Psychology of Attitudes

Psychology of Attitudes

By: Geoff Haddock (editor), Gregory R. Maio (editor)Hardback

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'The attitude concept is at the core of social psychology. This innovative publication provides the most comprehensive collection ever assembled of classic and contemporary papers on the psychology of attitudes and attitude change. The editors have done a superb job of providing a thorough overview of this exciting field' - Mark Zanna, University of Waterloo More than 75 years ago, Gordon Allport stated that the attitude construct is the heart of social psychology. Allport's sentiment remains true today - people's evaluations of themselves, other individuals, groups and social issues are the core of the discipline. This four-volume set brings together important papers on the psychology of attitudes to serve as the most fully comprehensive collection on the attitude concept. Volume One: Attitude, Content, Structure, Function and Measurement Volume Two: Implications for Information-Processing and Behaviour Volume Three: Cognitive, Affective and Behavioural Processes that Shape Attitudes Volume Four: Roles of Brain, Body and Society

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I am interested in social values (e.g., equality, freedom, helpfulness), attitudes, and emotional processes. My two principal interests at the moment are projects examining psychological connections between values and behaviour (including the adoption of a healthy lifestyle) and adult mental representations of children.


VOLUME ONE: ATTITUDE CONTENT, STRUCTURE, FUNCTION AND MEASUREMENT PART ONE: WHAT ARE ATTITUDES? Attitudes - Mark Zanna and John Rempel A New Look at an Old Concept The Advantages of an Inclusive Definition of Attitude - Alice Eagly and Shelly Chaiken On the Automatic Activation of Attitudes - Russell Fazio et al A Model of Dual Attitudes - Timothy Wilson, Samuel Lindsey and Tonya Schooler The Meta-Cognitive Model (MCM) of Attitudes - Richard Petty, Pablo Brinol and Kenneth DeMarree Implications for Attitude Measurement, Change and Strength Attitude Construction - Norbert Schwarz Evaluation in Context PART TWO: HOW ARE ATTITUDES MEASURED? The Measurement of Attitudes - Jon Krosnick, Charles Judd and Bernd Wittenbrink Variability in Automatic Activation as an Unobtrusive Measure of Racial Attitudes - Russell Fazio et al A Bona Fide Pipeline? Measuring Individual Differences in Implicit Cognition - Anthony Greenwald, Debbie McGhee and Jordan Schwartz The Implicit Association Test PART THREE: THE WITCH OF ATTITUDE CONTENT Empirical Validation of Affect, Behavior and Cognition as Distinct Components of Attitude - Steven Breckler Assessing the Structure of Prejudicial Attitudes - Geoffrey Haddock, Mark Zanna and Victoria Esses The Case of Attitudes toward Homosexuals Measuring the Affective and Cognitive Properties of Attitudes - Stephen Crites Jr., Leandre Fabrigar and Richard Petty Conceptual and Methodological Issues PART FOUR: THE WITCH OF ATTITUDE STRUCTURE Beyond Bipolar Conceptualizations and Measures - John Cacioppo, Wendi Gardner and Gary Berntson The Case of Attitudes and Evaluative Space Positive and Negative Associations Underlying Ambivalent Attitudes - Yael de Liver, Joop van der Plight and Daniel Wigboldus PART FIVE: THE WITCH OF ATTITUDE FUNCTION The Role of Attitude Objects in Attitude Functions - Sharon Shavitt Accessible Attitudes as Tools for Object Appraisal - Russell Fazio Their Costs and Benefits VOLUME TWO:IMPLICATIONS FOR INFORMATION-PROCESSING AND BEHAVIOUR PART SIX: ATTITUDE STRENGTH Exploring the Latent Structure of Strength-Related Attitude Attributes - Penny Visser, George Bizer and Jon Krosnick PART SEVEN: ATTITUDES AND INFORMATION PROCESSING Biased Assimilation and Attitude Polarization - Charles Lord, Lee Ross and Mark Lepper The Effects of Prior Theories on Subsequently Recalled Evidence On the Orienting Value of Attitudes - David Roskos-Ewoldsen and Russell Fazio Attitude Accessibility as a Determinant of an Object's Attraction of Visual Attention Ambivalence and Persuasion - Gregory Maio, David Bell and Victoria Esses The Processing of Messages about Immigrant Groups PART EIGHT: WHEN DO ATTITUDES PREDICT BEHAVIOR? Attitude-Behavior Relations - Icek Ajzen and Martin Fishbein A Theoretical Analysis and Review of Empirical Research Attitudes and the Prediction of Behavior - Stephen Kraus A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature Attitude Accessibility as a Moderator of the Attitude-Perception and Attitude-Behavior Relations - Russell Fazio and Carol Williams An Investigation of the 1984 Presidential Election The Disruptive Effects of Explaining Attitudes - Timothy Wilson, Dolores Kraft and Dana Dunn The Moderating Effect of Knowledge about the Attitude Object On the Nature of Attitude-Behavior Relations - Rob Holland, Bas Verplanken and Ad van Knippenberg The Strong Guide, the Weak Follow PART NINE: HOW DO ATTITUDES PREDICT