Safety, Reliability, Risk and Life-Cycle Performance of Structures and Infrastructures

Safety, Reliability, Risk and Life-Cycle Performance of Structures and Infrastructures

By: Bruce R. Ellingwood (editor), George Deodatis (editor), Dan M. Frangopol (editor)Mixed Media

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Safety, Reliability, Risk and Life-Cycle Performance of Structures and Infrastructures contains the plenary lectures and papers presented at the 11th International Conference on STRUCTURAL SAFETY AND RELIABILITY (ICOSSAR2013, New York, NY, USA, 16-20 June 2013), and covers major aspects of safety, reliability, risk and life-cycle performance of structures and infrastructures, with special focus on advanced technologies, analytical and computational methods of risk analysis, probability-based design and regulations, smart systems and materials, life-cycle cost analysis, damage assessment, social aspects, urban planning, and industrial applications. Emerging concepts as well as state-of-the-art and novel applications of reliability principles in all types of structural systems and mechanical components are included. Civil, marine, mechanical, transportation, nuclear and aerospace applications are discussed. The unique knowledge, ideas and insights make this set of a book of abstracts and searchable, full paper USBdevice must-have literature for researchers and practitioners involved with safety, reliability, risk and life-cycle performance of structures and infrastructures.


Preface Organization 1. Keynotes Life-cycle design of bridges under multiple hazards: Earthquake, tsunami, and continuous deterioration M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol Performance-based earthquake engineering: From basic concepts to practical design methods L. Esteva & O. Diaz Probabilistic models, methods, and decisions in earthquake engineering T. Haukaas Bayesian system identification and response predictions robust to modeling uncertainty J.L. Beck Long-term safety evaluation of nuclear containment structure and optimal target reliability level based on life-cycle cost S.-H. Kim Managing structural safety and reliability in adaptation to climate change H.O. Madsen 2. Mini-symposia and organized sessions abstracts Communicating risk under high uncertainty: Developing cross-disciplinary knowledge Organizers: L. Alison, G. Mythen, M. Beer & R.B. Corotis Police communication: The uncertain logic of risk M. Lee & A. McGovern Crime, risk and needs assessment. Communicating risk in offenders' focused prevention E.N. Baillergeau Project risk management in construction: Developing modeling tools to favour a multidisciplinary approach D. Breysse, E. Tepeli, F. Khartabil, F. Taillandier, R. Mehdizadeh & D. Morand Quantification of risk aversion in decisions related to safety of nuclear power plants E.J. Cha & B.R. Ellingwood Anticipatory governance and risk perception A.G. Hom Avoiding errors through collaboration F. Knoll No risk reports - An analysis of crime risk assessment reports in New SouthWales (Australia) M. Lee & G. Clancey Risk communication and black swans - dealing with uncertainty by categorization O.A. Lindaas & K.A. Pettersen Risk perception vs. risk reality T. Micic The curse of the black swan: Embracing major improbable events as harbingers rather than as aberrations J. Mueller Communicating the risk of rare events common observations from structural, environmental, pharmaceutical and business disciplines R.L. Mullen, C. Bennet, N.B. Saleh & G.R. Niehaus Managing security under high uncertainty: Institutional strategies and dilemmas G. Mythen Risk perception of natural hazards: Effective communication of U.S. regional consequences and risks D.E. Oliver & R.B. Corotis A market in safety. The `neoliberal' politics of urban fire protection in Australia P. O'Malley &A. Lombard High medical technology governance: The new stakeholder's map J.D.R. Alvarez Unified quantitative criteria for management of regional risk S.A. Timashev Mechanics of materials with random microstructure Organizers: S.R. Arwade & L. Graham-Brady Bounds on meso-scale random field