Phosphorus-Centered Radicals, Radicals Centered on Other Heteroatoms, Organic Radical Ions (Landolt-Boernstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relation

Phosphorus-Centered Radicals, Radicals Centered on Other Heteroatoms, Organic Radical Ions (Landolt-Boernstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relation

By: Alwyn G. Davies (author)Hardback

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Volume II/26 supplements the previous compilations II/l, II/9 and II/17 of the magnetic properties of free radicals which were published in 1965, 1977-1980 and 1986-90. Due to the still rapid growth of the field and the necessary inclusion of new subjects the volume is divided into subvolumes which will appear in fast succession. Together with the earlier publications volume II/26 offers an up-to-date and comprehensive survey and collection of structures and data on the important chemical intermediates, namely radicals, polyradicals and related species such as carbenes, nitrenes, etc. As before the species have been grouped according to chemical aspects. The contents of the individual subvolumes are indicated on the inside of the front covers. For each group of substances the literature has been compiled and extracted by experts in the fields. A small overlap between the chapters is intentional and allows a maximum of coherence and comprehensiveness of the display. We wish to thank all the authors for their careful and experienced work and the most agreeable cooperation, the Landolt-Boernstein office, especially Mrs. A. Endemann, for the layouts and the untiring and careful checking of manuscripts and galley proofs, and Springer-Verlag for the customary care in the preparation of the volume which is published without external financial support. Zurich, December 2003 The Editor Table of contents Magnetic Properties of Free Radicals Subvolume E: Phosphorus-Centered Radicals, Radicals Centered on Other Heteroatoms, Organic Radical Ions Part 2 I Introduction I General introduction [H. Fischer]. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 A Definition and substances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I General introduction.- III General symbols and abbreviations.- 16.1 Introduction.- Monosubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- 3,4-Disubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- 3,5-Disubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- 3,6-Disubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- 4,5-Disubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- Trisubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- Tetrasubstituted 1,2-benzosemiquinones.- Imino-1,2-benzosemiquinones.- Unsubstituted 1,4-benzosemiquinones.- Monosubstituted 1,4-benzosemiquinones.- Disubstituted 1,4-benzosemiquinones.- Trisubstituted 1,4-benzosemiquinones.- Tetrasubstituted 1,4-benzosemiquinones.- 16.3 1,4-Naphthosemiquinones.- 16.4 9,10-Phenanthrosemiquinones.- 16.5 9,10-Anthrosemiquinones.- 16.6 Other semiquinones.- 17.1 Introduction.- 17.2 Radical cations of alkanes.- 17.3.1 Radical cations of cyclohexanes.- 17.3.2 Radical cations of other cycloalkanes.- 17.4.1 Radical cations of acyclic monoenes.- 17.4.2 Radical cations of acyclic di- and higher-enes.- 17.4.3 Radical cations of cyclic monoenes.- 17.4.4 Radical cations of cyclic di- and higher-enes.- 17.5 Radical cations of alkynes.- 17.6.1 Benzene hydrocarbons.- 17.6.2 Radical cations of bi-, tri-, and tetra-phenylenes.- 17.6.3 Radical cations of biphenyls and higher biaryls.- 17.6.4 Radical cations of azulenes.- 17.6.5 Radical cations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.- 17.7 Radical cations of cyclophanes.- 17.8.1 Radical cations of aliphatic alcohols and ethers.- 17.8.2 Radical cations of furans.- 17.8.3 Radical cations of carbonyl compounds.- 17.8.4 Radical cations of phenols and aromatic ethers.- 17.9.1 Radical cations of aliphatic amines and derivatives.- 17.9.2 Radical cations of imines.- 17.9.3 Radical cations of diazo compounds.- 17.9.4 Radical cations of azo compounds.- 17.9.5 Radical cations of hydrazines.- 17.9.6 Radical cations of aromatic amines.- 17.9.7 Radical cations of nitroso and related compounds.- 17.9.8 Radical cations of pyrroles.- 17.9.9 Heteroaromatic compounds containing 1 or 2 nitrogen atoms.- 17.9.10 Heteroaromatic compounds containing 3 or 4 nitrogen atoms.- 17.9.11 Radical cations of heteroaromatic compounds containing both nitrogen and sulphur.- 17.10.1 Radical cation of sulfides.- 17.10.2 Radical cations of thiophenes.- 17.10.3 Radical cations of thiofulvalenes.- 17.10.4 Radical cations of aromatic and heterocyclic sulphur compounds.- 17.10.5 Radical cations of other compounds of sulfur, selenium, and tellurium.- 17.11.1 Radical cations of alkyl halides.- 17.11.2 Radical cations of aryl fluorides.- 17.12 Radical cations of compounds of phosphorus.- 17.13.1 Radical cations of organosilanes.- 17.13.2 Radical cations of organomercury compounds.- 17.13.3 Radical cations of other organometallic compounds.

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