BEHAVIOR? Efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behavior - Christopher Armitage and Mark Conner A Meta-Analytic Review The Interplay between Goal Intentions and Implantation Implementation Intentions - Paschal Sheeran, Thomas Webb and Peter Gollwitzer Implicit and Explicit Measures of Attitudes - Michael Olson and Russell Fazio The Perspective of the MODE Model Reflective and Impulsive Determinants of Social Behavior - Fritz Strack and Roland Deutsch Habit and Intention in Everyday Life - Judith Ouellette and Wendy Wood The Multiple Processes by Which Past Behavior Predicts Future Behavior VOLUME THREE: COGNITIVE, AFFECTIVE AND BEHAVIOURAL PROCESSES THAT SHAPE ATTITUDES PART TEN: COGNITIVE PROCESSES THAT SHAPE ATTITUDES Personal Involvement as a Determinant of Argument-Based Persuasion - Richard Petty, John Cacioppo and Rachel Goldman The Elaboration Likelihood Model - Richard Petty and Duane Wegener Current Status and Controversies Heuristic and Systematic Information Processing within and beyond the Persuasion Context - Shelly Chaiken, Akiva Liberman and Alice Eagly Self-Validation Processes - Pablo Brinol and Richard Petty The Role of Thought Confidence in Persuasion PART ELEVEN: AFFECTIVE PROCESSES THAT SHAPE ATTITUDES Mood, Misattribution and Judgments of Well-Being - Norbert Schwarz and Gerald Clore Informative and Directive Functions of Affective States Subliminal Mere Exposure - Jennifer Monahan, Sheila Murphy and Robert Zajonc Specific, General and Diffuse Effects Reducing Automatically Activated Prejudice through Implicit Evaluative Conditioning - Michael Olson and Russell Fazio Walking the Tightrope between Feeling Good and Being Accurate - Rajagoal Raghunathan and Yaacov Trope Mood as a Resource in Processing Persuasive Messages PART TWELVE: BEHAVIORAL PROCESSES THAT SHAPE ATTITUDES Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance - Leon Festinger and James Carlsmith Self-Perception - Daryl Bem An Alternative Interpretation of Cognitive Dissonance Phenomena Affective-Cognitive Consistency and the Effect of Salient Behavioral Information on the Self-Perception of Attitudes - Shelly Chaiken and Mark Baldwin Dissonance and Self-Perception - Russell Fazio, Mark Zanna and Joel Cooper An Integrative View of Each Theory's Proper Domain of Application PART THIRTEEN: HIGHER-ORDER PROCESSES THAT SHAPE ATTITUDES Matching versus Mismatching Attitude Functions - Richard Petty and Duane Wegener Implications of Scrutiny of Persuasive Messages Beyond Vicary's Fantasies - Johan Karremans, Wolfgang Claus and Jasper Claus The Impact of Subliminal Priming and Brand Choice The Role of Transportation in the Persuasiveness of Public Narratives - Melanie Green and Timothy Brock VOLUME FOUR: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE ATTITUDES PART FOURTEEN: THE IMPLICIT AND THE EXPLICIT Discrepancies between Explicit and Implicit Self-Concepts - Pablo Brinol, Richard Petty and S. Christian Wheeler Consequences for Information Processing Associative and Propositional Processes in Evaluation - Bertram Gawronski and Galen Bodenhausen An Integrative Review of Implicit and Explicit Attitude Change Understanding Implicit and Explicit Attitude Change - Robert Rydell and Allen McConnell A Systems of Reasoning Analysis PART FIFTEEN: THE BODY AND ATTITUDES Rudimentary Determinants of Attitudes - John Cacioppo, Joseph Priester and Gary Berntson Arm Flexion and Extension Have Differential Effects on Attitudes (Close) Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Kerry Kawakami et al Improving Implicit Racial Attitudes and Interracial Interactions through Approach Behaviors Electromyographic Activity over Facial Muscle Regions Can Differentiate the Valence and Intensity of Affective Reactions - John Cacioppo et al Why Common Sense Goes out the Window - Tara MacDonald, Mark Zanna and Gregory Fong Effects of Alcohol on Intentions to Use Condoms The Heritability of Attitudes - James Olson et al A Study of Twins PART SIXTEEN: SOCIAL COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE AND ATTITUDES Performance on Indirect Measures of Race Evaluation Predicts Amygdala Activity - Elizabeth Phelps et al Separable Neural Components in the Processing of Black and White Faces - William Cunningham et al Do Amnesics Exhibit Cognitive Dissonance Reduction? The Role of Explicit Memory and Attention in Attitude Change - Matthew Lieberman et al PART SEVENTEEN: THE IMPACT OF TIME ON ATTITUDES Houses Built on Shifting Sand - Charles Lord et al Effects of Exemplar Stability on Resistance to Attitude Change Development of Attitude Strength over the Life Cycle - Penny Visser and Jon Krosnick Surge and Decline PART EIGHTEEN: PERSONAL AND NORMATIVE INFLUENCES ON ATTITUDES Extending the Bases of Subjective Attitudinal Ambivalence - Joseph Priester and Richard Petty Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Antecedents of Evaluative Tension Crafting Normative Messages to Protect the Environment - Robert Cialdini

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