Rendering and Sketching with Markers: Looking at Metals

Rendering and Sketching with Markers: Looking at Metals

By: Donald Gerds (author)eBook


Markers are an amazing and very versatile tool but are sometimes under appreciated when it comes to drawing and sketching.  This is the first in a series of books especially written for the e-book devices which will teach rendering and marker techniques.  This book focuses on the concepts on how to use markers and how to create metal shapes using those markers.  The book contains step by step examples of how to create the metal looks for brass, stainless steel and aluminum from refrigerators to lamps. The book also contains many finished examples and photographs as real world examples to draw from.

This book is enhanced for e-book readers with color screens.


About the Author.

Donald A. Gerds is an award-winning designer holding a BFA and MA. Starting working for Douglas Aircraft in 1957 in there interior design department. In  1960 he started his own design office in 1965, returned to Douglas for the interior of the DC-10. In 1970 began teaching design at Santa Monica College.  He has written three books “Perspective the Grid System” “Markers for Advertising Comps” and “Markers for interiors, Exteriors and Product Design which is no longer in print.

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