Serena Williams: The Queen of Tennis

Serena Williams: The Queen of Tennis

By: Jane K Allende (author)eBook


Serena Williams is a world champion professional tennis player. Serena Williams was born in Michigan but grew up in Compton, California. She and her sister Venus Williams were steered towards tennis at a very early age. Both girls were home schooled to maximize the amount of time available for practice.


Serena Williams has been ranked number one in the world five times and has earned more prize money than any other female player. As of August 2013, Serena Williams has earned more than $47 million in career prize money. She has won 17 singles Grand Slam titles and thirteen doubles titles with her sister Venus. She won gold medals at the Sydney, Beijing and London Olympics.


Williams is one of the most popular endorsement athletes in the world. She earns $15-20 million per year outside of tennis endorsing companies like Nike and Kraft Foods. In 2004, Williams inked a $40 million deal to produce a fashion line with Nike.

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