representations of heterogeneous materials K. Acton Stochastic analysis of precipitates in a material grain A. Der Kiureghian, D.C. Chrzan & S.Weissman Nonlinear multiscale modeling of random heterogeneous materials X.F. Xu Uncertainty in the development of wind energy systems Organizers: S.R. Arwade & L. Manuel Predicting the extreme loads on a wind turbine considering uncertainty in airfoil data I. Abdallah, A. Natarajan & J.D. Sorensen Reliability analysis of monopile offshore wind turbine support structures W. Carswell, S.R. Arwade, A.T. Myers & J.F. Hajjar Probabilistic modeling of joint hurricane-induced wind and wave hazards to offshore wind farms on the atlantic coast V. Valamanesh, A.T. Myers & S.R. Arwade Quantifying the hurricane risk to offshore wind power in the United States S. Rose, M.J. Small, P. Jaramillo, I. Grossmann & J. Apt Assessing fatigue and ultimate load uncertainty in floating offshore wind turbines due to varying simulation length G. Stewart, M. Lackner, L. Haid, D. Matha, J. Jonkman &A. Robertson Assessment of wind turbine loading in stable atmospheric boundary layers based on conditionally simulated inflow fields J. Xiao, D. Zuo & J. McNeill Innovation in Structural Health Monitoring (ISHM): Current trends and applications Organizers: I. Bartoli, A. Kontsos & S. Salamone Non-propagating lamb mode extraction for reference-free crack detection Y.-K. An & H. Sohn On the use of imperialist competitive algorithm for guided waves based structural health monitoring A. Bagheri, K. Li & P. Rizzo Monitoring the scour phenomenon in the tabasco region of Mexico A.F. Callewaert & B.S. Schorn Structural health monitoring of unique structures: Normandy and Tancarville A.A. Chaperon & B.S. Schorn SHM of civil structures: Expectations and perspectives A.D. Grosso Rapid structural identification methods for highway bridges: Towards a greater understanding of large populations J. DeVitis, D. Masceri, A.E. Aktan & F. Moon Crack pattern quantification of concrete structures based on fractal analysis A. Farhidzadeh, E. Dehghan-Niri & S. Salamone Ensemble scenario analysis for the statistical performance evaluation of an NDE-based damage prognosis methodology M. Gobbato, J.P. Conte & J.B. Kosmatka Lamb wave tomography utilizing acoustic emission sources in plate like structures J.P. Koduru, S. Momeni, M. Gonzalez &V. Godinez Electrical methods for structural health monitoring of composite (aero) structures V. Kostopoulos, A. Vavouliotis, A. Baltopoulos & N. Athanassopoulos Acoustic emission wireless node for structural health monitoring of bridges O. Ley, V.F. Godinez-Azcuaga, D.J. Inman & J.R. Farmer A wireless system for structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades O. Ley &V.F. Godinez-Azcuaga A fiber-optic acoustic emission sensor for SHM S. Momeni, J.P. Koduru, V. Godinez &A.D. Nguyen Structural integrity of composite structures containing degrading fiber waviness and local porosity I.I. Qamhia, E.M. Lauer-Hunt & R.F. El-Hajjar Numerical and experimental characteristic of 3D MEMS AE sensors H. Saboonchi & D. Ozevin Identification of failure mechanisms in fiber reinforced composites by acoustic emission analysis M.G.R. Sause Structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure using carbon nanotube-based sensing composites Th. Schumacher, H.B. Dai & E.T. Thostenson Optical metrology an essential tool for structural health monitoring E. Schwartz, J. Tyson &A. Kontsos GPS based remote optical monitoring system for structural inspection S. Sumitro, S. Nishimura, H. Matsuda & I. Bartoli Novel optico-acoustic sensing system for cross-validated structural health monitoring P.A. Vanniamparambil, J. Cuadra, E. Schwartz, F. Khan, I. Bartoli & A. Kontsos Integrated health monitoring system for damage detection in civil structural components P.A. Vanniamparambil, F. Khan, R. Carmi, A. Kontsos & I. Bartoli Acoustic emission characterization of early corrosion in prestressed concrete exposed to salt water W. Velez, F. Matta & P.H. Ziehl Inkjet-printed silver patch antenna for wireless strain sensing X. Yi, C. Cho, Y.Wang, T. Le, M.M. Tentzeris & R.T. Leon