Quantitative Social Science (Sage Benchmarks in Social Research Methods)

Quantitative Social Science (Sage Benchmarks in Social Research Methods)

By: Jacqueline Scott (editor), Yu U. Xie (editor)Hardback

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This Four-Volume Set constitutes the core of our understanding of contemporary societies, human behaviours, social institutions, and their evolutions in history. The demand for high-quality numerical and statistical social research is expansive and increasing. Often, advances in quantitative methods are discipline specific, and the cross-fertilization of ideas is poor. The aim of this collection is to bring together the best of quantitative social science articles from a diverse range of disciplines including sociology, economics, social policy, social geography, psychology, public heath, demography, criminology and education. The editors provide exemplars to show how different quantitative techniques are appropriate for addressing a broad range of social science questions. Unlike most methods texts, this collection focuses on the advances and uses of quantitative methods to address substantive issues within social sciences. The articles range from those that introduce basic quantitative concepts to those that discuss cutting-edge statistical advances. Volume One: Overview and Research Design Volume Two: Data Quality Volume Three: Data Analysis I Volume Four: Data Analysis II


Volume One: Overview and Research Design PART ONE: THEORY AND DEBATES What Is Wrong with 'Variable Sociology'? - Hartmut Esser Socio-Logic - Michael Mann Causation, Statistics and Sociology - John H Goldthorpe Gender, Methodology and People's Ways of Knowing - Ann Oakley Some Problems with Feminism and the Paradigm Debate in Social Science The Philosophical Foundations of Darwinism - Ernst Mayr Barking up the Wrong Branch - Stanley Lieberson and Freda B Lynn Scientific Alternatives to the Current Model of Sociological Science PART TWO: CAUSAL INFERENCE Statistics and Causal Inference - Paul W Holland Causal Inference in the Social Sciences - Michael E Sobel The Estimation of Causal Effects from Observational Data - Christopher Winship and Stephen L Morgan PART THREE: OBSERVATIONAL VERSUS EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES Natural and Quasi-Experiments in Economics - Bruce D Meyer Choice as an Alternative to Control in Observational Studies - Paul R Rosenbaum Statistics in Epidemiology - Norman E Breslow The Case-Control Study Moving to Opportunity in Boston - Lawrence F Katz, Jeffrey R Kling and Jeffrey B Liebman Early Results of a Randomized Mobility Experiment PART FOUR: ROLE OF TIME AND SPACE Of Time and Space - Andrew Abbott The Contemporary Relevance of the Chicago School The Cohort as a Concept in the Study of Social Change - Norman B Ryder Time, Human Agency and Social Change - Perspectives on the Life-Course - Glen H Elder Jr Job Relocation and the Racial Gap in Unemployment in Detroit and Chicago - Ted Mouw PART FIVE: GENETIC BASIS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR Genotype-Environment Interaction and Correlation in Analysis of Human Behavior - Robert Plomin, J C DeFries and John C Loehlin Sibling Models and Data in Economics - Beginnings of a Survey - Zvi Griliches PART SIX: LEVELS OF ANALYSIS Ecological Correlations and the Behavior of Individuals - W S Robinson Comparative Sociology and the Comparative Method - Charles C Ragin Rule for Inferring Individual-Level Relationships from Aggregate Data - Glenn Firebaugh Social Change, the Social Organization of Families and Fertility Limitation - William G Axinn and Scott T Yabiku PART SEVEN: INSTRUMENTAL VARIABLE APPROACH Identification of Causal Effects Using Instrumental Variables - Joshua D Angrist, Guido W Imbens and Donald B Rubin Problems with Instrumental Variables Estimation when the Correlation between the Instruments and the Endogenous Explanatory Variable Is Weak - John Bound, David A Jaeger and Regina M Baker Volume Two: Data Quality PART ONE: SAMPLING DESIGN AND WEIGHTING Inference from Complex Samples - L Kish and M R Frankel Regression Analysis of Data from Complex Surveys - D Holt, T M F Smith and P D Winter PART TWO: SURVEYS AND QUESTIONS The Life History Calendar - Deborah Freedman et al A Technique for Collecting Retrospective Data The Science of Asking Questions - Nora Cate Schaeffer and Stanley Presser Judgment in a Social Context - Biases, Shortcomings and the Logic of Conversation - Norbert Schwarz Problems in the Use of Survey Questions to Measure Public Opinion - Howard Schuman and Jacqueline Scott Integration of Fieldwork and Survey Methods - Sam D Sieber PART THREE: ARCHIVAL, TEXTUAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE DATA English Population History from Family Reconstitution - Summary Results 1600-1799 - E A Wrigley and Roger S Schofield The Press as a Source of Socio-Historical Data - Issues in the Methodology of Data Collection from Newspapers - Roberto Franzosi Multiple Networks and Mobilization in the Paris Commune, 1871 - Roger V Gould PART FOUR: SUMMARY MEASURES A Methodological Analysis of Segregation Analysis - Otis Dudley Duncan and Beverly Duncan Measures of Inequality - Paul D Allison Measures of Multigroup Segregation - Sean F Reardon and Glenn Firebaugh PART FIVE: SCALING AND INDEXING Convergent and Discriminant Validation by the Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix - Donald T Campbell and Donald W Fiske Conventional Wisdom on Measurement - A Stuctural Equation Perspective - Kenneth Bollen and Richard Lennox The Essential Process in a Family of Measurement Models - Geoffrey N Masters