Photoshop CS4 in Simple Steps

Photoshop CS4 in Simple Steps

By: Louis Benjamin (author)Paperback

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Discover everything you want to know about Photoshop CS4 in this easy to use guide, from the most essential tasks that you'll want to perform to solving the most common problems you'll encounter.


Top 10 Photoshop CS4 Tips Chapter 1 -- Getting Started with Photoshop CS4 ** Preferences: set Photoshop history states ** Preferences: set Photoshop cursors ** Set and save Photoshop colour settings ** Arrange panels in the Photoshop workspace ** Save your custom Photoshop workspace ** Launch Adobe Bridge from Photoshop ** Arrange panels in Adobe Bridge ** Save a new workspace in Adobe Bridge ** Browse files in Adobe Bridge ** Open a JPEG file in Photoshop ** Open a JPEG file in Camera Raw ** Open a raw file ** Boxout: keys and keystrokes Chapter 2 -- Set Up Adobe Bridge LaunchAdobe Bridgefrom Photoshop Arrange Panels in Adobe Bridge Set the Preview layout as your main layout Expand the thumbnail view and save the new workspace SetBridgepreferences Download files from your camera Chapter 3 -- Work with the Brush Tool Create a new document Use the brush tool Use the brushes panel Use default foreground and backgroundcolours Pick foreground and backgroundcolours Use the Brush tool w/opacity Boxout: Resize the Brush tool and change opacity with the keyboard Use the Airbrush Shift-click to paint connecting lines between two points Constrain verticals & horizontals with the shift key Show rulers Add guides Reposition guides Use snap Hide guides Clear guides Chapter 4 -- Work with Layers and Groups Choose a marquee tool Fill all or part of a layer Change layer transparency Duplicate the background layer Reorder layers Toggle a layer's visibility Nudge a single layer Nudge two layers together Link layers Unlink layers Group layers Expand or collapse a group Add a layer to a group Remove or delete a layer from a group Toggle a group's visibility Changethe blending mode of a layer or group Rename layers and groups Chapter 5 -- Erase, Move. Crop and Undo Use the eraser tool Select an areawith the Marquee tool and clear it Choose a lasso tool Select and move a section using the Polygonal Lasso Select and copy part of a layer Use the crop tool Use Undo (command-z) Use the History Panel Chapter 6 -- Work with Type Choose a Type tool Use the Type tool to make straight-line text Use Type tool to make wrapping text Edit and reshape wrapping text Alter type with the Options and character panels Chapter 7 -- View your Document in Different Ways Switch screen modes Show or hide all panels Rotate and reset the view Zoom in or out Reposition with the hand tool Use Bird's Eye View Use the Navigator panel Chapter 8 -- Pre-edit in Camera RAW Open a RAW file from Adobe Bridge Set Camera RAW preferences Set workflow options Toggle full-screen mode Zoom in or out Move with the Hand tool Rotate the image Crop an image Remove cropping from an image Straighten an image Use a pre-set white balance Use the White Balance tool Manually adjust colour temperature & tint Use clipping warnings Adjust Exposure, Recovery, Fill light, Blacks, Brightness, and Contrast Adjust Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation Use the Parametric Tone Curve Use the Point Tone Curve Use Noise Reduction Toggle your preview Convert to grayscale Use Auto, Default, Reset and Undo Open in Photoshop or Open a copy in Photoshop Save edits without opening Chapter 9 -- Basic Retouching Duplicate the background layer Reshape with the Liquify tool Use the Patch tool Add a blank layer for retouching and rename it Use the Healing Brush Use the Spot Healing Brush Boxout: Watch out for Healing Brush bleed Use the Clone Stamp Boxout: Using Aligned Chapter 10 -- Adjust Tones and Colours in Photoshop * Adjust contrast with a preset curves adjustment layer * Adjust the black point and white point of an image * Make a curves adjustment layer from scratch * Review and adjust an existing curves adjustment layer * Adjust saturation * Target a colour and adjust hue and saturation * Adjust vibrance * Adjust colour with curves using the Auto button * Convert a colour image to black and white * Colourize a black and white image Chapter 11 -- Make Selections Select using the rectangular Marquee and use Deselect Select using the Elliptical Marquee Select with the Lasso Select with the Polygonal Lasso and reposition a selection Select with the Magnetic Lasso Use Select Inverse Add to or subtract from selection Use the Refine Edge command Modify Quick Mask preferences Modify a selection with Quick Mask Create a new selection with Quick Mask Select by Colour Range Save a selection Load a selection Chapter 12 -- Advanced Techniques with Selections, Layers and Masks Hide a selection Use a selection to constrain painting Black and White & Colour in the same image Adjust contrast in one part of an image Add a layer mask to hide pixels instead of erasing Use a selection to make a layer mask View and edit a mask directly View the mask as an overlay Use the Masks panel Add "pop" to eyes and jewellery Soften wrinkles Whiten teeth Brighten eyes Add grain or noise for a film-like look Use layer comps Selectively merge layers Chapter 13 -- Sharpening Use zoom to view the image at output size Add a sharpening layer Use Smart Sharpen Use a layer mask to hide some of the sharpening Sharpen with the high-pass filter Chapter 14 -- Saving and Exporting Files from Photoshop and Adobe Bridge Open a file from Adobe Bridge Save a file as a Photoshop file Save a file as a TIFF file Save a file as a copy Save a file as JPEG Resample an image using Fit Image Resample an image using Image Size Save a file using Save for Web and Devices Make a PDF in Adobe Bridge Make a web gallery in Adobe Bridge Chapter 15 -- Print Flatten for printing only Tip: Flattening is a problem. Don't forget to restore layers. Resize for printing Resample for printing Print with Photoshop colour management Set page layout parameters Set colour management parameters Boxout: About printer profiles and rendering intent Specify printer Select media type, colour mode and bits/channel Turn off colour adjustment and set print quality Print in Black and White Use the History panel to undo flattening Chapter 16 -- Use Workflow Tools Compare images Use the Loupe tool to inspect fine details Use Review Mode Use collections Use ratings &labels Work with metadata Use File Info to embed your copyright Export a File Info template Use a File Info template Boxout: Backup is crucial Open RAW, JPEG or TIFF in Camera RAWfrom Adobe Bridge Create an action Use an action Process batches from Photoshop with Image Processor Process batches from Adobe Bridge with Image Processor Top 10 Photoshop CS4 Problems Solved I can't see changes when painting, retouching, etc. I'm getting a message about a missing colour profile I'm getting a message about an embedded profile mismatch How come I can't Save As JPEG? Changes are getting saved even when I don't want them Help! All my tools and panels just disappeared! My cursor suddenly just looks like a crosshair My layers suddenly went out of alignment Accidentally falling into Quick-mask My prints are coming out very magenta My matte paper prints look odd

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