Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, Two Volume Set: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPMG 2010),

Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, Two Volume Set: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPMG 2010),

By: Jan Laue (editor), Sarah Springman (editor), Linda Seward (editor)Hardback

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This book results from the 7th ICPMG meeting in Zurich 2010 and covers a broad range of aspects of physical modelling in geotechnics, linking across to other modelling techniques to consider the entire spectrum required in providing innovative geotechnical engineering solutions. Topics presented at the conference: Soil - Structure - Interaction; Natural Hazards; Earthquake Engineering: Soft Soil Engineering; New Geotechnical Physical; Modelling Facilities; Advanced Experimental Techniques; Comparisons between Physical and Numerical Modelling Specific Topics: Offshore Engineering; Ground Improvement and Foundations; Tunnelling, Excavations and Retaining Structures; Dams and slopes; Process Modelling; Goenvironmental Modelling; Education

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Institute for Geotechnical Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Institute for Geotechnical Engineering, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland


VOLUME 1 1 Keynotes and TC 2 contributions Physical modelling of natural hazards M.C.R. Davies, E.T. Bowman & D.J. White Recent trends in geotechnical earthquake engineering experimentation A. Elgamal, A.B. Huang & M. Okamura Physical modelling of soft ground problems F.H. Lee, M.S.S. Almeida & B. Indraratna Physical modelling with industry-overview of practices and benefits C. Gaudin, D.J. White, A. Bezuijen, P.E.L. Schaminee & J. Garnier Development of teaching resources for physical modelling community S.P.G. Madabhushi, U. Cilingir & M.E. Stringer STREAM: A method to facilitate efficient data exchange and archiving P.E.L. Schaminee, A.A. Klapwijk & D.J. White 2 Similitude Scaling of hydraulic processes A. Bezuijen & R.S. Steedman A virtual rain simulator for droplet transport in a centrifuge B. Caicedo & J. Tristancho Potentialities and challenges of centrifuge modelling on unsaturated soils B. Caicedo, J. Tristancho & L. Thorel Influence of fluid viscosity on the response of buried structures in earthquakes S.C. Chian & S.P.G. Madabhushi Use of automatic sand pourers for loose sand models S.C. Chian, M.E. Stringer & S.P.G. Madabhushi Physical modeling of kinematic pile-soil interaction under seismic conditions L. Dihoru, S. Bhattacharya, C.A. Taylor, D. Muir Wood, F. Moccia, A.L. Simonelli & G. Mylonakis Stiffness design for granular materials-a theoretical and experimental approach L. Dihoru, C.A. Taylor, S. Bhattacharya, D. Muir Wood, F. Moccia, A.L. Simonelli & G. Mylonakis Possibilities and limitations of 1-g model techniques A. Hettler Modelling precast concrete piling for use in the geotechnical centrifuge J.A. Knappett, K. O'Reilly, P. Gilhooley, C. Reid & K. Skeffington Preparation of fully saturated model ground M. Okamura & T. Inoue Reliability of one-g shaking table experiment F. Ozkahriman & J. Wartman Centrifuge modeling of a sensitive clay slope for simulation of strain softening D.S. Park, B.L. Kutter & J. DeJong The influence of coloured dyes on the undrained shear strength of kaolin F. Sahdi, N. Boylan, D.J. White & C. Gaudin Improving model quality through computer controlled saturation M.E. Stringer & S.P.G. Madabhushi Effects of rigid sidewall of specimen container on seismic behaviour H. Takahashi, Y. Morikawa & E. Ichikawa Piping: Centrifuge experiments on scaling effects and levee stability V.M. van Beek, A. Bezuijen & C. Zwanenburg Applicability of two stage scaling in dynamic centrifuge tests on saturated sand deposits L. von der Tann, T. Tobita & S. Iai Thickness effects on long-term