Engineering analyses with vague and imprecise information Organizers: M. Beer, I. Kougioumtzoglou, E. Patelli, K.K. Phoon &V. Kreinovich Structural reliability of bridges with vague information on its corrosion process D. De Leon, D. Delgado & J.C. Arteaga Process-oriented verification in biomechanics E. Auer,W. Luther & R. Cuypers Aggregation of not necessarily independent opinions without full conservatism M. Basili & L. Pratelli Comparing intervals and moments for the quantification of coarse information M. Beer & V. Kreinovich Random sets-based system for geotechnical site investigation - estimation of sounding density D. Boumezerane & S. Belkacemi Uncertainty characterization for structural systems E.D. Elwood & R.B. Corotis Limit state functions and parameter depending uncertainty described by sets of probability measures T. Fetz Interval Monte Carlo simulation with neural network based surrogate models S. Freitag, R.L. Muhanna & W. Graf Model uncertainty and gross errors in preliminary design of buildings - a round robin investigation M. Froederberg & S. Thelandersson Interval solution and robust validation of uncertain elastic beams S. Gabriele, C. Valente & M. De Angelis Analysis of dynamical processes under consideration of polymorphic uncertainty W. Graf, M. Goetz & M. Kaliske Assessment of reliability intervals under scarce statistical information by means of the bootstrap and the reliability plot J.E. Hurtado & D.A. Alvarez Calibration of partial safety factors for foundation design of offshore structures F. Nadim, S. Lacasse & Y.J. Choi A probabilistic model for predicting creep deformation of high-performance concrete members Y.H. Kim & J.-W. Bai Fuzzy stochastic finite element reliability analysis of structures by interval MCS and FORM D.G. Lu, P.Y. Song, R.J. Xin & Q. Li Determination of redundancy in structures using interval uncertainty analysis M. Modares & S. Amirshaghaghi Statistical analysis and spatial distribution of mortar joint thickness for clay block masonry walls N. Mojsilovic Lunar seismic structural analysis S. Mottaghi & H. Benaroya Probability bounds for the system response of non-linear structures R.L. Mullen & R.L. Muhanna Closed-form sensitivities of the frequency domain response of structural systems with interval uncertainties G. Muscolino, R. Santoro & A. Sofi Analysis and computation with hybrid random set stochastic models M. Oberguggenberger LRFD implementation for static bearing capacity of driven piles J.H. Park, D. Kim, J.H. Lee, M. Chung & K. Kwak Online segmentation of acoustic emission data streams for detection of damages in composites structures in unconstrained environments V. Placet, E. Ramasso, L. Boubakar & N. Zerhouni Characterizing a building class via key features and index buildings for class-level vulnerability functions K. Porter & I.H. Cho Interval concepts for structural analysis with applications M.V. Rama Rao, M. Beer & R. Ravikumar Verified stochastic methods - Evolution of the Dempster-Shafer with intervals (DSI) toolbox G. Rebner, D. Sacher & W. Luther Handling bias and uncertainty in model verification, validation, and extrapolation associated with heated pipes pressurized to failure V. Romero, J.F. Dempsey, B. Antmm, G.Wellman & M. Sherman Load reconstruction in structural vibration using an inverse spectral approach T. Saraf & H. Benaroya Slope reliability analysis considering correlation between shear strength parameters from the copula viewpoint X.-S. Tang, D.-Q. Li, C.-B. Zhou & K.K. Phoon Effect of seismic aftershock uncertainty on mainshock collapse probabilities for woodframe buildings J. van de Lindt, N. Nazari &Y. Li CPT-based probabilistic site characterization in geotechnical engineering Y.Wang & Z. Cao Optimal design of structures for crashworthiness under imprecise loading E.J.Wehrle & H. Baier Uncertain limit analysis of structures using fuzzy approach D.Wu, C.Wang, X.L. Cui,W. Gao & F. Tin-Loi Incomplete modal data-based structural model updating accommodating multiple uncertainties by employing wireless sensor network W.