two reporters show up at their door and o?er big bucks for their story, Johnny and Heather decide this could be a chance to get their lives back.

Paper Gun is a poignant tale of life, love, and desperation as two young souls learn that, through their own actions, they really do have the power to change their destinies.

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