consolidation by means of inter-connected oedometers Y. Watabe, S. Sassa, K. Udaka & T. Emura 3 Physical modelling facilities Development of a low cost teaching centrifuge D.W. Airey & R. Barker Retrofits to COPPE mini-drum geotechnical centrifuge M.S.S. Almeida, J.L.S. Neto, M.C.F. Almeida, D.F. Fagundes & J.R.M.S. Oliveira Development of a large calibration triaxial cell with dual load actuator J.A. Black, V. Sivakumar & A.L. Bell Development of a large geotechnical centrifuge at Zhejiang University Y.M. Chen, L.G. Kong, Y.G. Zhou, J.Q. Jiang, X.W. Tang, B. Niu & M. Lin A miniature high speed wireless data acquisition system for geotechnical centrifuges C. Gaudin, D.J. White, N. Boylan, J. Breen, T. Brown & S. De Catania An experimental setup for the investigation of tamper geometry effects M. Ghazavi & M. Niazipour Development of a 2D servo-actuator for novel centrifuge modelling S.K. Haigh, N.E. Houghton, S.Y. Lam, Z. Li & P.J. Wallbridge Development of a horizontal and vertical shaker for the IWHR 450 g-ton centrifuge Y.J. Hou, X.G. Wang, Z.P. Xu, Y.F. Wen & P. Ibanez A new geotechnical centrifuge at the University of Tehran, I.R. Iran M. Moradi & A. Ghalandarzadeh Establishing a beam centrifuge facility at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland C.D. O'Loughlin, P. Naughton, N. Baker & A. Ainsworth Mobile tray for simulation of 3D load transfer in pile-supported earth platforms G. Rault, L. Thorel, A. Neel, S. Buttigieg, F. Derkx, G. Six & U. Okyay The drizzle method for sand sample preparation J. Rietdijk, F.M. Schenkeveld, P.E.L. Schaminee & A. Bezuijen The UENF geotechnical centrifuge facility F. Saboya, S. Tibana, R. Martins Reis, S.R. Ramires, S. Brum, V. Montero del Aguila & J. Domingos Vieira The Josef UEF-a new location for "in-situ" physical modelling J. Svoboda & R. Vasicek Development of a circulating system for water supply in centrifuge model tests Q.S. Wang, Z.Y. Chen, Y. Jin & J.H. Liang NEES @ UC Davis D.W. Wilson, B.L. Kutter & R.W. Boulanger 4 New equipment, sensors and experimental techniques Centrifuge modeling of soil atmosphere interaction using a climatic chamber B. Caicedo, J. Tristancho & L. Thorel Design of experimental setup for 1 g seismic load tests on anchored retaining walls A.T. Carvalho, J. Bile Serra, F. Oliveira, P. Morais, A.R. Ribeiro & C. Santos Pereira Applications of high speed photography in dynamic tests S.H. Chow, Y. Nazhat & D.W. Airey Particle Image Velocimetry analysis in dynamic centrifuge tests U. Cilingir & S.P.G. Madabhushi Development of a multiple-axis actuator control system S. De Catania, J. Breen, C. Gaudin & D.J. White A wireless data acquisition system to monitor centrifuge pile installation A.D. Deeks, D.J. White, J. Breen, P. Hortin, S. De Catania & T. Brown Fibre optic cable and micro-anchor pullout tests in sand D. Hauswirth, M. Iten, R. Richli & A.M. Puzrin The use of optical fibre sensors in a geotechnical centrifuge for reinforced slopes E. Kapogianni, M.G. Sakellariou, J. Laue & S.M. Springman Development of Vs tomography testing system for geotechnical centrifuge experiments N.R. Kim & D.S. Kim Distributed testing of soil-structure systems using web-based applications S.P.G. Madabhushi, S.K. Haigh, A. Ali, M. Williams, M. Ojaghi, I. Lamata, T. Blakeborough, C.A. Taylor & M. Dietz Earthquake motion selection and calibration for use in a geotechnical centrifuge H.B. Mason, J.D. Bray, B.L. Kutter, D.W. Wilson & B.Y. Choy An exploratory study on using miniature sensors to monitor landslide motion G.L. Ooi, Y.H. Wang, T.W. Wong & C.S. Wong Observing and measuring arching in ideal and natural granular materials S.G. Paikowsky, H.S. Tien & L.E. Rolwes Large-scale physical model for simulation of artificial ground freezing with seepage flow E. Pimentel, G. Anagnostou & A. Sres Wireless data transmission in geotechnical centrifuge applications S.R. Ramires, T. Tachibana, F. Saboya Jr, S. Tibana, R.M. Reis & J.D. Vieira Experience using MEMS-based accelerometers in dynamic testing M.E. Stringer, C.M. Heron & S.P.G. Madabhushi Advanced sensing in geotechnical centrifuge models A. Tessari, I. Sasanakul & T. Abdoun Development of train loading device and testing on sandy and clay models V.V. Vinogradov, Y.K. Frolovsky, A.A. Zaitsev & V.V. Naumov Measurement of landslide acceleration using PIV image analysis E.D. Wolinsky & W.A. Take Displacement field around an open-tube sampling W.M. Yan, I.T. Ng & C.Y. Cheuk Free type bender elements for characterizing soil in centrifuge model tests Y.G. Zhou, Y.M. Chen, Y. Shamoto, H. Mano, H. Hotta, Y. Asaka & Y. Taji 5 Excavations and retaining structures Physical modelling of L-shaped retaining walls M. Arnold Physical modelling of flexible retaining walls under seismic actions R. Conti, G.M.B. Viggiani & S.P.G. Madabhushi New ideas for reducing seismic displacement of gravity quay walls A. Ghalandarzadeh, A. Mostafavi Moghadam, M. Moradi & P. Haji Alikhani Earth pressure at rest of expansive soil against retaining wall X.W. Gu, W.M. Zhang & G.M. Xu Deformation behavior of a reinforced soil wall constructed on soft ground H. Hashimoto, S. Nishimoto & H. Hayashi Breaking failure and internal stability analysis of geosynthetic reinforced earth walls W.Y. Hung, H.T. Chen, C.J. Lee & Y.C. Wei Fresh concrete pressure induced during concreting a diaphragm wall panel D. Koenig & C. Loreck Evaluation of damage in saturated reinforced soil walls due to earthquake J. Kuwano, J. Izawa & S. Seki Centrifuge modeling of deep excavation in soft clay S.Y. Lam, M.Z.E.B. Elshafie, S.K. Haigh & M.D. Bolton Centrifuge modeling of shored mechanically stabilized earth walls Y.B. Lee, J.S. McCartney & H.Y. Ko Case study on a deep excavation in soft ground by centrifuge model tests X.F. Ma, H.H. Zhang, L. Yu, S.Y. Lam & M.D. Bolton Dynamic earth pressures and earth pressure cell measurements S.P.G. Madabhushi & Y.R. Khokher Influence of an anchor head on detection of soil anchorage load K. Palop, A. Ivanovic, R.D. Neilson & A.J. Brennan Centrifuge modelling of active earth pressures F. Song, J.M. Zhang & C. Liu Seismic loads for evaluating internal stability of cantilevered retaining walls A. Takahashi, S. Tanimoto & H. Sugita Effect of fabric anisotropy on seismic response of a retaining wall X. Zeng, B. Li & H. Min Centrifuge modeling of the influence of basement excavation on existing tunnels G. Zheng, S.W. Wei, S.Y. Peng, Y. Diao & C.W.W. Ng 6 Tunnels Modeling face stability of a shallow tunnel in a geotechnical centrifuge P. Aklik, G. Idinger & W. Wu Centrifuge tests on the seismic behavior of a tunnel J. Cao & M.S. Huang Methods of measurement of displacement of a model tunnel in centrifuge tests J.C. Chou & B.L. Kutter Centrifuge modelling of the response of buildings to tunnelling R.P. Farrell & R.J. Mair Study on tunnelling induced ground deformation in reinforced soils A. Juneja & N.S. Roshan Dynamic centrifuge tests on shallow tunnel models in dry sand G. Lanzano, E. Bilotta, G. Russo, F. Silvestri & S.P.G. Madabhushi Centrifuge modelling on long-term behaviour of tunnels in transitional ground X.F. Ma, L. Yu, K. Soga & R. Laver Experimental study into tunnel face collapse in sand J. Messerli, E. Pimentel & G. Anagnostou Model tests for the evaluation of formation and expansion of a cavity in the ground M. Sato & R. Kuwano Local deformation characteristics of a cavity in model ground Y. Tsutsumi, R. Kuwano & M. Sato Modeling of tunnel lining deformation due to face instability H. Walter, C.J. Coccia, R.B. Wallen, H.Y. Ko & J.S. McCartney Centrifuge modelling of passive failure of tunnel face in saturated sand K.S. Wong, C.W.W. Ng, Y.M. Chen & X.C. Bian Physical model testing on earth pressure balance shield machine tunnelling in sand strata Q.W. Xu, X.R. Ge, H.H. Zhu, Y.B. Fu & X.S. Wu Centrifuge modelling of a steel pipe umbrella arch for