-J. Yan & L.S. Katafygiotis Structural reliability analysis with imprecise probability using interval importance sampling method H. Zhang Spatial analysis of time-series data with uncertainties for the groundwater contamination control H.-S. Kim, G.-H. Lee, C.-K. Chung & H.-K. Kim Resilient structures, infrastructures and communities under natural and man-made hazards Organizers: P. Bocchini & D.M. Frangopol Multi-hazard life-cycle cost analysis for bridges elevated with steel pedestals V. Bisadi, P. Gardoni & M. Head Computational procedure for the assisted multi-phase resilience-oriented disaster management of transportation systems P. Bocchini Resilience of ambulance service during emergency G.P. Cimellaro, V. Arcidiacono, A.M. Reinhom & M. Bruneau Pre-event probabilistic assessment of seismic resilience of bridges along a highway segment A. Deco, D.M. Frangopol & P. Bocchini Probabilistic assessment of dynamic instability of frame structures under seismic excitations D. Deniz, J. Song, J.F. Hajjar & T.H. Nguyen RISE: A method for the design of resilient infrastructures and structures against emergencies F. Petrini, F. Bontempi & L. Giuliani Seismic reliability assessment of bridge networks by statistical learning K. Rokneddin, J. Ghosh, L. Duenas-Osorio & J.E. Padgett A framework for assessing the effectiveness of resilience enhancement strategies for interdependent infrastructure systems A. Shafieezadeh, K. Leelardcharoen & L. Duenas-Osorio Resilience of precast frame structures under corrosion A. Titi & F. Biondini Quantitative measurement of social impacts for infrastructure sustainability assessment T. Zinke & T. Ummenhofer Analytical, statistical and simulation methods for the reliability and risk assessment of lifeline systems and associated structures Organizers: L. Duenas-Osorio & W. Liu A study on the advanced relaxed linear programming bounds method for system reliability Y. Chang & Y. Mori An adaptive importance sampling scheme for efficient reliability analysis H.Z. Dai & H. Zhang Resource allocation in infrastructure networks within the context of disaster management A. Gonzalez, M. Sanchez-Silva, A. Medaglia & L. Duenas-Osorio Multihazard capacitated reliability of interdependent networks with multistate components M. Javanbarg & C. Scawthom Seismic performance assessment of interdependent lifeline networks using logical expansion of recursive decomposition algorithm Y. Kim & W.-H. Kang Time-varying seismic reliability analysis of representative US Southwestern bridge transportation networks N. Kurtz, J. Song & P. Gardoni Evaluation of topological strength of water-supply pipeline network at earthquakes using topological index Y. Kuwata & I. Okamoto Seismic functional reliability analysis and optimization design of water distribution network W. Liu & J. Li A probabilistic model for seismic damage to buried segmented pipe M. O'Rourke & R. Roe-Dale Reliability bounds using multicut-high dimensional model representation B.N. Rao & A.S. Balu Analytical reliability assessment of reconfigurable power distribution systems J. Rojo & L. Duenas-Osorio Efficient seismic risk assessments in highway bridge networks with correlated bridge failures K. Rokneddin, I. Hernandez-Fajardo & L. Duenas-Osorio Role of correlation in seismic demand and building damage in estimating losses under scenario earthquake S. Vitoontus & B.R. Ellingwood Young researchers in performance-based earthquake engineering Organizers: C. Galasso & S. Rezaeian Seismic hazard analysis using simulated ground motions M. Dabaghi, A. Der Kiureghian, S. Rezaeian & N. Luco Seismic risk assessment for communities of buildings D.J. DeBock, K.Y. Kim & A.B. Liel A framework for physical simulation of critical infrastructures, accounting for interdependencies and uncertainty P. Franchin Multivariate probabilistic damage models for performance-based earthquake engineering A.J. Yazdi & T. Haukaas Structural component databases for performance-based earthquake engineering D.G. Lignos, E. Karamanci & N. Al-Sawwa Introducing adaptive incremental dynamic analysis: A new tool for linking ground motion selection and structural response assessment T. Lin & J.W. Baker Recent advances and ongoing efforts