Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications

Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications

By: Tomasz Nowakowski (editor), Sylwia Werbinska-Wojciechowska (editor), Anna Jodejko-Pietruczuk (editor), Marek Mlynczak (editor)Mixed Media

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Within the last fifty years the performance requirements for technical objects and systems were supplemented with: customer expectations (quality), abilities to prevent the loss of the object properties in operation time (reliability and maintainability), protection against the effects of undesirable events (safety and security) and the ability to restore performance (resilience). The need to adapt the operation of complex systems in such an uncertain and volatile environment has caused the necessity to formulate new and well established achievements associated with modeling, testing and evaluation of these properties. The concept of a complex system applies not only to the technical ones but also the infrastructure of major importance for social life such as transportation and logistics systems, buildings, power systems, water distribution systems or health services. Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications contains the proceedings of the 24th European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2014, Wroclaw, Poland, 14-18 September 2014), and discusses theories and methods and their applications in the areas of risk, safety and reliability. The abstracts book (408 pages) + full paper CD-ROM (2496 pages) will be of interest to researchers and practitioners, academics and engineers working in academic, industrial and governmental sectors.


Preface Acknowledgements Conference organization Introduction METHODOLOGY AREAS Accident and incident investigation and modelling Aeronautics and aerospace An incident reporting support system for airline cabin crew K. Furuta, K. Okano, T. Kanno, T. Mori & S. Shimizu Chemical process industry The effect of the environment conditions on the prediction of flammable cloud dispersion A.M. Schleder, M.R. Martins, E. Pastor & E. Planas Scenario identification in oil and gas industry: A case in the Middle East Z. Rezvani, P. Swuste & P. Hudson Civil engineering Analysis of roadside safety barrier using numerical model P. Hradil, J. Kala & V. Salajka Critical infrastructure Developing a framework for characterising cascading failures in past events to inform emergency response decisions H. Hassel, A. Cedergren, L. Svegrup & J. Johansson A critical evaluation of risk assessment methodology for natural gas pipeline J. Kraus An ontology-based approach to vulnerability and interdependency modelling for Critical Infrastructure systems P. Trucco & B. Petrenj Electrical engineering Renewable sources impact on power system reliability and nuclear safety A. Volkanovski & B. Gjorgiev Maritime transportation Titanic viewed from different perspectives on major accidents H. Kim & S. Haugen Usability of accident and incident reports for evidence-based risk modeling of ship grounding A. Mazaheri & J. Montewka Winter navigation at the Baltic Sea: An analysis of accidents occurred during winters 2002-2003 & 2009-2013 O.A. Valdez Banda, F. Goerlandt, J. Montewka & P. Kujala Rail transportation Structuring contributors to successful operation J. Vatn Road transportation Country Safety Performance Function and the factors affecting it K. Jamroz Method of dynamic identification of hazardous driver behaviour by traffic parameters detection M. Sumila & M. Siergiejczyk Waterborne transportation The method of risk management of accidental oil spills at sea K. Lazuga & L. Gucma Other reliability and safety areas The impact of new technologies on the safety level of air traffic in Poland K. Krzykowska & M. Siergiejczyk Black swan accidents: Predicting and preventing the unpredictable D.J. Winfield Analytical methods in system safety and reliability Aeronautics and aerospace Studies of the jet engine control quality based on its response to the disturbance inflicted on the object, designated from its response to the set point inflicted to the controller K. Golak, P. Lindstedt & R. Gradzki The mathematical formula of safety of aircrafts J. Lewitowicz, S. Rutkowski, R. Tomaska & A. Zyluk The reliability analysis of the satellite's driving system based on the IABCBLT