Rosie Thomas 2-Book Collection One: Iris and Ruby, Constance

Rosie Thomas 2-Book Collection One: Iris and Ruby, Constance

By: Rosie Thomas (author)eBook


Two of Rosie Thomas’s best-loved titles, IRIS AND RUBY and CONSTANCE, packaged together for the first time as an ebook set. IRIS AND RUBY tells the story of mothers, daughters and the distance between three generations of one family. Stiflingly quiet and claustrophobic, Iris Black’s house is Cairo is suddenly disturbed by the unexpected arrival of her troubled and wilful teenage granddaughter, Ruby. Ruby has run away from England to seek solace with the grandmother she hasn’t seen for many years. As she helps Iris document her deteriorating memories of the glittering, cosmopolitan Cairo of World War Two, an unlikely bond is formed. In CONSTANCE, Connie Thorne was a foundling, a child left by her mother for strangers to find. Forty years on, she has put all her energy into creating a flawless shell for herself. Her sister Jeanette is her opposite in every way, yet they both fell in love with the same man, causing a huge rift between them. Years later, Jeanette contacts Connie to tell her she is dying. Can they put the past behind them and make their peace?

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  • publication date: 11/04/2013
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