Queen Cartel Gangster Blooded

Queen Cartel Gangster Blooded

By: Simmeon Anderson (author)eBook
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Queen Cartel Gangster Blooded is going to take you for an emotional roller-coaster ride. It will make you laugh, cry, and become very angry with some of the characters. This novel is nothing like you read before when it comes to dealing with the Crips and Bloods. In Cartel Kings and Gangsters: Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang!, Pinkey and Suzie were just two good girls that love bad guys. In Queen Cartel Gangster Blooded, Pinkey and Suzie take it to a whole different level with Shitty and Tanya. Shitty and Tanya just dont know how to leave well enough alone, but they are out for blood. They are going for some in one way or another. Pinkey and Suzie left New York City and moved up to Buffalo, New York, trying to get away from the madness, but somehow the madness keeps following them. James and his boys are going to have to come home and pick up the pieces and get even for his love and sister. If Pinkey is able to pull through some of these rough ordeals, the cartel might let her become el cartel raina contra el sangre la familia, but first they have to show strength and, most of all, survive the most troubling ordeal.

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