tunnelling in clay C.H. Yeo, F.H. Lee, A. Hegde & A. Juneja 7 Pipelines Investigation of axial/lateral interaction of pipes in dense sand N. Daiyan, S. Kenny, R. Phillips & R. Popescu Model tests on behaviour of buried pipes in a large soil chamber under cyclic loading D.H. Ko & R. Kuwano Centrifuge and discrete element modelling of tunnelling effects on pipelines A.M. Marshall, I. Elkayam, A. Klar & R.J. Mair Experimental study of buried plastic pipes in reinforced soil under cyclic-loads S.N. Moghaddas Tafreshi & O. Khalaj Soil-pipeline behaviour in lateral buckling on dense sand A. Rismanchian & W.H. Craig Centrifuge model tests on the dynamic response of sewer trunk culverts J. Tohda, H. Yoshimura, A. Ohsugi, K. Nakanishi, Y. Inoue, H.Y. Ko & R.B. Wallen Full-scale testing of buried extensible pipes subject to axial soil loading D. Wijewickreme & L. Weerasekara Dynamic response of sewer pipes buried in sloping-sided ditches H. Yoshimura, J. Tohda, T. Shimazu, H. Nishida, Y. Inoue, H.Y. Ko & R.B. Wallen 8 Shallow foundations Centrifuge modelling of the interaction between fault rupture and rows of rigid, shallow foundations W. Ahmed & M.F. Bransby Centrifuge modelling of the behaviour of flexible raft foundations on clay and sand A. Arnold, J. Laue, T. Espinosa & S.M. Springman Bearing capacity of shallow foundations on slopes: Experimental analysis on reduced scale models F. Castelli & V. Lentini Centrifuge modelling of bridge system with rocking footings L. Deng, B.L. Kutter, S. Kunnath & T.B. Algie Cyclic load testing facility for pavement model testing C.T. Gnanendran, J. Piratheepan & J. Ramanujam Incremental cyclic load on footing: Coefficient of elastic uniform compression of sand S.N. Moghaddas Tafreshi & M. Ahmadi An experimental study on the instability of drill rigs during self propelling in site T. Hori, S. Tamate & N. Suemasa Cyclic deformations of foundations for offshore wind turbine structures H. Wienbroer, G. Huber & Th. Triantafyllidis Response of confining pile skirted footings N. Unnikrishnan & P. Sachin VOLUME 2 9 Single piles Physical modelling for pile foundation re-use L. Begaj Qerimi & A.M. McNamara Physical model testing and FE analyses of base resistance of bored piles in sand D. Cadogan, K. Gavin & A. Tolooiyan Full-field stress and strain measurements during pile installation J. Dijkstra & W. Broere The installation resistance of open-ended piles P. Doherty & K. Gavin Predicting axial pile load capacity A.M. Elgamal, A.E. El Nimr, A.A. Dif & A.K. Gabr On the shaft capacity of non-displacement piles in sand from centrifuge tests V. Fioravante, L. Guerra & M.B. Jamiolkowski Modelling helical screw piles in clay using a transparent soil C.C. Hird & S.A. Stanier Field tests using an instrumented model pipe pile in sand D. Igoe, K. Gavin & B. O'Kelly Bearing capacity of CHD piles compared to traditional piling techniques in sand J.R. Jeffrey, M.J. Brown, T. Schwamb & J. Ball Centrifuge model tests on suction pile pullout loading capacity in sand Y. Kim, K. Kim, Y. Cho & S. Bang Large-scale model tests on uplift ultimate capacity of enlarged base piles L.G. Kong, G.Q. Zhang, R.P. Chen & Y.M. Chen Measurement of soil displacements near a cylindrical penetrometer W.W. Liu, C.M. Cox, D.J. Reddish & E.A. Ellis Influence of pile tip geometry on soil displacements around driven piles in layered ground Y. Mascarucci, S. Miliziano, A.M. McNamara & M. Pasqualetti Model tests for reducing installation forces in jacked sheet piling A.M. McNamara, A. Hijazi & R. Gorasia Conceptual techniques for full-scale physical modeling of pressed-in pile behavior G.N. Meshcheryakov & M.P. Doubrovsky Pile response due to effective lateral soil movement H.Y. Qin & W.D. Guo An investigation of the performance of a monopiled-footing foundation K.J.L. Stone, T. Newson & M. El Marassi The effect of pile shape on the horizontal shaft stress during installation in sand