Ponderings A Treatise on Personal Growth, Relationship and Spiritual Awareness

Ponderings A Treatise on Personal Growth, Relationship and Spiritual Awareness

By: Jeanne O'Connor (author)eBook
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By Warren Resen Ponderings is a book that explores personal relationships, values, morays and customs in a way that will direct the reader to a more meaningful, more satisfying, peaceful life. The topics cover such things as Marriage vs. Living Together, a common occurrence in the Western World today. The pros and cons of these two different, yet, in many ways similar lifestyles, are discussed in a way that offers anyone pondering which way to go, the ability to make an informed, educated decision. Divorce and separation are also common occurrences in todays world. The writer offers examples of how to cope with these situations and move on with your life. Personal growth, life changing experiences and forgiveness are some of the other things this book deals with. Whether you belong to a formal religion or not, the segment on Spiritual Awareness is something anyone can benefit from. This section explores the human predicament, the nature of man, and humanitys struggle, as well as its unity and its growth. How you live your life is important but the sections of the book starting with Death-an Element of Life, discusses the final part of our physical life and what death means, how to handle it, and the effects on those left behind. Ponderings celebrates life in all its aspects, with all its shadings, the relationships between people, their growth and their struggles, and offers suggestions for self-improvement. The prose and poetry at the end of the book are for your pleasure and embody all the principles within its text.

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