method W. Peng, J. Zhang & L.J. Kan The effectiveness of the FMEA technology in the process of the aerospace product development J. Shuyuan, L. Fuqiu, W. Jinjing & L. Meinan Reliability modeling method of space mechanism considering dynamical cascading effects C.L. Tan, J.G. Zhang, P. Wang & L.J. Kan Chemical process industry Comparative analysis of calculation methods of pressure drops for two-phase flow through pipelines G. Boccardi, R. Trinchieri, R. Bubbico & B. Mazzarotta Critical infrastructure Empirical Bayes inference with nonlinear homogenizations and correlated intensity functions: Use in asset degradation modelling G. Blair, J. Quigley & L. Walls Dependence of the gas supply system criticality indicator(s) on the system elements' reliability B. Joksas, I. Zutautaite, J. Augutis & T. Rekasius Comparing societal consequence measures of outages in electrical distribution systems F. Landegren, J. Johansson & O. Samuelsson On the resilience analysis of interconnected systems by a set-theoretic approach X. Liu, I. Prodan & E. Zio A brief note on the ratio of the rectilinear and shortest distance between two arbitrary points on the 3-sphere M.A. Odijk & P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder A game-theoretical model to allocate security resources in a multi-modal transportation system facing adaptive adversaries L. Talarico, K. Soerensen & G. Reniers Electronic industry Assessment of the critical events sequences of systems by means of probabilistic languages D. Ionescu, N. Brinzei & J.F. Petin Energy production and distribution RAM analysis applied to decommissioning phase: Comparison and assessment of different methods to predict future failures E. Calixto & Y. Bot Reliability indices computation for a flow network with a series-parallel-reducible structure J. Malinowski Information technology and telecommunication Minimal cut sets and direct partial logic derivatives in reliability analysis M. Kvassay, E. Zaitseva & V. Levashenko On the probability of escaping a cell-in wireless networks C. Tanguy Maritime transportation Reliability analysis of ship-rope transporter with dependent components A. Blokus-Roszkowska & K. Kolowrocki Maritime traffic flow simulation in the Intelligent Transportation Systems theme A. Blokus-Roszkowska & L. Smolarek Modeling of event trees for the rapid scenario development M.K. Gerigk The influence of screw propellers manufacturing accuracy on conditions of the propulsion system operating E. Skupien Mechanical engineering Contribution to oil data assessment for system condition determination D. Valis & L. Zak Rail transportation Dependability and safety analysis of ERTMS level 3 using analytic estimation T. Babczynski & J. Magott Streamlining architectures for integrated safety analysis using Design Structure Matrices (DSMs) K. Hoefig, J.Z. Guo & A. Kazeminia The Markov reliability and safety model of the railway transportation system F.J. Restel Reliability analysis of rail teleinformation system M. Siergiejczyk Road transportation Premises of evaluation of the technical object suitability with including the quality of its maintenance and operation, and their initial conditions R. Gradzki, P. Lindstedt & K. Golak Bivariate reliability analysis of driving profiles in automobile fleets T. Koettermann, M. Grabert, S. Kempe & S. Bracke Attempt to apply the theory of reliability to assessment of signalised lane operation K. Ostrowski Reliability-exploitation analysis of power supply in transport telematics system A. Rosinski Reliability-maintenance analysis of highway emergency communication systems M. Siergiejczyk, J. Chmiel & A. Rosinski Hierarchical random models in road transport safety J. Wachnicka, K. Jamroz & L. Smolarek Other reliability and safety areas Overall regional risk analysis of four Norwegian municipalities R. Flage, O. Amundrud & H.S. Wiencke Modeling reliability of complex port transportation system K. Kolowrocki & J. Soszynska-Budny Reliability optimization of complex port transportation system K. Kolowrocki & J. Soszynska-Budny Involvement of expert judgement in dynamic model R. Krikstolaitis, A.E. Lutynska, S. Peciulyte & I. Zutautaite Anthropo-technical systems reliability D. Laskowski, P. Lubkowski, E. Pawlak & P. Stanczyk Cost-benefit analysis of surveillance technologies P.