S. Taenaka, D.J. White & M.F. Randolph Physical modelling of helical screw piles in sand C.H.C. Tsuha, N. Aoki, G. Rault, L. Thorel & J. Garnier In-flight investigation of excavation effects on smooth single piles G. Zheng, S.Y. Peng, Y. Diao & C.W.W. Ng 10 Pile groups An experimental investigation on interference of piled rafts in soft soil S.P. Bajad, R.B. Sahu & N. Som Load transfer mechanisms of piled raft foundations V. Fioravante & D. Giretti Stiffness of piled raft foundations V. Fioravante, D. Giretti & M.B. Jamiolkowski Model tests on free-standing passive pile groups in sand W.D. Guo & E.H. Ghee The deformation pattern around a pile group under lateral loading in sand M. Hajialilue-Bonab, H. Azarnya-Shahgoli, F.B. Sarand & M.H. Mohassel An experimental study of the vertical bearing mechanism of piled raft foundations S. Nishimoto, K. Tomisawa & S. Miura Modelling the performance of linear minipile groups A.V. Rose & R.N. Taylor Mechanical behavior of piled raft foundation in sand subjected to static horizontal load K. Sawada, J. Takemura, J. Izawa & S. Seki 11 Piles under cyclic and dynamic loads Far-field seismic soil-pile-raft interaction in normally consolidated kaolin clay S. Banerjee, S.H. Goh, F.H. Lee & M. Kang Measuring the apparent density change near a cyclically loaded displacement pile in sand J. Dijkstra, W. Broere & A.F. van Tol Centrifuge experiments on laterally loaded piles with wings J. Duhrkop, J. Grabe, B. Bienen, D.J. White & M.F. Randolph Effects of inclined piles on the seismic performances of pile groups S. Escoffier, J.L. Chazelas & N. Chenaf Stress paths measured around a cyclically loaded pile in a calibration chamber P.Y. Foray, C.H.C. Tsuha, M. Silva, R.J. Jardine & Z.X. Yang Pore pressure measurements during rapid pile load tests in a geotechnical centrifuge P. Hoelscher, H. van Lottum, A. Bezuijen & A.F. van Tol Pile-sheet pile combined foundation subjected to lateral and moment loading J. Izawa, J. Takemura, H. Yamana, Y. Ishihama & M. Takagi Static and cyclic lateral pile behavior in clay M. Khemakhem, N. Chenaf, J. Garnier, G. Rault, L. Thorel & C. Dano Centrifuge modelling of a laterally cyclic loaded pile R.T. Klinkvort, C.T. Leth & O. Hededal Centrifuge modelling of mono-pile under cyclic lateral loads Z. Li, S.K. Haigh & M.D. Bolton Static and cyclic lateral response of battered piles in clay S. Mary Prabha & A. Boominathan Lateral loading of tripod foundations in sand E. Ozsu, B. Teymur & M. Rouainia An experimental investigation of piles in sand subjected to lateral cyclic loads P. Peralta & M. Achmus Design of an instrumented model pile for axial cyclic loading M.H.J. Rakotonindriana, A. Le Kouby, S. Buttigieg, F. Derkx, L. Thorel & J. Garnier P-y curves on model piles: Uncertainty identification F. Rosquoet, L. Thorel, J. Garnier & M. Khemakhem Investigation of the self-healing effect of monopile foundations O. Solf, P. Kudella & Th. Triantafyllidis 12 Offshore systems Installation resistance and bearing capacity of a shallow skirted foundation in clay H.E. Acosta-Martinez & S. Gourvenec Centrifuge study of the bearing capacity increase of a shallow footing due to preloading B. Bienen, C. Gaudin & M.J. Cassidy Experimental investigation of punch-through potential for spudcan foundations M.S. Hossain & M.F. Randolph Jack-up reinstallation near a footprint cavity V.W. Kong, M.J. Cassidy & C. Gaudin Physical modeling of suction caissons C.M.A.R. Melo, S. Tibana, F. Saboya, R.M. Reis, R.R. Sobrinho, J.D. Vieira & V.M. del Aguila Study of soil-pipeline interaction under vertical and horizontal loading in very soft soil M. Orozco-Calderon & P.Y. Foray Behaviour of a breakwater in liquefied silty soil under wave loadings V. Oztug, B. Teymur & S. Cokgor Installation process of suction anchors in Gulf of Guinea clay: Centrifuge modelling L. Thorel, J. Garnier, G. Rault, H. Dendani & J.L. Colliat Centrifuge anchor dragging tests in sand