Quick & Easy Jigs and Fixtures

Quick & Easy Jigs and Fixtures

By: Kerry Pierce (author)eBook
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Simple, Astonishingly Effective Jigs You've Never Seen Anywhere Else

Add speed, accuracy and ease to almost every operation in your shop with this book of 16 ingenious jigs, clever workshop aids and amazing devices that you simply cannot buy in any store. These jigs are the helping hands that turn a bench-pounding frustrating glue-up into a calm, controlled and confident operation. They're the things that tool manufacturers should have added to all your tools, and they're the time-saving shortcuts you wish you'd thought of.

  • Cut accurate tenons on any curved shape with a one-piece table saw jig.
  • Trick your drill press to bore accurate mortises at any conceivable angle.
  • Sculpt elegant raised-panel doors with the safest and most adjustable jig ever.
  • Turn parts of any length (yes, any length) without ever moving your lathe's tool rest.
  • Secure parts of any shape to your bench with ever-obedient bench dogs and dirt-simple cradles.
  • Draw accurate arcs and circles that are out of range of all commercial compasses.

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  • publication date: 16/08/2005
  • ID: 9781558709270
  • book language: en
  • publisher: F+W Media
  • publisher imprint: Popular Woodworking Books

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