-H. Lin & C. van Gulijk Integrated estimation of pipeline failure probability I. Zutautaite, G. Dundulis, S. Rimkevicius & R. Janulionis Reliability and safety management Aeronautics and aerospace Reliability engineering interactions in aerospace products E.N. Cetin & A.S. Temiz An influence of the lifetime assessment in aviation technology K. Kustron & J. Lewitowicz Chemical process industry How managers should think about risk-a case study from the oil and gas industry T. Bjerga & T. Aven Balancing safety and performance through QRA and RAM analyses V. Borges & C. Hickey Public risk perception towards chemical process industry: Comprehension and response planning D. Botheju & K. Abeysinghe Risk assessment system for verifying the safety guards system based on the HAZOP analysis information A. Nakai, K. Isshiki & K. Suzuki Development of the Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) in oil and gas industry E.H. Park, K.P. Chang & S.T. Kim Civil engineering Development of functional safety standards for civil engineering E. Nachtigall & V. Shcherbina Mechanism design for risk allocation and benefit sharing in the development of a Geological Disposal Facility for nuclear radioactive waste O. Nieto-Cerezo, E. Patelli, J. Wenzelburger & M. Beer Optimization of the drinking water coagulation and filtration system as a result of reliability analysis and Life Cycle Costing J. Szymik-Gralewska & I. Zimoch Critical infrastructure Methods of visualizing the risk of lack of water supply I. Piegdon & B. Tchorzewska-Cieslak Electrical engineering Concept for development of safety-related filters O. Krini, J. Krini & J. Boercsoek Energy production and distribution Heat Supply System reliability management B. Babiarz Uncertainty in the regulation systems of temporary organizations: A challenge for improving the organizational reliability F. Mazzorana-Kremer, C. Martin & J.L. Wybo Solutions and safety barriers: The holistic approach to risk-reducing measures A. Sevcik & O.T. Gudmestad A multi-criteria decision model to mitigate the operational risks of offshore wind infrastructures M. Shafiee & A. Kolios Manufacturing and supply chain/logistic systems Evaluation of operational reliability of the supply chain in terms of the control and management of logistics processes I. Jacyna-Golda Effectiveness of national transport system according to costs of emission of pollutants M. Jacyna, K. Lewczuk, E. Szczepanski, P. Golebiowski, R. Jachimowski, M. Klodawski, D. Pyza, O. Sivets, M. Wasiak, J. Zak & I. Jacyna-Golda Experiments for PHM: Needs, developments and challenges X.-Y. Li, L. Liu, R. Kang, D. Xu, F. Sun & J. Lee Maritime transportation Effects of external audits on safety management systems: A case study of the Norwegian-managed maritime industry J.F. Aae, A.K. Sydnes & C. Heggoy Review of acceptable risk levels of bridge collapse in respect of ships collisions L. Gucma A new approach for evaluating the disruption risks of a seaport system A. John, R. Riahi, D. Paraskevadakis, A. Bury, Z. Yang & J. Wang Methodology for evaluation of barriers for rig move operations E. Okstad, S. Hauge, B.A. Mostue & H. Skar Natural resources and environment Performance of skimmers in the Arctic offshore oil spills M. Naseri & J. Barabady Nuclear engineering Rethinking nuclear safety management: Injunction as a meta-concept S. Agulhon, D. Pecaud & F. Guarnieri Using IRIDM & VTA to support the risk management of the research reactor Maria M. Borysiewicz, K. Kowal & S. Potempski Evaluation of risk impact of equipment ageing and asset management for LWR Gen II and III NPPs in the horizon 2020 S. Martorell, I. Marton, S. Carlos & A.I. Sanchez Rail transportation Safety of the new control command European System M. Siergiejczyk, M. Pawlik & S. Gago Software systems All swept up: An initial classification of NSA surveillance technology M. Cayford, C. van Gulijk & P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder Study of the security of processes running in computer operating systems I.J. Jozwiak & A. Szleszynski Control-in-the-loop Model Based Safety Analysis P.-Y. Piriou, J.-M. Faure & J.