and clay H. van Lottum, H.J. Luger & A. Bezuijen Centrifuge model tests of helical anchors in clay D. Wang, C. Gaudin, R.S. Merifield & Y. Hu Study of soil movements around a penetrating spudcan Y. Xie, C.F. Leung & Y.K. Chow Study of wave impact on a cylindrical breakwater by means of centrifuge model tests G.M. Xu, Z.Y. Cai, X.W. Gu, M.M. Jiang, Z.X. Wang, Y. Gu & X. Su Dynamic response of a single and a 4-bucket foundations J.H. Zhang, Y.M. Zhang & X.B. Lu 13 Slopes Modelling of submarine slides in the geotechnical centrifuge N. Boylan, C. Gaudin, D.J. White & M.F. Randolph Influence of ground anchors on topographic amplification at slope crests A.J. Brennan, N.I. Thusyanthan & S.P.G. Madabhushi Physical modeling of a drainage system on a layered sandy-clayey slope F. Gabrieli, E. Grigoletto & S. Cola Centrifuge modelling of submarine landslide flows C.S. Gue, K. Soga, M.D. Bolton & N.I. Thusyanthan Physical modeling of slope failure during slope cutting work K. Itoh, Y. Toyosawa, S. Timpong & N. Suemasa Reinforced slope modelling using optical fibre sensors and PIV analysis E. Kapogianni, J. Laue & M.G. Sakellariou Centrifuge modeling of slope failures induced by rainfall H. Ling, H.I. Ling, L. Li & T. Kawabata Centrifuge modelling of root reinforcement of slopes R. Sonnenberg, M.F. Bransby, P.D. Hallett, A.G. Bengough & M.C.R. Davies Simulating shallow failure in slopes due to heavy precipitation S. Tamate, N. Suemasa & T. Katada Evaluation of performance of soil-nailed slopes subjected to seepage in a centrifuge B.V.S. Viswanadham & V. Deepa Centrifuge model studies on the behavior of geocomposite reinforced soil slopes B.V.S. Viswanadham & D.V. Raisinghani Centrifuge modelling of slope stabilisation using a discrete pile row B.S. Yoon & E.A. Ellis 14 Dams and embankments Real-time monitoring of full-scale levee testing T. Abdoun, V. Bennett, R. Dobry, A. Koelewijn & S. Thevanayagam Effect of drainage zoning and deeply placed plinth on CFGD Y.W. Choo, D.S. Kim, K.H. Kim, D.H. Shin, E.S. Im, S.E. Cho & H.G. Park Centrifuge modeling of transverse cracking in dam core Y.J. Hou, Q.F. Niu, Z.P. Xu, J.H. Liang, S. Peng & B.Y. Zhang Modelling the behaviour of reinforced embankments on the peat Caroni swamp A. Mwasha, R. Ramnarine & R. Atkinson Physical modeling studies to evaluate performance of New Orleans levees during hurricanes I. Sasanakul, T. Abdoun & M. Sharp Dike breaching due to overtopping L. Schmocker, W.H. Hager & R.M. Boes Computer simulations and physical modelling of erosion C.S. Stuetzle, J. Gross, Z. Chen, B. Cutler, W.R. Franklin, K. Perez & T. Zimmie Physical modelling of embankment vulnerability W. Vanadit-Ellis, L. Davis & M. Sharp Influence of sand and scale on the piping process-experiments and multivariate analysis V.M. van Beek, J.G. Knoeff, J. Rietdijk, J.B. Sellmeijer & J. Lopez De La Cruz Centrifuge modeling of railway embankments in terms of high moisture content of soil V.V. Vinogradov, Y.K. Frolovsky & A.A. Zaitsev Centrifuge modeling of a geotextile-reinforced slope during earthquake L. Wang, G. Zhang & J.M. Zhang Study on the mechanism of hydraulic fracturing by centrifuge modeling tests Z.P. Xu, J.H. Liang & Y.J. Hou 15 Natural hazards and protection measures A simple model to simulate the full-scale behaviour of falling rock protection barriers S. de Miranda, C. Gentilini, G. Gottardi, L. Govoni & F. Ubertini A centrifuge experiment to derive insight on rock fragmentation within sturzstroms B. Imre, J. Laue & S.M. Springman Physical modelling to better understand rock avalanches I. Manzella & V. Labiouse Application of wave barriers as a countermeasure against train-induced ground vibrations R. Motamed, K. Itoh, S. Hirose, A. Takahashi & O. Kusakabe Centrifuge modelling of ground vibration isolation with geofoam barriers C. Murillo, L. Thorel & B. Caicedo Optical investigation through a flowing saturated granular material N. Sanvitale, R. Genevois & E.T. Bowman Physical modeling of debris flows over flexible ring net barriers J. Speerli, R. Hersperger, C. Wendeler & A. Roth Field testing of net structures for railway track protection in rocky regions A.A. Zaitsev, M.G. Sokovikh & T.A. Gugushvily 16 Ground improvement Centrifuge modelling of piled embankments R. Aslam & E.A. Ellis 3D load transfer in pile-supported earth platforms over soft soils: Centrifuge modeling G. Baudouin, L. Thorel & G. Rault Compensation grouting research, the influence of the physical model A. Bezuijen, A.F. van Tol & M.P.M. Sanders Performance and observations of model stone column foundations J.A. Black, V. Sivakumar & A.L. Bell The uncertainties of using replacement soil for controlling settlement A.K. Gabr Underwater vacuum preloading of soft clay using different drain spacings L.W. Hu, N.L. Lee & C.W.W. Ng A multi-scale analysis method for partially improved ground and its experimental verification A. Ishikawa, Y. Shamoto, K. Terada & T. Kyoya Centrifuge tests on column type mixing improved ground with surface improvement M. Kitazume & K. Maruyama Performance of foundation formed from hydraulic fill sand by centrifugal modeling S.H. Liu, G.M. Xu, Z.Y. Cai, J.L. Li & Y.H. Li 1g model test on granular soil columns for ground improvement of very soft soil F. Rackwitz & M. Schussler Compressive behavior of honeycomb modular drainage tanks M. Rezania, P. Cullen, A.A. Javadi & M.M. Nezhad Pile-supported earth platforms: Two approaches with physical models L. Thorel, J.C. Dupla, G. Rault, J. Canou, G. Baudouin, A.Q. Dinh & B. Simon Evaluation of seismic resistance of pile foundation in composite ground K. Tomisawa & S. Miura Study of a multi-element composite foundation of concrete columns and sand columns X.Z. Wang & L.F. Wang Centrifuge study on the "set-up" effect induced by sand compaction pile installation J.T. Yi, S.H. Goh & F.H. Lee Seismic performance of mixed module columns and rigid inclusions X. Zhang, P.Y. Foray, Ph. Gotteland, S. Lambert & H. Alsaleh 17 Liquefaction Effect of permeability on soil-structure response to earthquake lateral loading L. Gonzalez, D. Lucas, T. Abdoun & R. Dobry Characteristics of horizontal subgrade reaction of piles in liquefiable sand S. Imamura Dynamic stability of oil tank supported by piled-raft foundation on liquefiable sand S. Imamura, T. Yagi & J. Takemura Evolution of shear modulus during liquefaction in 1-D centrifuge shaking table tests C.J. Lee, Y.C. Wei, W.Y. Hung & H.T. Chen Experimental and numerical verification of earthquake triggered slope failure L. Li & Y. Hata Liquefaction and reconsolidation in a 1-g shake-box testing device D. Rebstock, H. Wienbroer & G. Huber Measuring shaft friction during earthquakes M.E. Stringer & S.P.G. Madabhushi Uplift behaviour of buried structures under strong shaking T. Tobita, G.-C. Kan & S. Iai Multidirectional shaking table tests on model piles in saturated sand T.S. Ueng & C.H. Chen 18 Environmental geotechnics Effect of sheet pile on contamination transport through the soil A.M. Basha, I. Rashwan, A. El Nimr & A.K. Gabr New thermal cell for measuring thermal conductivity of soils S.S. Hamuda, M. Rouainia & B.G. Clarke Centrifuge techniques and apparatus for transport experiments in porous media E.D. Mattson, C.D. Palmer, R.W. Smith & M. Flury Cyclic behaviour of iron mining tailings using centrifuge mini-CPT tests H.P.G. Motta, M.S.S. Almeida, J.G.A. Pequeno, J.R.M.S. Oliveira & T.J. Esposito Testing of an expansive clay in a centrifuge permeameter M.D. Plaisted & J.G. Zornberg Physical modelling for ecological geotechnics S. Sassa & Y. Watabe Effect of geogrid reinforcement on the deformation behavior of landfill covers B.V.S. Viswanadham & S. Rajesh

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  • 1st Class Delivery: Yes
  • Courier Delivery: Yes
  • Store Delivery: Yes

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