Pearl A Caribbean Story

Pearl A Caribbean Story

By: Melanie R. Springer (author)eBook
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After three young friends playful attempt at Obeah (vodoo) on a pesky older sister, she dies.

Could their fooling with black magic actually have worked?

In a tale that will challenge the bonds of friendship and family relationships, the stage is set for an extraordinary coming of age.

A dark comedy, with its action hinging around the mysterious passing of a teenage girl named Pearl. It is about everyone except Pearl; about her mother Loretta, and brother Omar - A little boy whose mischievous exploits finally get the better of him.

The Enticingly Boyish Characters of Omar, Jeffrey & Chicken Positively Come Alive!

The drama unfolds as Uncle Junior, and the village community respond in surprising ways to the corpse - still in house, while ongoing carnival festivities create a surreal atmosphere. Through their stories we get glimpses of Pearl; a girl struggling with the usual teenage angst while trying to find her place and purpose in society.

Fabulously well paced, Pearl takes place amidst a backdrop of hot Caribbean summers and rollicking Crop-Over celebrations, the wild Atlantic Ocean and miles of rolling cane fields.

Pearl is a universal story!
Family dysfunction, issues of race, class, culture, tradition, and just plain old bad habits push our characters to their wits end.
An exciting read.

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