in developing earthquake ground motion maps and time series for building codes and risk quantification N. Luco & S. Rezaeian Research findings and needs in performance-based seismic assessment of masonry constructions F. Parisi Models and issues in history-dependent mainshock hazard B. Polidoro, I. Iervolino, E. Chioccarelli & M. Giorgio Development of earthquake vulnerability functions for tall buildings N. Shome, N. Jayaram & M. Rahnama Stochastic ground motion modeling: Opportunities and challenges for seismic hazard description in probabilistic risk assessment A.A. Taflanidis, C. Vetter & R. Dunbar Real time post earthquake damage assessment of lifeline systems using broadcasted intensity measure maps M. Torbol & M. Shinozuka Probabilistic modeling, analysis and simulation for large scale and complex systems Organizers: R. Ghanem, C. Soize & W.-K. Liu Hybrid sampling/spectral method for solving stochastic coupled problems M. Arnst, C. Soize & R. Ghanem A coupling method for stochastic continuum models at different scales R. Cottereau, Y. Le Guennec, D. Clouteau & C. Soize Quantification of margins and uncertainties using multiple gates and conditional probabilities G. Iaccarino, D. Sharp & J. Glimm Parallel data assimilation for high dimensional state space models M. Khalil,W. Subber & A. Sarkar Stochastic buckling analysis of carbon nanotubes N.M. Anoop Krishnan & D. Ghosht Uncertainty quantification of diffusion maps H. Meidani & R. Ghanem Probabilistic modeling and simulation of CO2 storage in heterogeneous geological formations T. Okhulkova, D. Clouteau, R. Cottereau & R. Farret Molecular dynamics simulations based magnetic pulse regulation on suspension settlement of magneto-rheological fluids Y.B. Peng, Y. Feng, J.B. Chen & J. Li Use of multi-fidelity approximations in uncertainty quantification of complex simulation models O. Roderick, M. Anitescu, Y. Peet & X. Zhang A pragmatic UQ system and decision strategy for representing and propagating uncertainty in expensive engineering applications V.J. Romero Multiaxial probabilistic elastic-plastic constitutive simulation of soils A. Sadrinezhad & K. Sett Scalable two-level domain decomposition algorithms for stochastic systems W. Subber & A. Sarkar Stochastic upscaling approach to solve coupled equations arising from heat transfer and flow through porous media R. Tipireddy, R. Ghanem & E.T. Phipps Development of the GEM vulnerability functions Organizer: A. Kiremidjian Derivation of analytical vulnerability functions considering modeling uncertainties D. D'Ayala & A. Meslem Sensitivity of empirical fragility assessment of buildings to the misclassification of damage I. Ioannou, T. Rossetto, H.-Y. Noh & A.S. Kiremidjian Estimating structural collapse fragility of generic building typologies using expert judgment K. Jaiswal, D.J.Wald, D. Perkins,W.P. Aspinall & A.S. Kiremidjian Bayesian analysis of earthquake casualty rates H. Noh, A. Kiremidjian, D. Jaiswal & E. So Development of empirical fragility functions using Gaussian Kernel smoothing methods H. Noh, A. Kiremidjian & D. Lallemant Tall building analytical seismic vulnerability functions for the global earthquake model D. Vamvatsikos & K. Porter Recent advances & future challenges in computational stochastic dynamics Organizers: I.A. Kougioumtzoglou, M. Beer, P.D. Spanos & A. Naess Rotational domains for a nonlinear stochastic Mathieu equation P. Alevras, D. Yurchenko & A. Naess Short-term statistics of Extreme Ocean waves in space-time domain F. Arena &A. Romolo Analytical estimates of time-variant failure probability for linear elastic systems subjected to fully non-stationary stochastic earthquake excitation M. Barbato & J.P. Conte Scaling of statistics of strength and lifetime of quasibrittle structures: Problems and progress Z.P. Bazant & J.-L. Le On the influence of the power spectrum distribution on the peak response evaluation P. Cacciola Computational nonlinear stochastic dynamics with model uncertainties and nonstationary stochastic excitation E. Capiez-Lemout, C. Soize & M.