-J. Lesage Developing a shared information surface for offshore work permits S. Sarshar, G. Rindahl, C.S. Olsen, J.M. Rosok, M. Eskerud, O.G. Nedrebo, P.J. Berg & G. Misund Other reliability and safety areas Graphical technique for practical dependability management L. Barbera, A. Crespo, K. Kobbacy & P. Viveros A discussion of the risk-management and the rule-compliance regulation regimes in a security context S.H. Jore & A. Moen Risk management in anchor-handling operations: The balance between control and autonomy J. Royrvik, K. Skarholt, G.M. Lamvik & J.R. Jonassen Safety and environmental control of industrial activities in France: A negotiated relationship V. Sanseverino-Godfrin Risk assessment methods for improving urban security C. Schoppe, J. Zehetner, J. Finger, D. Baumann, U. Siebold & I. Haring Abstract representation of power system networks as a function of regularity properties A.B. Svendsen, T. Tollefsen, R.F. Pedersen, K.P. Petursson, D. Patel & O.D. Lampe Drinking water quality aspect in ensuring the safety of water supply systems I. Zimoch, E. Lobos & T. Zaba Dynamic reliability Aeronautics and aerospace Using dynamic risk modelling in Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR) N. Fota, M.H.C. Everdij, S.H. Stroeve, T. Krakenes, I. Herrera, J. Quinones, T. Contarino & A. Manzo Civil engineering Modification of response spectra by probabilistic approach V. Salajka, J. Kala, Z. Cada & P. Hradil Maritime transportation Dynamic Positioning systems with emphasis on harsh climate conditions T. Li, O.T. Gudmestad & A. Barabadi Mechanical engineering Wear time-dependent reliability analysis using Bayesian inference J. Feng, J. Zhang, J. Si & P. Wang Nuclear Engineering RAVEN and dynamic probabilistic risk assessment: Software overview A. Alfonsi, C. Rabiti, D. Mandelli, J. Cogliati, R. Kinoshita & A. Naviglio Integrated Deterministic Probabilistic Safety Analysis (IDPSA) of a fire scenario M. Kloos, J. Peschke & B. Forell Dynamic reliability models for multiple dependent competing degradation processes Y.H. Lin, Y.F. Li & E. Zio Expert methods in system safety and reliability Aeronautics and Aerospace Development of a new algorithm for optimal multi-level redundancy allocation M.A. Farsi Aircraft crew escape system assistant N. Grzesik & R. Czapla A fuzzy system for evaluation of baggage screening devices at an airport J. Skorupski & P. Uchronski Energy production and distribution Quantification and modelling of epistemic uncertainties for availability risk of future offshore wind farms using expert judgment A. Zitrou, T. Bedford & L. Walls Maritime transportation Expert method and real time simulation in navigational safety analysis T. Abramowicz-Gerigk Mechanical engineering Causal modeling in industrial Reliability and Maintenance Management Y. Pang & G. Lodewijks Other reliability and safety areas The application of risk and reliability techniques to acquire knowledge in the development of expert system for fault diagnosis E.M.P. Hidalgo & G.F.M. de Souza Failure identification and degradation processes Aeronautics and aerospace Life and reliability evaluation of tuner by Constant-Stress Accelerated Degradation Testing method F. Sun, X. Li & T. Jiang Estimation of lifetimes of components that operate under ageing-attributable wearing conditions H. Tomaszek, M. Zieja & M. Wazny A Physics-of-Failure-based approach for failure behavior modeling: With a focus on failure collaborations Z. Zeng, R. Kang & Y. Chen Electrical engineering Fault diagnosis method for circuit board based on BP neural networks Y. Peng & J. Shi Electronic industry Physics of Failures (POF) version B for MTBF prediction Y. Bot & J.B. Bernstein An adaptive fault detection threshold hardware circuit design to reduce False Alarms Y. Cui, J. Shi, L. Chen, K. Liu & W. An Energy production and distribution MUSTADEPT: A tool for the analysis of industrial equipment degradation M. Compare, L. Legnani & E. Zio Information technology and telecommunication Provision of the reliable video surveillance services in heterogeneous networks P. Lubkowski, D. Laskowski & E. Pawlak Maritime transportation Identification of degradation processes of seabed protection in ports T. Abramowicz-Gerigk Mechanical engineering The use of Self-Organizing Maps for diagnosing faults in motor bearings S. Al-Dahidi Selected safety aspects of polymer composites with natural fibres A. Krzyzak & D. Valis Application of selected diffusion processes on system state assessment D. Valis & O. Pokora Nuclear engineering A modified Auto Associative Kernel Regression method for robust signal reconstruction in Nuclear Power Plant components P. Baraldi, F. Di