Political Communication (Sage Benchmarks in Communication)

Political Communication (Sage Benchmarks in Communication)

By: Philip Seib (editor)Hardback

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This collection provides an overview of the broad landscape of political communication, with material suited for the theorist and the more practically inclined. The main criterion for organizing this collection was diversity -- presenting a range of authors and ideas. The contributions cover a span of almost eighty years, beginning with an article from 1927 and culminating with work from the first decade of the 21st century. Some of the authors are famous scholars and some are little known, but each article is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and fits into an appropriate place. A compelling case can be made that political change throughout the world is being driven, directly and indirectly, by political communication. That should provide great incentive to the researchers whose yet-to-be-written articles will be the descendants of the works collected in these volumes. Part One: Theories and Principles Part Two: Watching Government, Affecting Policy Part Three: Affecting the Political Process Part Four: Public opinion, the public's agenda, and the press Part Five: Campaigns and Elections Part Six: Global Conversation Part Seven: The Rise of New Media

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Volume One PART ONE: THEORIES AND PRINCIPLES Media Logic and Political Communication - David L Altheide The News Media as Political Institution - Timothy E Cook Looking Backward and Looking Forward The Effects of Frames in Political Television News on Issue Interpretation and Frame Salience - Claes H De Vreese The Theory of Political Propaganda - Harold D Lasswell Gatekeeping, Indexing and Live-Event News - Steven Livingston and W Lance Bennett Is Technology Altering the Construction of News? The Political Economy of Communication and the Future of the Field - Robert W McChesney Turned-out Voters? Media Impact on Campaigns - Pippa Norris The Ethics of Political Communication - Manuel Pares I Maicas The Emotional Deficit in Political Communication - Barry Richards Notes on the Language of Politics - Lindsay Rogers The News Media as Political Institutions - Michael Schudson The Indexing Process in Communication - Percy H Tannenbaum What Voters Learn from Media - David Weaver Communication Agencies and the Volume of Propaganda - Malcolm M Willey PART TWO: WATCHING GOVERNMENT, AFFECTING POLICY Toward a Theory of Press-State Relations in the United States - W Lance Bennett None Dare Call It Torture - W Lance Bennett, Regina G Lawrence and Steven Livingston Indexing and the Limits of Press Independence in the Abu Ghraib Scandal Who Influences Whom? The President, Congress and the Media - George C Edwards III and B Dan Wood Cascading Activation - Robert Entman Contesting the White House's Frame after 9/11 The Media, the War in Vietnam and Political Support - Daniel C Hallin A Critique of the Thesis of an Oppositional Media The Movement and the Media - Corwin R Kruse Framing the Debate over Animal Experimentation Misperceptions, the Media and the Iraq War - Steven Kull, Clay Ramsay and Evan Lewis Humanitarian Crises and US Foreign Policy - Steven Livingston and Todd Eachus Somalia and the CNN Effect Reconsidered Bad News or Good News - Philip Lowe and David Morrison Environmental Politics and the Mass Media Bad News, Bad Governance - Thomas E Patterson Communication Patterns and the Problems of Representative Government in Non-Western Societies - Lucien W Pye Interest Groups, the Media and Policy Debate Formation - Nayda Terkildsen, Frauke I Schnell and Cristina Ling An Analysis of Message Structure, Rhetoric and Source Cues Privacy, Politics and the Press - Dennis F Thompson Entertainment or Education - Danielle C Vinson and John S Ertter How Do Media Cover the Courts? Effects of News Coverage on Policy Attention and Actions - Itzhak Yanovitzky A Closer Look at the Media-Policy Connection Volume Two PART ONE: AFFECTING THE POLITICAL PROCESS Freedom as a Value in Arab Media - Hussein Amin Perceptions and Attitudes among Journalists Community Media - Nico Carpentier, Rico Lie and Jan Servaes Muting the Democratic Media Discourse? Public Journalism and Public Knowledge - Anthony J Eksterowicz, Robert Roberts and Adrian Clark On Electronic Public Space - Susan Herbst Talk Shows in Theoretical Perspective The Television Personality in Politics - Kurt Lang and Gladys Engel Lang Some Considerations New Frontiers in Political Professionalism - Paolo Mancini Beyond Simple Exposure - Jack M McLeod and Daniel G McDonald Media Orientations and Their Impact on Political Processes Community, Communication and Participation - Jack M McLeod, Dietram A Scheufle and Patricia Moy The Role of Mass Media and Interpersonal Discussion in Local Political Participation Revisiting the Civic Duty to Keep Informed in the New Media Environment - Paula Poindexter and Maxwell E McCombs Why Conversation Is Not the Soul of Democracy - Michael Schudson Television and Authoritarianism - James Shanahan