Perils of Ms. Apple

Perils of Ms. Apple

By: Justin Jones (author)eBook
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During the 1921 race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, violence tears the city apart. One woman, Apple Lewis, is caught in the carnage. She barely escapes with her life, but luckily, two mysterious men rescue her. They whisk her away from the bloodshed and give her another chance at a mystical life she never could have imagined.

Her saviors are decedents of an ancient Native American tribe referred to as Spirit Walkers. The Spirit Walkers discovered the fountain of youth, and now Ms. Apple is offered the opportunity to share their immortal gifts. Upon acceptance of their offer, her travels take her away from Tulsa and on an enigmatic journey as the world changes around her.

Her passage through time and place is not without threats, however, as villains long for the secret of her eternal youth. To protect herself, she receives other strange gifts from the Spirit Walkers. Ms. Apple has the chance to see the world turn for decades and decades without fear of age or death, but that does not make her immune to horror or conspiracy.

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