-P. Mignolet Sensitivity analysis of a stochastic nonlinear energy pumping system E. Cataldo, S. Bellizzi & R. Sampaio Investigating the randomness in the outcome of a die throw. M.N. Chatzis & A.W. Smyth A PDEM-based dimension-reduction of FPK equation for high-dimensional stochastic dynamics J.B. Chen, S.R. Yuan & J. Li An artificial neural network based approach for power spectrum estimation subject to limited and/or missing data L.A. Comerford, I.A. Kougioumtzoglou & M. Beer A fractional calculus framework for the statistics of nonlinear stochastic dynamic equations under stationary non-white excitations G. Cottone & F. Biagini Linear stochastic systems of descriptor type: theory and applications B. Gashi & A.A. Pantelous Noise-induced transitions for solutions of stochastic differential equations M. Grigoriu First-excursion time problem for dynamic systems under renewal impulse processes: Approach based on integro-differential Chapman-Kolmogorov equations R. Iwankiewicz A Wiener path integral technique for determining the response of a bending beam with random material properties I.A. Kougioumtzoglou & P.D. Spanos Time-domain representation of frequency dependent inertial forces on offshore structures S. Krenk FE based solution of FPK equations for nonlinear oscillators driven by colored Gaussian noise P. Kumar, S. Narayanan & S. Gupta A non-separable stochastic model for simulating pulse-like ground motions A. Lrmgu & A. Giaralis Synthesis of response spectrum compatible earthquake records describing the Italian seismic hazard S. Maracay, M. Ciampoli, D. Cecini & A. Palmeri Stochastic response of seismically excited structures equipped with two-terminal flywheel devices for passive vibration control L. Marian & A. Giaralis Calculation of multi-dimensional pdfs for nonlinear mechanical systems with applications W. Martens & U. vonWagner Identifying quasi-wavelet models of random heterogeneous media C.L. Pettit, S.N. Vecherin & D.K.Wilson Risk analysis on horizontal drill-string dynamics T.G. Ritto & R. Sampaio Response analysis of piping systems containing turbulent fluids and under external random excitations C.W.S. To & X. Dai Nonlinear shell structures with large uncertainties and under nonstationary random excitations C.W.S. To A novel hysteretic multiscale finite element method for nonlinear dynamic analysis of heterogeneous structures S.P. Triantafyllou & E.N. Chatzi Simulation of drift-diffusion processes by quantum walks Y.Wang A variational framework on stochastic dynamics X.F. Xu Aleatory uncertainties involved in strong nonlinear behavior I. Yoshida & M. Ishimaru Stability of a stochastic ship crane D. Yurchenko & P. Alevras Generalized engineering reliability - a physical approach Organizers: J. Li & J. Chen PDEM-based global reliability evaluation for large civil structures J.B. Chen, S.H. Zhang & J. Li Calibration of the HRB400 strength characteristic value and the partial coefficient D. Xiaotan & Z. Dilong Reliability-based damage performance analysis of base isolated structures D. Du, S.Wang & W. Liu Finite mixture distribution of random variable and its application W. Fan,W. Zhang, Z. Li & Z. Chen An efficient response sensitivity analysis method for a bounding surface plasticity sandy soil model Q. Gu, G.Wang & S. Huang Reliability-based optimal control of bounded-uncertain quasi Hamiltonian systems R.H. Huan Numerical analysis of joint probability density of structural natural frequencies based on recursive stochastic finite element method B. Huang, Y. Jing, H. Zhang & R.F. Seresh Damage identification of structures with unknown excitations using adaptive quadratic sum square error with AR model H. Huang & J.N. Yang Study on reliability assessment based on sensitivity analysis and support vector machine S.F. Jiang & D.B. Fu Estimation of overall nonlinearity of an engineering site using surface strong earthquake recordings J. Liang & Y. He PDEM-Based general reliability assessment of nonlinear structures subjected to seismic loading Z. Liu, B. Zhen & Y.Wan An extended first order reliability method based on generalized Nataf transformation D.G. Lu, P.Y. Song & Y.F. Liu Analysis of global reliability of structures: FORM vs. HOMM D.G. Lu & P.Y. Song Three dimensional responses of RC bridges under spatially varying seismic excitation C. Pena & A. Haldar Evolution of seismic fragility curves over design ERAS for single-frame multispan continuous concrete box-girder bridges in California K. Ramanathan, J.E. Padgett & R. DesRoches A dynamic Bayesian network model for structural time-dependent reliability with deterioration H. Sun & Z.Wu Multi-dimensional fragility methodology for highway bridges under earthquakes Q.Wang, Z.Wu & Z. Jia Probability advection for stochastic dynamic systems. Part I: Theory C. Yin & A. Kareem Probability advection for stochastic dynamic systems. Part II: The evolutionary characteristic kernel method C. Yin & A. Kareem Consideration to application of reliability theory for railway engineering structures in China Z. Yuling, L. Xiaoguang & P. Yongjie Point estimates for time variant reliability with consideration of parameter uncertainties Y.G. Zhao & Z.H. Lu Risk-based assessment and mitigation for multiple hazards Organizers: Y. Li & J.E. Padgett An assessment of damage costs due to hurricane wind and hurricane-induced storm surge considering the impacts of climate change S. Bjarnadottir, Y. Li & M.G. Stewart Acceptance of risk due to competing wind and earthquake hazards E.J. Cha & B.R. Ellingwood Multi-hazard risk assessment: Moving beyond single, probabilistic models S.D. Guikema, R. Nateghi & T. Aven Effect of construction errors on the risks of snow-induced failure of roofs supported by open-web steel joists D.L. Kozak & A.B. Liel Loss estimation for combined hurricane wind and storm surge for Charleston, South Carolina W. Pang, B. Pei, F. Testik & N. Ravichandran Hybrid ABV procedure for combined wind and surge loss estimation in hurricanes S. Park, J. van de Lindt & Y. Li Multi-hazard performance-based design of mid-rise wood-frame buildings for hurricanes and earthquakes S. Pei & W. Pang Issues in the codification of load combination criteria for regions subjected to both earthquakes and hurricanes E. Simiu & D. Duthinh Reliability of as-built and retrofitted single-story RC frames under seismic and tsunami hazards S. Takakuma, M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol Performance-based hurricane risk assessment with application to wind and windborne debris hazards V.U. Unnikrishnan & M. Barbato Seismic risk of highway bridges in flood-prone regions T. Yilmaz & S. Banerjee Multiple hazards associated with tropical cyclones and other wind storms Organizers: N. Lin & E. VanMarcke Post-sandy damage and vulnerability assessment with 3D geospatial sensing methods J. Gong & N. Lin Multiple wind hazards in non-hurricane prone regions F.T. Lombardo A critical comparison of windstorm vulnerability models with application to extra-tropical cyclones in Northern Europe M. Lopeman, G. Deodatis & G. Franco An assessment and analysis of hurricane damage in Ortley Beach, New Jersey M. Owensby, N. Lin & A. Kennedy Modeling the vulnerability of mid/high rise commercial residential buildings to wind and rain in tropical cyclones J-.P. Pinelli, K. Gurley, G. Pita, T. Johnson & J.Weekes Multiple wind hazards in hurricane-prone regions and basic wind speeds specified by the ASCE 7 standard for NewYork City D.H. Yeo, E. Simiu & N. Lin Exploration of ground structure and estimation for spatial variation of earthquake ground motions Organizers: H. Morikawa & A. Zerva A method to estimate a 3-d ground structure using joint inversion of gravity and microtremor data H.T. Chen, Y.Y. Tsai & H. Morikawa Site amplification based on very dense seismic array observations in Furukawa district, Japan H. Goto, M. Inatani, S. Sawada, H. Morikawa, Y. Ogura, S. Tokue, X.R. Zhang, M. Iwasaki, M. Araki & A. Zerva Denoising of gravity anomaly data considering statistical independence of signals R. Honda, P. Khatri & H. Morikawa A study on developing subsurface structure model using microtremor, gravity and magnetic data Y. Ishida, T. Noguchi, T. Kagawa & H. Morikawa Developments of airborne survey on an unmanned helicopter for quick observation of gravity and magnetics