Exploring the Concept of Mainstreaming Mass Media Use, Issue Knowledge and Political Involvement - Alexis S Tan Out of the Theaters and into the Streets - David Whiteman A Coalition Model of the Political Impact of Documentary Film and Video PART TWO: PUBLIC OPINION, THE PUBLIC'S AGENDA AND THE PRESS News Frames, Political Cynicism and Media Cynicism - Joseph N Cappella and Kathleen Hall Jamieson Prime Suspects - Franklin D Gilliam and Shanto Iyengar The Influence of Local Television News on the Viewing Public Turning the Spotlight Inward - Thomas J Johnson and Timothy Boudreau with Chris Glowaki How Five Leading News Organizations Covered the Media in the 1992 Presidential Election Why Americans Don't Trust the Media - David A Jones A Preliminary Analysis The Press and Public Opinion - Walter Lippmann The Agenda-Setting Function of Mass Media - Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw Setting the Agenda of Attributes in the 1996 Spanish General Election - Maxwell McCombs, Esteban Lopez-Escobar and Juan Pablo Llamas Media Framing of a Civil Liberties Conflict and Its Effect on Tolerance - Thomas E Nelson, Rosalee A Clawson and Zoe M Oxley What Moves Public Opinion? - Benjamin I Page, Robert y Shapiro and Glenn R Dempsey Media, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy - Stuart N Soroka The Agenda-Setting Effects of International News Coverage - Wayne Wanta and Y W Hu An Examination of Differing News Frames Volume Three PART ONE: CAMPAIGNS AND ELECTIONS Can the Press Monitor Campaign Advertising? An Experimental Study - Stephen Ansolabehere and Shanto Iyengar Messages Received - Larry M Bartels The Political Impact of Media Exposure Criteria for Evaluating Political Campaign Webpages - Pamela J Benoit and William L Benoit Voters, Candidates and Campaigns in the New Information Age - Michael X Delli Carpini An Overview and Assessment Voter Learning in the 2004 Presidential Election - Dan Drew and David Weaver Did the Media Matter? A Spot Check - Stephen E Finkel and John G Greer Casting Doubt on the Demobilizing Effect of Attack Advertising Why Are American Presidential Election Campaign Polls So Variable When Votes Are So Predictable? - Andrew Gelman and Gary King Talking Tough - Elisabeth Gidengil and Joanna Everitt Gender and Reported Speech in Campaign News Coverage Presidential Performance Criteria - Doris A Graber and David Weaver The Missing Element in Election Coverage Sound Bite News - Daniel C Hallin Television Coverage of Elections 1968-1988 Public Opinion in Television Election News - Stephanie Greco Larson Beyond Polls Voting Alone - Carolyn Marvin and Peter Simonson The Decline of Bodily Mass Communication and Public Sensationalism in Presidential Elections From Contest to Content - Judy McGregor, Susan Fountaine and Margie Comrie The Impact of Public Journalism on New Zealand Election Campaign Coverage Political Image Makers and the Mass Media - Dan Nimmo Does the Watchdog Bite? Newspaper Ad Watch Articles and Political Attack Ads - Patrick B O'Sullivan and Seth Geiger The Press and the Local Candidate - David Rosenbloom The Journalism of Opinion - Catherine A Steele and Kevin G Barnhurst Network News Coverage of US Presidential Campaigns Volume Four PART ONE: GLOBAL CONVERSATION Understanding International Discourse - Anantha S Babbili Political Realism and the Non-Aligned Nations Political Communication as an Instrument of Foreign Policy - W Phillips Davison An Outline for the Study of International Political Communications - W Phillips Davison and Alexander L George Framing US Coverage of International News - Robert Entman Contrasts in Narratives of the KAL and Iran Air Incidents Global Communication and Foreign Policy - Eytan Gilboa The Barriers to Media Opening in Latin America - Sallie Hughes and Chappell Lawson Excavating Concealed Tradeoffs - Ellen Mickiewicz How Russians Watch the News The 'Americanization' of Political Communication - Ralph Negrine and Stylianos Papathanassopoulos A Critique Political Communication Culture in the United States and Germany - Barbara Pfetsch Media Discourse on Globalization and Terror - Andrew Rojecki Framing European Politics - Holli A Semetko and Patti M Valkenburg A Content Analysis of Press and Television News International Political Communication - Hans Speier Elite versus Mass PART TWO: THE RISE OF NEW MEDIA Patterns of Internet and Traditional News Media Use in a Networked Community - Scott L Althaus and David Tewksbury The New Media and Our Political Communication Discontents - Jay Blumer and Michael Gurevitch Democratizing Cyberspace The Internet, Public Spheres and Political Communication - Peter Dahlgren Dispersion and Deliberation Cyberspace and the End of Politics - Vincent Mosco and Derek Foster 'Connecting' and 'Disconnecting' with Civic Life - Dhavan V Shah, Nojin Kwak and R Lance Holbert Patterns of Internet Use and the Production of Social Capital A Not-So World Wide Web - Geoffry Taubman The Internet, China and the Challenges to Non-Democratic Rule Virtual Soundbites - Howard Tumber and Michael Bromley Political Communication in Cyberspace

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