and Benjamin D Wright PART SIX: MISSING DATA Handling Missing Data in Survey Research - J Michael Brick and Graham Kalton Regression with Missing X's - A Review - Roderick J A Little An Analysis of Sample Attrition in Panel Data - The Michigan Panel Study of Income Dynamics - John Fitzgerald, Peter Gottschalk and Robert Moffitt Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling from a New Sample of Twins - Orly Ashenfelter and Alan Krueger PART SEVEN: CONTEXTUAL AND NETWORK DATA Social Contagion and Innovation - Cohesion versus Structural Equivalence - Ronald S Burt Community and Contraceptive Choice in Rural Thailand - Barbara Entwisle et al A Case Study of Nang Rong Ecometrics - Stephen W Raudenbush and Robert J Sampson Toward a Science of Assessing Ecological Settings with Application to the Systematic Social Observation of Neighbourhoods Concurrent Partnerships and the Spread of HIV - Martina Morris and Mirjam Kretzschmar Volume Three: Data Analysis I PART ONE: ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA Sunset Salvo - John W Tukey The Electronic Frontier - Exploring and Mapping Cyberspace - Michael Batty and Bob Barr How Should We Measure 'Change' - Or Should We? - Lee J Cronbach and Lita Furby Parental Divorce and Outcomes for Children - Maire Ni Bhrolchain et al Evidence and Interpretation Making the Most of Statistical Analyses - Gary King, Michael Tomz and Jason Wittenberg Improving Interpretation and Presentation PART TWO: COVARIATES AS CONTROLS IN OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES Analysis of Covariance - Its Nature and Uses - William G Cochran Sex Differences in Research Productivity - Yu Xie and Kimberlee A Shauman New Evidence about an Old Puzzle Reducing Bias in Observational Studies Using Subclassification on the Propensity Score - Paul R Rosenbaum and Donald B Rubin PART THREE: DEMOGRAPHIC APPROACH Heterogeneity Ruses - Some Surprising Effects of Selection on Population Dynamics - James W Vaupel and Anatoli I Yashin Differential Fertility, Intergenerational Educational Mobility and Racial Inequality - Robert D Mare PART FOUR: BAYESIAN APPROACH Bayesian Analysis - James O Berger A Look at Today and Thoughts of Tomorrow Bayesian Model Selection in Social Research - Adrian E Raftery Causal Heterogeneity in Comparative Research - Bruce Western A Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling Approach Why Isn't Everyone a Bayesian? - Bradley Efron PART FIVE: STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELS Path Analysis - Otis Dudley Duncan Sociological Examples The Decomposition in Effects of Path Analysis - Duane F Alwin and Robert M Hauser Recent Developments in Structural Equation Modeling - Karl G J[um]oreskog and Dag S[um]orbom A Model of Stratification with Response Error in Social and Psychological Variables - Robert M Hauser, Shu Ling Tsai and William H Sewell Latent Variables in Psychology and the Social Sciences - Kenneth A Bollen Causal Parameters and Policy Analysis in Economics - James J Heckman A Twentieth Century Retrospective PART SIX: ANALYSIS OF CONTINGENCY TABLES Using Association Models in Sociological Research - Some Examples - Clifford C Clogg The Log-Multiplicative Layer Effect Model for Comparing Mobility Tables - Yu Xie PART SEVEN: DISCRETE CHOICE MODELS Multinomial and Conditional Logit Discrete-Choice Models in Demography - Saul D Hoffman and Greg J Duncan Opportunity and Choice in Socially Structured Labor Markets - John A Logan Individual-Level Models for Mobility Tables in Other Cross-Classifications - Richard Breen Volume Four: Data Analysis II PART ONE: MULTI-LEVEL MODELS A Hierarchical Model for Studying School Effects - Stephen Raudenbush and Anthony S Bryk Multilevel Models in the Study of Dynamic Household Structures - Harvey Goldstein et al PART TWO: META ANALYSIS Fixed- and Random-Effects Models in Meta-Analysis - Larry V Hedges and Jack L Vevea PART THREE: ANALYSIS OF PANEL DATA Panel Models in Sociological Research - Charles N Halaby Theory into Practice The Effect of Arrests on Crime - A Multivariate Panel Analysis - David F Greenberg and Ronald C Kessler Longitudinal Analyses of the Effects of Trade Unions - Richard B Freeman PART FOUR: GROWTH-CURVE ANALYSIS Integrating Person-Centered and Variable-Centered Analyses - Bengt Muth[ac]en and Linda K Muth[ac]en Growth Mixture Modeling with Latent Trajectory Classes Application of Hierarchical Linear-Models to Assess Change - Anthony S Bryk and Stephen W Raudenbush PART FIVE: ANALYSIS OF EVENT HISTORY DATA Discreet Time Methods for the Analysis of Event Histories - Paul D Allison Dynamic Analysis of Event Histories - Nancy Brandon Tuma, Michael T Hannan and Lyle P Groeneveld PART SIX: SAMPLE SELECTION MODELS An Introduction to Sample Selection Bias in Sociological Data - Richard A Berk Models for Sample Selection Bias - Christopher Winship and Robert D Mare Anatomy of the Selection Problem - Charles F Manski Premarital Cohabitation and Subsequent Marital Dissolution - A Matter of Self-Selection - Lee A Lillard, Michael J Brien and Linda J Waite PART SEVEN: LATENT CLASS MODELS How Many Latent Classes of Delinquent/Criminal Careers? Results from Mixed Poisson Regression Analyses - Amy V D'Unger et al A Latent Class Analysis of Tolerance for Nonconformity in the American Public - Allan L McCutcheon PART EIGHT: SPATIAL AND NETWORK MODELS Under the Hood - Issues in the Specification and Interpretation of Spatial Regression Models - Luc Anselin Beyond Social Capital - Robert J Sampson, Jeffrey D Morenoff and Felton Earls Spatial Dynamics of Collective Efficacy for Children

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