Partners 4 Life The Importance of Partners in Surviving an Organ Transplant

Partners 4 Life The Importance of Partners in Surviving an Organ Transplant

By: Jim Uhrig (author)eBook
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Early in 2008, doing ordinary, mundane things like tying his shoes and walking up steps literally took author Jim Uhrigs breath away. He had trouble breathing, and it seemed as though he could never catch his breath. That was the beginning of a long journey for Uhrig, who shares his story in Partners 4 Life. In this memoir, he narrates the path his life took after being diagnosed with the incurable idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and undergoing a subsequent lung transplant in April of 2009. Uhrig not only discusses his diagnosis and treatment, but also places special emphasis on the partnersfrom his personal life, his business, and his sports activitieswho provided him with inspiration and help and played an integral role in his survival. He includes his partners in medicine, the donor and her family, caregivers, and special angels. Uhrigs story relates how he tackled his lung disease and transplant with the same fervor he lived life. Partners 4 Life communicates the saving grace of an organ transplant as well as the power of positive thinking.

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