Y. Ogura, S. Tokue, H. Morikawa, S. Matsuda, I. Yokoi, H. Suda, S. Kima, S. Kusumoto, T. Noguchi & M. Komazawa Accuracy verification of affordable L1 GPS and IMU M. Saeki, E. Ohsawa & T. Suzuki A study for modeling path and site effects in consideration of spatial variation of earthquake ground motions K. Sakai, Y. Murono & S. Sawada Discussion on the availability of seismic interferometry in microtremor dominated wavefield Z. Xinrui & M. Hitoshi Climate change risks to civil infrastructure Organizers: K. Nishijima, E. Bastidas-Arteaga & M. Stewart Consideration of climate change on the optimal design of RC structures subjected to carbonation Y. Aoues, E. Bastidas-Arteaga & M.G. Stewart Extreme actions and climate change: Experience gained in South Africa and Germany C. Bamardo-Viljoen, E. van der Klashorst, J.V. Retief & D. Diamantidis Probabilistic cost-benefit analysis of climate change adaptation strategies for new RC structures exposed to chloride ingress E. Bastidas-Arteaga & M.G. Stewart Hurricane risk assessment of power distribution poles considering the impact of climate change S. Bjarnadottir, Y. Li, M.G. Stewart & S. Fang Simulation of synthetic climate at local scale as a mean to assess the impact of climate change on infrastructures D. Breysse, M. Chaplain &A. Marache Natural hazard property losses and climate change R.P. Crompton, K.J. McAneney, R.T. Musulin & R.A. Pielke Effects of climate variations and global warming on the durability of RC structures subjected to carbonation T. de Larrard, F. Duprat, E. Bastidas-Arteaga & F. Schoefs Quantifying climate change effects on infrastructure: Flooding of tunnels J.N. Huibregtse,W. van Kanten, O. Morales Napoles, R.M.L. Nelisse & M.S. deWit Probabilistic optimization of the concrete cover for concrete structures exposed to chlorination and carbonation according to climate change J. Mai-Nhu, F. Duprat, A. Sellier & P. Rougeau Assessing climate change impact on the US east coast hurricane hazard, II: Sea surface temperature and hurricane frequency L. Mudd, Y.Wang, D. Rosowsky & C. Letchford Time-dependent reliability analysis of corrosion damage to concrete structures in china under a changing climate L. Peng & M.G. Stewart An adaptive methodology for critical infrastructure assessment for UKCP09 based climate scenarios M.-C. Preziosi & T. Micic Risk Assessment of climate adaptation strategies for Australian housing subject to extreme wind events M.G. Stewart, X. Wang & G.R. Willgoose Stability of coastal breakwater due to climate change D. Tsujio, H. Mase, T. Yasuda & N. Mori Probabilistic assessment of failures of interdependent infrastructures due to weather related hazards D.V. Val, R. Holden & S. Nodwell Risk-based cost/benefit assessment and decision-making for residential housing adapting to increasing risks under storm-tide inundation due to sea level rise in Southeast Queensland, Australia C.-H.Wang, Y.B. Khoo & X.Wang Climate model-based probabilistic assessment of wind risk for residential buildings under projected future climate S. Zhang, K. Nishijima & T. Maruyama Recent developments in structural health monitoring with consideration of structural reliability and uncertainty quantification Organizers: M. Noori & J. Zhang A new approach for structural health assessment using unscented Kalman filter A. Al-Hussein, A.K. Das & A. Haldar Improvements in the Kalman filter concept for structural health assessment A.K. Das &A. Haldar Modified progressive incremental dynamic analysis versus single-stripe, double-stripe and cloud analyses methods H. Kayhani, A. Azarbakht & M. Ghafory-Ashtiany Optimal sensor placement for crane health monitoring system 288 H. Jin, J. Xia & L.Wang A probabilistic damage identification approach for structures under unknown excitation and with measurement noise Y. Lei, Y. Su & W.A. Shen General concept of adaptive particle filter technique T. Sato Uncertainty analysis for damaged multi-wire cables C. Schaal & M. 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Ma, M. Pozzi & D. Zonta Learning a Bayesian network model for predicting wildfire behavior K. Zwirglmaier, P

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