Maio, P. Turati & E. Zio Experimental design for the evaluation of Critical Heat Flux of small-scale pressurized nuclear reactors J.P. Duarte, J.R.C. Piqueira & M.E. Taqueda Road transportation The stochastic approach in road network vulnerability analysis M. Bil & R. Vodak Analysis of brake testing methods in vehicle safety A. Bojko, A.I. Fedotov, W.P. Khalezov & M. Mlynczak Hilbert-Huang Transforms for fault detection and degradation assessment in electrical motors M. Rigamonti & S. Rantala Other reliability and safety areas Volatility regime switching and jump-diffusion process for prognosis: Case of equity price modeling H. Ghamlouch, M. Fouladirad & A. Grall Performance evaluation of Emergency Response Plans using a Multi-State System approach C. Girard, E. Piatyszek, P. David & J.-M. Flaus Human factors and human reliability Aeronautics and aerospace The model of a pilot competency as a factor influencing the safety of air traffic J. Skorupski & M. Wiktorowski Human Dependability Model for space application-the HuDeM project T.M. Stene, S.O. Johnsen & S. Ophof Towards safer air traffic: Optimizing ATC controller workload by simulation with reduced set of parameters B. Szamel & G. Szabo Human reliability test and identification of HCR model basic parameters for multi-factor "Meta-Operation" Y. Yang, X. Chen, J. Zhang & R. Kang Chemical process industry Statistical analysis of past accidents and a methodology (MEDIA) for Human and Organizational Factors assessment in process industries M. Ahmad, M. Pontiggia & M. Demichela Predictive Human Error Analysis in Permit To Work system in a petrochemical plant M. Jahangiri, F. Zare Derisi & N. Hobobi Critical infrastructure Anticipating impacts of change on individual behaviors within a perspective of safety management T. Cote, E. Rigaud & E. Garbolino Modeling and assessment of Performance Shaping Factors in construction Y. Xenidis & K. Giannaris Energy production and distribution The impact of the use of subcontracting on organizational reliability and safety C. Guers, C. Martin & J.L. Wybo Human error analysis: Review of past accidents and implications for improving robustness of system design R. Moura, M. Beer, E. Patelli, J. Lewis & F. Knoll Operational and organizational barriers as means of enhancing safety and learning T.J. Steiro, E. Hansson Blix, J. Seljelid, T.S. Johansen, R.J. Bye, H.N. Hansen & A. Doumit Natural resources and environment Presumptions of culture: Applications and safety implications F. Storseth Nuclear engineering Coding scheme to measure the operator's workload in advanced Main Control Room S. Kim, Y. Kim & W. Jung A survey of Bayesian Belief Network Applications in Human Reliability Analysis L. Mkrtchyan, L. Podofillini & V.N. Dang Aggregating expert-elicited error probabilities to build HRA models L. Podofillini, L. Mkrtchyan & V.N. Dang Other reliability and safety areas Organizational factor inclusion in Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) tools N. Balfe & S. Cromie Design methods of reducing human error in practice M. Butlewski, M. Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, A. Misztal & M. Slawinska Maintenance modelling and optimisation Chemical process industry A hierarchical framework for the measurement of maintenance efficacy and efficiency using performance indicators G.M. Galante, R. Inghilleri & C.M. La Fata Civil engineering State of the art in Operation and Maintenance planning of offshore wind farms M. Asgarpour & J.D. Sorensen Critical infrastructure Maintenance of power systems considering time-dependent uncertainty T. Iesmantas & R. Alzbutas Energy production and distribution Decision-making support for maintenance optimisation of natural gas compressor stations J. Blondel, L. Marle, O. Mozar, A. Abdesselam & F. Brissaud Optimization of maintenance and operational policies of an offshore wind farm subject to stochastic wind conditions B. Castanier, C. Pehlivan & T.G. Yeung An age-based preventive maintenance for offshore wind turbines F.P. Santos, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares Availability modelling and analysis of an offshore wind turbine using Extended Coloured Stochastic Petri Nets P. Zeiler & B. Bertsche Manufacturing and supply chain/logistic systems Maintenance in availability of weapon systems under combat operation-optimization possibilities T. Smal Maritime transportation Optimum CTV fleet selection for offshore wind farm O&M activities Y. Dalgic, I. Dinwoodie, I. Lazakis, D. McMillan & M. Revie Mechanical engineering Practical aspects of the application of RCM to select optimal maintenance policy of the production line M. Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek Hidden Markov Models for diagnostics and prognostics of systems under multiple deterioration modes T.T. Le, F. Chatelain & C. Berenguer Nuclear engineering Application of the Maintenance Rule to Nuclear Power Plant systems through Bayesian Networks D.P. Dionizio, P.L.C. Saldanha & P.F. Frutuoso e Melo Experience on risk-informed approach to Allowed Outage Time changes due planned maintenance P.L.C. Saldanha & P.F. Frutuoso e Melo Rail transportation Expert system for means of transport maintenance processes performance. A comparative analysis for various types of rail vehicles T. Nowakowski & S. Werbinska-Wojciechowska A Colored Petri Net model for railway track maintenance with two-level inspection H. Shang & C. Berenguer Analysis of the process of unloading containers at the inland container terminal M. Zajac & J. Swieboda Return logistics/waste management Reliability based model of the cost effective product reusing policy A. Jodejko-Pietruczuk & M. Plewa Other reliability and safety areas Asset maintenance optimization: The case-study of an offshore wind farm Y. Bot & D. Azoulay Maintenance planning for drum shearer machine based on its reliability characteristics and economical sensitivity analysis S.H. Hoseinie, B. Ghodrati & U. Kumar A guide for Block Inspection Policy implementation A. Jodejko-Pietruczuk & S. Werbinska-Wojciechowska Availability model of technical objects-block inspection policy implementation A. Jodejko-Pietruczuk & S. Werbinska-Wojciechowska Condition-based maintenance policies for multi-component systems with Levy copulas dependence H. Li, L. Dieulle & E. Deloux Application of standards in reliability prognosis of braking system of moving walks E. Rogova, G. Lodewijks & Y. Pang Occupational safety Electrical engineering A Bayesian population variability analysis for estimation of the work time loss distributions due to occupational accidents M.C. Moura, R. Azevedo, E.L. Droguett, L. Rego, W. Jorge & R. Vilela Manufacturing and supply chain/logistic systems Continuous monitoring of at-risk behaviours: A risk-based statistical control method D. Masi & P. Trucco Enhancing the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety interventions through a design of the socio-technical interaction D. Masi, E. Cagno, P. Hasle & S. Farne Return logistics/waste management A risk-based approach to manage the Occupational Hazards in the Arctic drilling waste handling practices Y.Z. Ayele, A. Barabadi & J. Barabady Other reliability and safety areas Estimating individual occupational risk using registration data P.H.G. Berkhout & M. Damen Quantification of risk rates of occupational accidents I.A. Papazoglou, O. Aneziris, L.J. Bellamy, M. Damen, B.J.M. Ale, H.J. Manuel & J.I.H. Oh Quantitative risk assessment Aeronautics and aerospace Reliability assessment method for Ion thruster based on competing failure analysis and performance degradation data Z. Zheng, S. Dong, L. Zhang, D. Xu, H. Tian & T. Zhang Chemical process industry Comparison of risk profiles for chemical process plants using PLATYPUS C. van Gulijk, B.J.M. Ale, D. Ababei & M. Steenhoek The use of the combination of indexing and semi-quantitative methods in audits for individual risk assessment in the field of fire and explosion protection A. Leksin, U. Barth, D. Adeulov & R. Mock Estimation of the impact probability of fragments produced by explosions of vessels: A case study M.F. Milazzo, R. Lisi, G. Consolo & G. Maschio Dynamic risk assessment: Development of a basic structure N. Paltrinieri & P. Hokstad Joint applicability test of software for laboratory assessment and risk analysis D.N. Pluess, Th. Meyer, J. Masin, P. Mikulasek & M. Ferjencik Is a QRA-based method suitable to guide Land Use Planning decisions in India? A. Sengupta, D. Bandyopadhyay, C.J. van Westen & A. van der Veen Civil engineering The effect of maintenance on inflation correction in Dutch PPP projects D.S. Vervoort Handling dependencies in Probabilistic Risk Assessments using Evidential Networks D. Wang, Z.J. Cheng, P. Jiang & B. Guo Critical infrastructure The use of geoevents in the risk management of Wastewater Treatments G. Ancione, M.F. Milazzo & G. Maschio Utilizing knowledge-to-number-processes in smaller and less resource intensive risk assessments T. Askeland & R. Flage Risk assessment of ground water sources for emergency supply F. Bozek, L. Jesonkova, A. Pawelczyk, Z. Malek & J. Dvorak Study of volcanic Na-Tech risks in primary Waste Water Treatments M.F. Milazzo, G. Ancione, E. Salzano & G. Maschio Optimum concept of management and trade-off with risks D. Prochazkova Possibilistic risk analysis of failure in water supply network B. Tchorzewska-Cieslak, K. Boryczko & I. Piegdon Electrical engineering Multidimensional risk to networks of distributed systems T.V. Garcez & A.T. de Almeida Mathematics of PRA applied to Distributed Generation curtailment in saturated grids P.E. Labeau, F. Faghihi, J.C. Maun, V. De Wilde & A. Vergnol Energy production and distribution Priorities assignment for actions in a pipeline: A decision model to evaluate multiple objectives M.H. Alencar, M.F. Marsaro & A.T. de Almeida Risk assessment in heat supply system B. Babiarz Vulnerability of Energy Infrastructure to intentional attacks-the interplay of resource, conflict and security P. Burgherr, J. Giroux & M. Spada Solar storm impact on critical infrastructure O. Sokolova, P. Burgherr & W. Collenberg Accident risk assessment for deep geothermal energy systems M. Spada, E. Sutra, S. Wolf & P. Burgherr Information technology and telecommunication Enhancement of IT Risk Assessments by UML R. Mock, B. Truninger, P. Brunner & T. Hruz Maritime transportation Quantitative risk assessment of new ship designs in damage conditions M.K. Gerigk Review of risk concepts and perspectives in risk assessment of maritime transportation F. Goerlandt & J. Montewka Risk based assessment on increased gas safe machinery spaces of liquefied natural gas fuelled ship X.J. Li & R.P. Zhou Semi-qualitative method for ship collision risk assessment W. Zhang, J. Montewka & F. Goerlandt Mechanical engineering RAPP method: Failure analysis and risk determination in automobile fleets within the case study electric actuator S. Bracke & S. Sochacki Natural resources and environment Composite methodology for tsunami vulnerability assessment based on the numerical simulation of 1755 Lisbon tsunami-application on two Portuguese coastal areas J.L. Barros, A. Emidio, A. Santos & A.O. Tavares Monte Carlo simulation and Bayesian Evidence Synthesis U. Sahlin & Y. Jiang Nuclear engineering Amendments of the existing guidance on PSA application to nuclear power plants in Germany H.P. Berg, M. Krauss & M. Roewekamp Focus areas for a Level 2 PSA that supports a site NPP risk analysis D.M. Helton, M. Zavisca & M. Khatib-Rahbar A PSA Level-1 method with repairable components: An application to ASTRID Decay Heat Removal systems R. Kumar, S. Bechta, P. Kudinov, F. Curnier, M. Marques & F. Bertrand Effect of human factor in the analysis of changes to Limiting Conditions for Operation (LCO) applied to Residual Heat Removal System S. Martorell, I. Marton, P. Martorell & M. Saiz Application of PSA for design optimization of VVER 440/213 P. Picca, F. Pierro, M. Giovannini, J. Cech, P. Baumeister & J. Prochaska Rail transportation Deriving a distribution for accident severity from an F-N curve J. Braband & H. Schabe Geospatial modelling of rail safety hazards D.J.K. Griffin Comparing the two methods for judging changes in European railways and in European nuclear safety N. Petrek & H.P. Berg Road transportation Combination of technological and economical risk assessment using the Monte-Carlo-Simulation F. Plinke, D. Althaus, A. Braasch & A. Meyna The results of a systematic study of the risks associated with the transportation of hazardous substances D. Prochazkova, J. Prochazka & H. Patakova Preference risk assessment of hazardous substances road transportation D. Rehak, A. Bernatik & P. Novotny Other reliability and safety areas Quantifying MSD risks through Job Hazard Analysis L. Dement Handling epistemic uncertainty in the Fault Tree Analysis using interval-valued expert information M. Francese, G.M. Galante, C.M. La Fata & G. Passannanti Expressing and communicating uncertainty and bias in relation to Quantitative Risk Analysis F. Goerlandt & J. 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