Romeo & Juliet, The Easy Way Original Text With Modern Translation

Romeo & Juliet, The Easy Way Original Text With Modern Translation

By: Jackie Taylor (author)eBook


Read Romeo and Juliet, The Easy Way!

When Shakespeare was written it was intended to appeal to everyone in the audience, not just those with the ability and determination to plough through ancient Elizabethan English. The "Easy Way Series" was written so that anybody could pick up a copy of Romeo and Juliet and not only understand what's going on, but really enjoy what is often referred to as the greatest love story ever told.  

How does it work:

* The Easy Way Series contains the original text, with a modern translation below. This means that rather than getting lost, confused or pulling your hair out in a fit of insanity, you can quickly flick your eyes down the page and check what that phrase means in modern English. 

* At the end of each scene, there's an executive summary of what just happened. It's just a short recap and is there to make sure that you haven't missed any important parts of the story. If you're a naughty student, it's also your cheat sheet for writing A+ essays without any of the hard work. (Not that you'd do that of course!)

* There are also trivia sections which give a quick explanation of Elizabethan references and jokes that you might not have otherwise picked up on.

Of course, if you are blessed with a super IQ you can skip past the chapter summaries, trivia and character information and dive straight into the play itself.

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